Netflix next big leap in Interactive series features ‘Bear Grylls’, the ultimate survivor and global star from Discovery’s ‘Man vs Wild’.

The show was announced by Netflix and will be called – You vs Wild. After the mind-boggling interactive movie Black Mirror. Netflix is all set to take a leap in the interactive content.

The show will have 8 episodes that will feature Bill across the world and he will try to survive as always. The twist here is users will be able to interact and suggest Bill’s move. Obviously, the entire project will be done in an environment where the users don’t get Bear killed.

The concept of Interactive Content is gaining popularity, it is more engaging and dynamic. The user not only watches the content but is able to participate in the active storyline. This gives it more impact on users mind.

Earlier, the content was a one-way communication with the audience. However, now people need more engaging content. The interactive content technology is making things better for the user. You always interpret the movie or a show in your way, controlling the script is one of the best feature or I would say power that you can enjoy.

After the success of Black Mirror, we are sure that this show will be a hit. We can’t wait for Bear to get into the wild and sweep us from our seats into another wild experience.

Here is the promo for the show



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