importance of time management

The importance of time management is a life lesson that every working professional should realize.

Time is a common asset we all have in common, a billionaire might have a lot of wealth but has the same 24 hours as everyone else. Time is a constant factor in our lives. It all comes to how do we use it. Everyone thinks that they are managing their time wisely but in reality, the time is managing us. We need to understand the importance of time management to succeed.

We tend to live our lives without realizing that we have finite years and it is crucial to plan them. Time management can help us not only professionally but also personally.

If we just manage our time efficiently, a lot of problems can be solved and you can grow exponentially.

What is Time Management?

Importance of time management

Time management can be described as an art of utilizing time smartly towards achieving tasks and goals with an intention to achieve more in a given period of time.

Well, that was too technical. In short, time management is all about streamlining various tasks in a day and finish them by the end of the day. As we all know we have 24 hours in a day and most of the time we waste it by either procrastinating or spending on non-productive things.

If you can give a structure to your hours along with the tasks that need to be finished then you will be in a better situation than chaos.

Time management can be understood in a more simple way. Set your priorities every day. For example – You can divide your activities into various buckets like Family, Work, Leisure, and sleep.

Once you have a priority list, it will be easy to now create tasks under each category and plan it.

What is the Importance of Time Management in the Workplace?

1 – Meeting Deadlines 

One of the biggest challenges we face as a working professional is finishing work on a specific time-frame. If we don’t manage time well, we will fail to deliver the work on time. Failing to deliver on time means that you will have to invest additional time completing which might affect your other tasks.

Importance of time management

Always plan and keep the focus on deadlines. If you plan well, you will be able to finish the work before the given deadline.

2 – Productivity

Productivity and time management has a direct relation. The better you manage your time, the more productive you will get. Managing time helps you do more.

time management - productivity

People who understand the importance of time management tend to always complete tasks well in advance and have the bandwidth to take up more tasks. It is not about how many tasks you finish but how efficiently you do them. We have compiled the best productivity apps to get your digital life organized.

3 – Quality of Work

When we don’t manage our time well, we tend to do things in a hurry. Doing anything in hurry results in sub-standard work or there is a high chance of making mistakes. If you are on track with any of your tasks at work, your quality improves with each task you complete. This is very important in the workplace as you will be getting recognized because of the quality in the end.

Importance of time management

Always focus on one task and try to manage it without thinking about any other task at hand. If you have had planned your time well, you won’t be bothered about other things.

4 – Saving Time

No one wants to get buried in work. We all want to have a personal life and space. We need to understand the importance of time management to save time as well. It is simple, if you are dedicating a certain time for a task and finishing it within that time, you can always save time to do other things in life.

time management - saving time

A lot of people who don’t manage time well are stuck in a loop of never-ending tasks.

5 – Less Stress

A lot of working professionals experience anxiety and stress due to a lack of proper time management as they are always worried about the deadline and other pending tasks. You should be clear about your day and how you plan to spend it. If required, try to create a time-table and try following it strictly.

Importance of time management

Trust me, within a week, you will be comfortable and happier than ever. A well-planned life at work will never result in stress.

5 Things You Can do to Ace Time Management at the Workplace.

1 – Plan 

Start with a simple timesheet. Breakdown your entire working hours into categories and tasks. Once you have that sheet ready, stick to the goals for the day. Your objective should be not to do more tasks but to manage time well.

2 – Prioritize

Not all tasks have to initiated together. Give a score from most critical to least critical tasks. Also, if someone is dependent on you to finish their task, finish that first. Always strive to finish the tasks as per your priority list. It could be any format. No one knows your job better than you.

3 – Avoid Distractions

The biggest hurdle you will face throughout the day is the distractions. An Instagram notification, calls, Netflix and etc. Decide your break time and do everything at that specific time.

Like, you can work 20 minutes straight without a break and then take a 5-minute break. Now do whatever you feel is more important during these 5 minutes. You can create your own framework.

4 – Team Work

Sometimes, we tend to take up a task and try to finish it alone. Everything requires team-work. Always plan tasks with your team, there might be some individual tasks that you will have to take it up alone. However, there might be some tasks that can be finished quickly if done in teams.

Always analyze, which are those tasks that your team could help you out with. This will not only help you finish that task but you are also building team coordination and bond.

5 – Leverage Technology

The are various time tracker apps available to help you manage your time well. If you could understand the importance of time management at the workplace, you could fly high with your career and personal development journey. Technology has always been helping humans to do more in less time. Why not leverage the gift?

Wrapping Up

Controlling time is a crucial skill and requires a lot of discipline and dedication. However, if you are able to manage your time well, it could be a game-changer for you. Most of the people will read this blog and not take action. If you want to transform your life at work, just follow some of the points mentioned above.

You will be able to see a change within a week. You will be more sorted and will have plenty of time to indulge in other important things in your life than work.


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