September is always a buzzing year for Apple lovers. It’s not just the craze of the new launches; it’s more about the reduced prices of the other models. Apple launched its new iPhone 11 series. They came up with the three new models.

We know that the cost of the new iPhones can be very hefty on the pocket. The catch this time was that the lowest model of the new series, which is the iPhone 11 was launched at a lower price as compared to last year’s iPhone XR.

With the launch the iPhone 11 at a price of $699, the iPhone XR has now been reduced to a price of $599.

The difference between the two is a solid $100, which makes us wonder is it worth rushing for the iPhone 11? iPhone XR also has strong qualities and features, though the new phone has some unique features. Buying Apple phones can be a pricey trade; hence it’s essential to know the significant aspects of the phones before you make the big purchase.

Both the phones are at power, so it does come down to should one pay an extra $100 for almost the same features or not?

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: Which is better?

iphone 11 vs iphone xr

Considering the main factor which is the price in mind, there is no reason to spend an extra $100 on almost similar features. There are small modern touches that are provided to us by the iPhone 11 along with a better quality camera. However, there is no need to spend an extra bunch of cash on a few unique specifications.

The advantage of Apple reducing iPhone XR’s price should be taken during this time if you’re in search of a new phone. Certain new features do not make the iPhone XR outdated. Let’s go and find out as to why?

Do you need to pay an extra $100?

Let’s talk about the various specifications of the two phones to understand which will be the best buy for you.

Design- Which one’s better?

iphone 11 vs xr-design

Looking at the design of both the models, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, they are very similar to each other. From a far distance, both the phones have a very same look and feel. The only significant difference between the two is the extra camera along with a square border with the sidelines of the camera.

The other difference when it comes to the look of the phones is the colour availability. The iPhone 11 comes in lavender, mint green and a pastel yellow, while the iPhone XR comes in a canary yellow, coral and blue.

They are the same size and weight the same, and the phones have the same 6.1-inch LCD display with the same resolution and pixel density.

Camera- Major Differentiator

iphone11vsiphone xr

Right off the bat, it’s no brainer that the camera quality and functionality of the iPhone 11 is better than that of the iPhone XR. It is with no doubt a camera with better features, for both photos and videos.

Both the cameras have a 12-megapixel camera; but also, iPhone 11 has a second, 12-megapixel ultrawide camera and a new Night Mode for low-light photography. If intensely good camera quality is your requirement, then iPhone 11 offers notably sharper photos with finer details, especially when pictures were viewed at full resolution.

It does a better job in night photography. It can get more in the frame, and it now has a portrait mode for animals as well. Videography and filming on the iPhone 11 is slightly a better experience when compared to the XR.

Talking about the camera quality of the iPhone XR, it is not half as bad as the iPhone 11. Obviously, the latter has more to offer in this department. Still, the quality of XR is also outstanding and is competitively excellent in comparison to the other phones in the market.

An iPhone XR can take impeccable pictures, shoot creative videos and also take beautiful selfies with no issues. If all you need in a phone is a camera and the highest model for it, then iPhone 11 is something that you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re great with an iPhone XR.

Better Battery Life

When it comes to the battery of the two phones, Apple has claimed that their new phone has a better battery backup and life. However keeping the battery life of the iPhone XR in mind, the difference isn’t drastic. The XR also does exceptionally well when compared to the new iPhone. Hence you don’t need to pay an extra $100 for the optimum battery saving feature of the new phone.

Which phone is faster?

xr colours

Another fact check, when comparing the two phones is the functionality of the devices. The iPhone 11 has Apple’s newest A13 Bionic processor. The iPhone XR features the last year’s A12 chipset. Right off the bat, the new phone is faster than the old iPhone. However, this doesn’t mean that the iPhone XR is slow at any cost.

The new phone will bring in new software and processor to give it an advanced appeal. However, you’re just fine without it as well. The iPhone 11 is hands down faster, iPhone XR is also not low in the bar.

iPhone 11 and its hype!

With the new series of the iPhone 11 launched, people are curious to know if they can buy the cheapest model for good. Since the launch price is lower, one should also know the little extra specifications and features it has to offer.

iPhone 11 has a new U1 chip to share files faster with another iPhone. It has the advanced functionality of Wi-Fi 6, which is the next generation of wireless networking. Along with that, there is also an advancement in the mobile data segment.

It has Gigabit LTE, an advanced version of 4G LTE. The phone also comes in a 256GB model which is not something that iPhone XR has. It only sells up to 128GB model.

iPhone XR for the win!

Keeping everything in mind, the iPhone XR is a better phone for the price it has to offer. For people who are genuinely looking for a new phone by Apple with outstanding features and still not make a hole in their pocket, XR is here. No one needs to be a tech expert to say that the new iPhone 11 has slightly better features.

It should be rightly kept in mind that iPhone XR is now reduced to $599, which is a steal for relatively the features and specifications it has. It is not at all a bad phone and can easily be one good yet classy purchase.

Though for someone who specifically wants to try or experience the new processor and the ultimate camera should with no doubt go for the iPhone 11.

It is the right choice of the phone if you’re looking from a professional standpoint. For an everyday average user, iPhone XR is an excellent purchase.

For the price iPhone, XR is reduced to after the launch of the new iPhone 11, and it is safe to say that iPhone XR is a fantastic purchase. It provides you with some of the most outstanding specifications and does not make a huge problem in the bank.


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