The month of September is always special for all the tech lovers as Apple introduces the new iPhone. We can’t wait for the new iPhone 11 launch which is just two days away.


Apple is the world’s biggest smartphone company in the world. The legacy of Steve Jobs is continued every year during September by launching a new iPhone.

We got some massive upgrades last year and this year is expected to be the same. However, it won’t be a game-changer after reading all the leaks.

Apple is going to introduce the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and biggest rumour is the triple camera setup that we are witnessing in other smartphone brands.

We might have to wait for the foldable iPhone but this year it is more about amping up the existing iPhone X.


We have seen some leaked images of iPhone 11 that boasts triple rear camera might end up in one of the variants that are to be launched on 10th September this year.

As brands like Google, Samsung and Huawei have already introduced the triple camera, Apple tends to offer it for competitive benchmarking.

Another speculation is around if the new iPhone will support 5G. Some of the rumours are telling us that we might get the first 5G iPhone and some are saying that is not in this year’s agenda for Apple and fans might have to wait for 2020.

iPhone 11 rumors

We feel, atleast one iPhone should offer 5G as that is a basic tech upgrade that Apple can give and offer something new to its fans.

Here are some of the rumoured features that might excite you for the iPhone 11 Launch in next two days on Apple’s Big iPhone 11 Event on 10 Sep.

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iPhone 11 Specs and Features

1 – RAM and Storage

Apple has never been able to offer competitive RAM and Storage to its user. Even iPhone X has a 4GB RAM which is a very basic feature that you might get in any affordable smartphones.

However, with iPhone 11 launch people might get to see a 6GB RAM offering to improve the speed. When it comes to storage the new iPhone might get an upgrade from the 64GB basic storage capacity to 128GB for the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max up.

2 – Design

According to various sources, Apple might not make big changes in the design of the new iPhone.

There are some rumours that it might experiment with placing the front camera inside the screen and get rid of the notch but that is highly unlikely for Apple at this point of time. However, you can expect some minor changes to the overall look of the latest iPhone.

3 – Pencil Support

This update was expected in 2018 but fans were disappointed that it never happened. However, it is rumoured to be part of this year’s launch and people are excited about the same.

4 – Battery

One massive update could be the new iPhones will offer bi-directional wireless charging that lets the phone charge other devices.

Well, if this happens then a lot of users will be heard as you might always find an iPhone user running for a charger.

Apple had mentioned about improving battery life and charging capabilities in the previous keynote.

5 – Price

Apple being Apple, the prices will follow a similar pattern and that means the latest iPhone 11 might cut deep pockets.

But, if you are a hardcore Apple fan then this might not bother you as you might be prepared for the same because of your previous purchases.

This means the 2019 iPhone XR will start from $749, with the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 starting from $999 and the bigger iPhone 11 Max being priced at around $1,99.

Now, Apple will be launching the new range on 10th September at 10:30 am and yes, this is confirmed by the brand itself.

On one hand, people are excited to get a look at the new iPhone at the same time some people are not as excited as they know there might not be any path-breaking announcements this year.

Wrapping up!

We can’t wait to see the latest Apple iPhone 11 launch and trust us, this is going to be as amazing as their every year launch.

A power-packed keynote with the introduction of the smartphone of the year iPhone 11.

Stay tuned for the next article that we will do on covering the details of the launch and will be deep-diving into the phone specs.

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