iphone 11 vs iphone 11 pro
With every new launch by Apple, comes to the obvious in-depth analysis and comparison of their latest models. Apple has launched three new models this September; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


The new launches by Apple always tend to be very harsh on the pocket and hence it is vital to understand in depth what the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are all about.

It is alright to say that all the new iPhones are a strong contender in the market. The choice truly comes down to whether you’re willing to pay for certain additional features.

Looking from a distance!


By not getting into the integrities of the two products, the visible difference between iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro is the triple camera. If we look at the other way round, there are more colours in the prior version of the two iPhones.

Both the phones look beautiful; iPhone 11 has a more colourful and practical standpoint especially with the price point. iPhone 11 Pro on the other side is a straight-up professional phone which comes at a higher cost. To get a full preview of the two, let’s check out the features.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro- Let’s talk similarities

Overall, both the devices do share similar features for a fact. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro operate on the same A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine. The two phones are equipped with a front 12MP TrueDepth camera with a ƒ/2.2 aperture and Retina Flash.

Both the devices have a 4K video recording feature and 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide camera lenses on the back of each device. These are some significant features which make the phone pretty powerful. These are present in both devices.

Another similarity will be on the software side. Both the phones will have iOS13 update as iOS is getting launched on 20th September this month.

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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1 Pro- Let’s talk differences

#1. Design

Looking at the two phones, the design seems to be pretty similar; however, iPhone 11 is made with an aluminium frame while the front and back are glass. The iPhone 11 Pro too is made of high-quality durable glass, but it has a premium matte finish to it. The frame instead of aluminium is constructed with stainless steel.


Apple has claimed that the phones are made up of the most robust glass found in any smartphone. The iPhone 11 is 5.94 inches tall, 2.98 inches wide, and 0.33 inches thick, with a weight of 6.84 ounces. The iPhone 11 Pro is ever slightly smaller at 5.67 inches tall, 2.81 inches wide, and 0.32 inches thick, with a load of 6.63 ounces.

#2. Display

There is a significant difference in the display sector of the two iPhones. iPhone 11 display is a 6.1-inch “Liquid Retina HD” LCD display. The LCD in the phone helps in bringing out true to life colours. This LCD screen is the main reason why the price of iPhone 11 is less than the other two co-launches.

iPhone 11 Pro has taken the display to another level. This advanced version has a sharper “Super Retina XDR” OLED display. This technology is brighter in sunlight which is the primary reason why can display true blacks and more detail in sunny areas, and can support HDR movies on iTunes.

#3. Camera

You have to pat Apple on the back for their camera advancements with each and every model. All the new launches this year have a great camera quality; however, it is implausible to ignore the new triple camera in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Right off the bat, for a less superior version, the camera of iPhone 11 is not at all bad. It has a 12 MP camera system. It also supports Night Mode, Auto Adjustments, optical image stabilization, digital zoom up to 5x, 2x optical zoom out, brighter True Tone flash with Slow Sync, Portrait Mode with six effects, and Smart HDR.

The primary feature of the iPhone 11 Pro is that it is equipped with a third telephoto camera. The 11 Pro family has three total lenses: ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto. You’ll also get dual optical image stabilization, 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, and digital zoom up to 10x.

With iOS 13, powerful video editing tools are accessible to everyone with the ability to rotate, crop, increase exposure and apply filters to videos instantly.

#4. Colours

The iPhone initially always used to come with standard colour, though lately, they have been playing around with a lot of colours. The iPhone 11 is a clear cut example of the same. This model comes in a total of 6 colours. Their standard colours remain black, white and red. The new colours include green yellow and never seen before purple.


The iPhone 11 Pro comes with fewer colours, however, it introduces the new Midnight Green. The old colours remain as gold, silver and space black. This definitely shows there is quite a room to play with when it comes to bright as well as subtle colours.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro- Price Point

The main and the most crucial difference with iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro is a massive difference of $300. The iPhone 11 has launched at the price of $699, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro is marked for $999.

These are the initial prices as the price keeps increasing with increased storage. The iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t have the option of 128 GB storage, although it goes up to 512 GB.

Wrapping up!

With Apple and its hefty price point, the battle doesn’t only occur with the competition but also with its co-launches.

Comparing the two, the price is a massive difference between the two phones. If you’re cool with a colourful phone along with a practical approach, blindly go for the iPhone 11.

On the other hand, if you use your phone at a professional standpoint and it’s not just a regular phone for you.

Keeping that in mind investing extra bucks in iPhone 11 Pro will help you a lot. The themes of the two phones are very different.

It ultimately depends on your need and your budget to figure out who wins the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro battle.


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