Photoshop is a market leader when it comes to photo editing. However, there are many Adobe Photoshop alternatives.

Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized photo editing is the last 10 years. Every marketer, brand, and various creative artists are using Photoshop to edit images. Certainly, it is the best photo editing tool. It is also used for designing marketing collateral.

Today, we have curated 15 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives for Mac and Windows for you all. These are a mix of paid and free tools that do similar work as of Adobe Photoshop.

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Best Photoshop Alternatives You Need To Know

1 –  Luminar  (Free Trial 30 days)

Luminar is one of the best photo editing tools available as a replacement for Photoshop. If you are looking for a quick enhancement without spending a lot of time and money, then Luminar should be your pick. It comes with a 30 days trial period and can help you edit your images professionally.

Luminar Photoshop Alternatives

Some of the features it provides are AI Sky Enhancers, Advanced Contrast, and Dehaze.

2 –  Photolemur  (Free Version with watermark available)

When we talk about advanced technology, there are a very few A driven photo editing tools for Mac and Windows that can make your life simpler. Photolemur is a brilliant tool that can do all your work with its AI technology.

Photolemur Photoshop Alternatives

Unlike other tools, this will edit your photos automatically. All you have to do is upload Photolemur will do your picture and rest.

3 –  CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (Trial 15 days or Full Paid or Monthly sub)

You might remember CorelDRAW before Photoshop became popular among the designers and photo editors. CorelDRAW gives you dynamic editing and design interface. You can not only edit your pictures on this but also add additional elements to create a spark.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Photoshop Alternatives

CorelDRAW has always been the best Photoshop alternative. Their new edition has come up with some fantastic updates.

4 – Serif PhotoPlus X8

If you are a beginner in photo editing. Serif PhotoPlus X8 will be the perfect tool for you to experiment editing. A simple and effective Photoshop alternative for amateur editors. The software is easy to use with a lot of tutorials available

Serif PhotoPlus X8 Photoshop Alternatives

5 – Adobe Photoshop Elements  (Free Trial 30 days)

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a different tool from the actual Photoshop. It offers similar features and is more suitable to enhance your images. It is more comfortable and minimalistic.

Top features that it provides are Blend and Adjustment layer modification. Try this as one of the top Photoshop alternatives.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

6 – Sketch  (Free Trial 30 days)

The sketch is a perfect alternative to Photoshop if you are working on a Mac. It is cost-effective and boasts similar features like Photoshop and Illustrator. As the name suggests, it has design features as well.

The reason it comes closer to Photoshop is with its flexibility and control that a user gets to design anything.

Sketch photoshop for mac

7 – GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

GIMP, as many of you, might have heard of this tool that is an open source cross-platform image editing software. It is very similar to Photoshop and offers a similar feature.

People who are just starting the photo editing game can find tons of tutorial to get used to GIMP.

GNU Image Manipulation Program photoshop alternatives

8 – Acorn  (Trial 14 days)

Another software for Mac users. Acorn is a simple and effective photo editing software that is available at a better price as compared to Adobe Photoshop. You can enjoy similar features like Photoshop edit pictures.

From custom brushes to layer styles, Acorn has a plethora of features to offer.

Acorn best photoshop alternative

9 –  Affinity Photo  (Trial)

Next on our list is Affinity Photo. One of the best Photoshop alternatives available for Mac and Windows users. It is a fantastic photo editing tool with all the relevant features. It is less expensive than Photoshop and delivers a similar level of work.

Do check this out. Also, another good thing about this is that it is available for iPad as well.

Affinity Photo Photshop alternatives for mac and windows

10 –  Pixelmator Pro  (Trial 30 days)

Pixelmator recently released their Pro version for Mac users and is one of the coolest things to happen. The Pixelmator Pro is a power-packed image editing tool and a Photoshop alternative if you are on Mac.

As the update is new, you can expect the best features update.

Pixelmator Pro

11 – Pixlr  (Free Version Available)

Pixlr is a simple and powerful photo editing app. Apart from covering the basic photo editing options, it provides advanced level features as well like infinite overlays, adjustment layers, brushes, backgrounds, etc. Also, it is available for Android and iOS.


12 – SumoPaint  (Online + Desktop)

SumoPaint is a design tool which is made with fewer complexities like Photoshop. It is a simple design and editing tool that can be accessed online and downloaded for Desktop. You can find the basic design features similar to Photoshop here. It is slightly old-school but does the job of basic editing and designing.

SumoPaint free alternatives to photoshop13 – is an ideal image editing tool available for Windows users. It has some of the fantastic photo editing features that can enhance your image well. This is more like a photo editing than to a designing tool. However, it is simple to use and give brilliant results. Do check it out.

14 – PicMonkey  (Trial 7 days)

PicMonkey is less of a Photoshop alternative but a good photo editing software. This is inclined to more of a collage tool that can help you create amazing designs. PicMonkey is quite popular with a lot of beginners and does the job pretty well.

It is not as complicated as Photoshop, and the interface is friendly for everyone.


15 – Canva (Free Basic Plan + Trial 30 days)

Last but not least. Canva is the previous and the best free tool out there, which is a fantastic design tool along with a powerful photo editor tool. With a huge fan base to create amazing designs, Canva is undoubtedly a top alternative for Photoshop out there. It is also available for Android and iOS.

Some of the features that it offers are – Free templates, Free stock pictures, Free text layouts, free vector graphics, and many more. We did a review on Canva; you might want to check that out for details.


Wrapping Up

So, here are the 15 best Photoshop alternatives that are available for Mac and Window users.

All these tools can help you design or edit your images, just like Photoshop. Some of them are paid but offers a trial version that can give you the idea of how the software performs.

Do let us know which one of these you recommend the most and we will do a detailed review for the same.

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