Rust Tips - A Starting Guide for Beginner Players

Rust is a survival game and involves a PVP aspect that can make it challenging for beginners to comprehend. With very little explanation, you are hurled into a map, where you do know what to do. As you perish and lose all your possessions, it may become highly frustrating. 

Fortunately, we have a few practical tips that can help you have an easy day in Rust as it ditches the guesswork. Our guide below will direct you towards the first steps and stop you from making bitter mistakes. So, read on to have maximum fun from the game’s very start.


Set up a safe base as early as possible 

Get a whole lot of resources so that they are enough to make a 100-wood (Hummer) and 20-wood Building plan. You can position your first construction as per the building plan, which will be made of twigs. But, you will need the hummer for upgrading your building to stone and wood. 

All these things together are crucial for survival in Rust. Later, you will also need additional resources to make the base safer. But, first, get a place to store your gathered goods and to hide. 

Daytime resource gathering is safe.

If you find yourself entering and playing the Rust server during the night, we recommend exiting. You can select the second server or return 10-15 minutes later because Rust’s nights are disorienting and dangerous. Start your activities in the morning to meet the first night with a bit of preparedness.

The game’s two primary resources are stone and wood. You use your virtual hands to start the game with a rock in them. As per the rust hacks, you must utilize them on stones and trees to begin stocking your inventory. Cut a tree of your choice but do not stop looking for unique stones with gleaming dots. 

Select your server wisely. 

The most obvious thing to do for any player would be to get in a server with many players in it. It is a good decision as you will interact with other players and take off on a mad adventure. But, on a different note, it could be a wrong decision too. That is because you will be playing against experienced players who are already well aware of what needs to be done. 

We recommend beginners to go for the emptiest server. Fewer people mean lesser attacks. You have a tranquil space to muster resources and gain experience while building a safe base. Too many players on a server mean you are at the risk of getting destroyed by grouped gangs. 

Build your base at a nice place 

Consider several factors in the base building process. For starters, keep in mind how notable your building is going to be. When getting started, avoid needless contacts. A hostile climate adds extra difficulties like keeping warm. 

But, far-flung places stay hidden from unsolicited guests. After gaining a little experience, you may prefer to settle beside roads. They are roots of crates and barrels but are also appealing spots to other players. 

Do not bestow your trust on anyone.

It seems fun to forge ahead and make new friends, but the chances are that any random person you meet may kill you. At that time, possessing a rock and torch will also not make a difference. 

It is known that players strip inventories and approach bases to cast about their bases for raid preparation. Also, be careful at night and avoid lighting a campfire or torch because these things can attract unwelcome attention from passersby.

Learn about the basic controls

You will suddenly be thrown in a map without explaining how to go ahead and what the controls are. Thus, you must figure out the basic commands and controls while enemies sneak up behind your back for kills. You have the option of crucial re-assignment as you see fit. 

You can jump by pressing the spacebar, open the crafting menu by pressing Q, and crouch by pressing Ctrl. Movement is managed by the W, A, S, D buttons, but you have to hold the shift button to sprint. With a left-click on the mouse, you can fire a weapon, and to open a map; you have to press the G button. 


At the end of all these tips, we must say that do not take the game to your heart. Have fun and relax, no matter how frustrating or stressful the gameplay gets. Fight all the challenges as that will amplify your internal development. We hope you liked our tips, but if you would like us to add anything, do share in the comments below.


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