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Although you can’t really go out for fun and adventure, emerging technologies have made it possible to enjoy the thrill of real-life and excitement through video games. You can battle to win the game, build a shelter, make weapons, make friends, and proceed to the next level. High-quality graphics, elements, and exploring opportunities have helped to the popularity of these video games. That’s why we have gamers from around the world, including me.

Why Switch to a Terraria Server Hosting?

While Terraria offers you the in-game feature of «Host & Play,» where you can invite friends through Steam, the current session ends when you leave your game. Moreover, the server is subjected to frequent shifts.

If you want total freedom in the game 24/7, you should set up a server of your own. For this, you can either choose:

  • Terraria Server Rental: It incurs some monthly fee, but it is excellent to use, and it does not require any input from you. From monitoring and maintenance to security, DDoS attacks, and back-ups, the service provider will take care of it all.
  • Server-only hosting: You will get complete server checks without wasting a penny. If you have the technical knowledge, you can get a cloud server, setup and play.

 8 Best Terraria server hosting for everyone

 1. Hosthavoc

Hosthavoc - Terraria server hostingHosthavoc is a popular name in terraria server hosting systems. Their game servers include advanced features and custom tools actively maintained next to mod and game updates. You have a choice of 25 different games with Hosthavoc.

 They maintain high network availability by housing their infrastructure in top datacenters with only reliable uplinks. As a result, they guarantee you 99.9% of network availability. HostHavoc has built up a vast network carefully, available in 11 global cities with real redundancy for networks.

It includes popular ones like ARK: Survival Evolved, 7 Days to Die, Arma 3, Counter-Strike: GO, Garry’s Mod, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Minecraft, PixARK, Rust, Squad, Terraria, etc. HostHavoc offers an instant setup for your preferred game servers to assist you in getting started quickly.

2. Scalacube


A popular name in the field of terraria server hosting, ScalaCube is an excellent option for you. They hire servers for the games – Minecraft, Minecraft PE, ARK, Rust, and Hytale. ScalaCube offers unlimited, unrestricted traffic for free.

Traffic will always be maintained with an optimal bandwidth regardless of downstream or upstream volume. You can choose whether to store HDD or SSD for your game server. But SSD is preferred because of 10x more speed and convenience if you want access your server data frequently.

They ensure 99.9% server uptime for a seamless gaming experience. In addition to all these, you get unlimited slots for Minecraft server hosting in addition to multiple servers, plugins, and mod support.

You get complete FTP support, quick setup, multiple mods and plugins, and DDoS protection for other games. Their price begins at only $2.5 a month.

 3. Citadel servers

Citadel servers - Terraria server hostingPlay your games without worrying about common delays and crashes by choosing Citadel Servers as your terraria server hosting partner. Whether it’s performance, server quality, or dependability, the hosting service meets all the players’ desired criteria.

You can install mods and maps, change parameters, change position, and more in one click. Reinstall, stop, run, or restart tasks for complete control of your game outside of programming tasks to run backups, scripts, etc.

All servers run on SSD drives with a bandwidth of 1Gbps for quicker performance, ensuring you never run behind in the game. Once you make the payment, they will provide an instantaneous server set up in seconds so you can start and run the server quickly.

They have global network coverage with 18 locations so that you can log in with the players from all over the world. Citadel Servers’ low-latency infrastructure increases your adventure from anywhere.

 4. LogicServers

LogicServersPlay games such as Journey End on a Terraria server full of adventures with LogicServers and enjoy the thrill of this incredible gameplay. All their hosting servers are supplied with DDoS protection against attacks of various types.

The second you make the payment, they will instantly run the configuration procedure to start your gameplay immediately. Activate the mods in the game server, and if you are stuck, follow their easy guides.

LogicServers uses the best hardware for game servers with powerful processors, SSD storage, and gigabit uplink for better performance. TCAdmin Control Panel powers its game servers that deliver a faster and effortless user experience.

They have servers in 11 world sites, covering five continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their price starts from only $0.67/slot, or you can pay $9/month for ten slots.

5. Nodecraft

Nodecraft - Terraria server hosting

Fight for fame, survival, and wealth by playing Terraria with the powerful server hosted by Nodecraft. They offer low-cost servers without compromising their quality.

The NodePanel 2 interface makes it easy to start and run in seconds. It highlights player count, statistics, RAM percentage, network strength, and more. The single panel gives you complete control of your settings and configuration changes.

No matter if you are a starter or an experienced gamer, you won’t find it difficult to manage the server, as you get super-speed and stability to satisfy your hunger for games. Besides, they offer mobile usability with a streamlined app available for iOS and Android.

This makes it easy to manage your dedicated Terraria server from your phone and play games anywhere, anytime. Currently, they support top PC game servers like mods using tModLoader and the mobile edition of Terraria.

6. Fragnet


Fragnet offers a fully customized solution for game lovers and allows you to begin playing with affordable packages. You can also upgrade to higher planes in no time without sabotaging your settings. They impose no restrictions over the world size, disk space, or installed plugins.

Fragnet greets you to run the Terraria server hosting and you can choose to limit the number of slots you rent. Install all popular changes on your server within seconds through the game panel. Their ready-to-use control panel offers unlimited access, so you can handle the server and run the changes instantly.

Fight, explore, construct and dig easily as you play for survival. Looking for treasures and raw materials and craft machinery, equipment and aesthetics, you have many choices to do it all with ease. Fragnet lets you enjoy Terraria with classical actions mixing with the creativity of sandbox-style to give you a primordial gaming experience.

The price starts at just $0.76/slot, and they accept a wide array of payment methods.

7. Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift - Terraria server hosting

Use Amazon GameLift’s terraria server hosting, which exploits AWS and its power to deliver optimum performance, lowest latency, and more significant savings. Take your game to a new level with dedicated servers that can rapidly evolve, deploy and operate.

This is an excellent choice for multiplayer games as the company provides secure instances. They also deploy servers on runtime instances, monitor servers and game instances, replace unhealthy ones, and balance server traffic. Amazon GameLift game servers are located in 15 global regions spanning five continents to ensure better uptime and maintenance.

Whether you like single-player or multiplayer games, they provide fast gameplay. GameLift also constantly scans available servers for those with low latency. If it is unavailable, you can set up the hosting service and add more capacity automatically to a server closer to your players.

They provide a self-scaling function that can start thousands of simultaneous instances while stopping unused models in minutes. You can configure the servers to scale the capacity automatically based on steady-state percentage.

8. Bisect hosting

Bisect hosting Run your Terraria hosting server a few minutes away from Bisect hosting. With their smooth control panel by your side, you don’t have to worry about the server anymore.

The hosting service allows you to customize your server and run it as you want to boost the thrill without spending any expense. They have multiple server locations throughout the world, including Europe and the US.

Don’t worry about broken setups or bad updates as they backup your Terraria server every day, so you are protected from problems occurring due to these scenarios. Bisect Hosting supplies the latest versions of the games, and you can also update them quickly when the new version is available.

Install tModLoader or tShock on the Terraria server for improved gameplay. They offer four bundles for Terraria server hosting from just $2.99/month with unlimited slots, 1GB of RAM, and 5GB of NVMe SSD space. 


The ever-evolving gaming space is reaching new heights to help gamers explore new adventures and thrills. And to make it even easier for you, technology firms offer advanced terraria hosting servers with powerful features and functionalities so you can play with anyone in the world and enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience. 


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