With the new iPhone 11 Series smartphones, Apple is likely to launch its next generation of the smartwatch – Apple Watch Series 5 on Apple’s iPhone 11 Event on 10 Sep 2019. For all the Apple fans out there, Apple Watch is the only option to opt-in as no other smartwatches are as functional as an Apple Watch with iOS devices.


Apple has not disclosed a lot about the new smartwatch but we dig down a bit and have some information you might feel interesting.

Apple Watch Series 5: What we want and expect to see

Apple’s next smartwatch is expected to appear alongside the new iPhones, and there have been plenty of rumours surrounding it.

Here’s everything we’ve heard so far about the Apple Watch Series 5, coupled with what we want and expect to see.

Apple Watch 5 Design

Apple already revamped the design of the Apple Watch Series 4. They stretched the display from edge to edge and worked on the overall build quality, which was quite an update from Watch Series 3. Just after a year from that, we are not expecting a huge design change again. Apple always followed the rule that if something is not broken, do not fix it.

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Still, from a report from Bloomberg, we get to know the Apple Watch Series 5 will be available in ceramic and titanium models this year. Apple previously used Ceramic, but Titanium is something new for the watch.

Apple Watch Series 5 Features

App Store

The most interesting feature coming to Apple Watch is that it will have its own App Store. That means the Watch does not need to rely on the iPhone for application downloads.

Sleep Tracking

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Another notable feature is sleep tracking. The watch will analyze your heart rate, movement, and noises around the room to better understand how you are sleeping and the data will be available in both the watch and the iPhone through the companion app.

Period Tracking

The Watch will come with the ability to track periods through a new application, called Cycle. All these features will also be available on the older devices which can be updated to WatchOS 6.

Charge Reminder

Apple Watch Series 5 might also remind you to keep it charged when you are going to sleep and when the battery is low.

Apple Watch 5 Camera

Apple has recently filed a patent which suggests they might add a camera on the new variant of Apple Watch. If added, the camera will be placed on the band of the Watch and will be able to take images and videos. In that process, the display of the Watch will work as the viewfinder. But for now, this is speculation as Filing a patent does not mean this feature is coming for sure.

Apple Watch Series 5 Specifications

With all the sensors from Apple Watch Series 4 which are NFC, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, and GPS the processor will get an update from S4 chip to S5 chip. Although in-depth specifications of the chip are still unknown.

Apple has always used OLED Display for the Apple Watch and those were made by LG. But this year they might be relying on Japan Display. This manufacturing company has made plenty of LCD panels for Apple, but this is the first time ever they will be making OLED Display.

With all the new features included in the Watch, we are expecting a bigger battery. But the battery life might not improve if you use all these features mentioned. So overall you can expect one full day of charge.

Apple Watch 5 Price and Availability

As already mentioned, the announcement of the watch is going to happen on the iPhone Launch event, September 10th. Later this month the phone will be up for pre-order and then will be released to the public.

There are two things to be noted for the price. First of all, the new Watch is getting many new features this year. On the other hand, the sales of Apple product is taking a downhill ride this year.

So we are not expecting a huge price hike. The starting price of Apple Watch Series 5 should be around $499.

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