While launching the all-new Apple Watch Series 5 Apple also released watchOS 6. This year it is hard to call it an incremental update as there are a lot of new features to explore. At WWDC in June, Apple already showed some of the new features.


Availability of WatchOS 6

WatchOS6 is live for watches starting from Series 3 from September 19. Series 1 and 2 will get the hands on to this new OS later this fall.

The all-new Apple Watch Series 5 will come with watchOS 6 installed. So let us dive into the features and functions of watchOS 6.

Features of WatchOS 6

#1. Watch Faces

Watch Faces – MacRumors

When a new iOS or Android OS launch, we get to see some unique wallpapers. WatchOS is no exception. This year we are getting seven new watch faces, which are Meridian, California, Modular Compact, Solar Dial, Gradient, Numerals Duo, and Numerals Mono.

#2. Complications

WatchOS 6 is also getting some new complications to make it easier to get the information you need at a glance. The complications available in this OS are Audiobooks, Calculator, Cellular, Cycle, Tracking, Noise, Rain, and Voice Memos.

#3. Siri Enhancements

Siri Improvements – MacRumors

Siri is not one of the top voice assistants, to be honest. Still, Apple is continuously updating it. Now it has better support for WatchOS. Now you can search the web with Siri, and the results will be shown on screen. Then you can scroll and open any article. Like Google Assistant, Siri on WatchOS can listen and understand which song is being played on the background and if you want, can add that to your library on Apple Music.

#4. App Store

Previously you had to download apps from your iPhone and sync it with the Watch. It was not seamless. Now WatchOS has its own App Store from which you can get the application you are looking for, or ask Siri to get that for you. You can also check the ratings and reviews of those apps on the Watch. There is no need for any companion app on your phone.

#5. Noise

Noise – MacRumors

There is an all-new app called Noise which will continuously track the sound level around you. If it gets decibel readings which can be harmful to you ears the app will notify you. For privacy reason, all this happens offline, and none of the audio is recorded.

#6. Cycle Tracking

Cycle Tracking – MacRumors

This new feature is for women. With easy logging of flow level, symptoms, cycle length, and variation Cycle Tracker app can alert you when it predicts that your next period or fertile window is about to start. On the Health app of your iPhone, every data is synced for further inspection.

#7. Audiobooks

As WatchOS 6 has its own App Store, there is an Audiobook app also. It syncs with your iCloud and saves all the books you are listening to. So now you can listen to those without your iPhone when needed.

#8. Calculator

Although it is an essential feature, now you can finally make some equations right on your Watch, thanks to Calculator apps from the App Store.

#9. Voice Memos

No one knows when you will get the next big idea, with this update now, you can record those ideas right in your Apple Watch.

#10. Now Playing

There is a standalone now playing app which will control the music you are listening to. AirPlay 2 devices can also be controlled through this app.

#11. Activity Trends

Health Features – MacRumors

The watch already shows your daily Move, Exercise and Stand totals thanks to activity rings. Now it will also show yearly trends so it will be easier to understand your health condition with long-time data.


From a long time, Apple Watch is the best Smart Watch you can get, and after every update, the feature difference and quality is getting further from other offerings.

WatchOS 6 is a big update and Apple is counting on it to get more customers, as iPhone sales are going down from the last few years.

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