Benefits of having an Instagram Business Account

A strong social media presence has become mandatory for every business. Irrespective of the business size, companies use platforms like Instagram to promote their products and services with customers. Freebies, surveys, and collaborating with influences have become the new ways of marketing to attract customers.  

The Instagram business profiles were launched in 2016. Since then, there has been a continuous surge in the use of Instagram for promoting businesses and making money. Seven out of ten businesses are already using Instagram to promote their products and services in the US alone. 

Many businesses who start their business accounts seek rapid Insta growth. However, to catalyze the business growth, companies must share quality content on Instagram accounts, go Live, optimize bio, post often, use relevant hashtags and track progress. In this article, we have discussed the top benefits of having an Instagram Business Account: 

  • Detailed Insights- Every business owner must keep a tab on the data and stats that affect their business. Instagram Insights generates all the data required for your digital or social media marketing, and you can track the performance of your posts through Instagram Insights. You can easily find which post is being appreciated by users, and you can boost such posts to increase your sales. You can gather useful Instagram insights, such as the number of website clicks, email clicks, profile views, impressions, reach, and change in followers. Furthermore, you can find a detailed report of the last 90 days of your Instagram business account. Apart from that, once you reach 100 followers, you can access their demographics, such as their gender, locations, and ages. This can help you create a successful social media campaign on Instagram.
  • Contact button and other Action Buttons– On your Instagram business account, you can add a Contact button that is an effective way to entice people with the business potential to contact you. You can also include your business location with a map on your Instagram account. Instagram also allows you to add suitable action buttons, apart from Call and Text, such as Book, Buy Tickets, Start Order, and Reserve. However, you would need an account on Third-party apps to integrate such buttons. 
  • Redirect by adding links to your stories- A significant number of Instagram users are reported to take action and click on the links in appealing posts and stories. You can include links in your bio, add image links, short links in captions, share Live links in Insta stories, add swipe-up links in stories, or add shopping tag links in shoppable posts. However, Story links can be used only if you have 10K followers. Business profile Insta users can even pay for links promotion. Otherwise, you need to verify your business account to qualify for a verified badge. To add the link, all you need to do is tap on the chain-like icon at the top of your Story, followed by tapping on the + web link and adding the URL. 
  • Know Your Competition- Instagram allows account holders to track the marketing activities and strategies of competitors like the type of posts they upload, their posting schedule, audience engagement strategies, the hashtags they use, contests, and other such activities they carry out. This data can help you decide your marketing strategies to improve your business branding and sales.
  • Connect Facebook and Instagram Business account: You can even connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram business account. You need to select the industry while creating your Facebook Business page, and you can modify this information directly from your Instagram business account. Connecting both accounts help build trust, schedule posts on both platforms, and respond more swiftly among other benefits.

With numerous benefits of having an Instagram Business Account, sign up for one today!


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