The Essential Guide to Home Service Marketing

With a whopping $370 million in and a projection to reach over $1500 million by 2030, the home services industry stands as a massive opportunity for those looking to flourish in this sector. But it all boils down to how well your business is able to reach out to the right customers and make itself visible. And with the right home service marketing strategies, your business should acquire the essential skills to succeed in this competitive landscape.

So, here’s everything you need to know.


Business listing management

Clients really like to know who they are dealing with and often rely on reviews from business listings. Platforms like Google, Bing, or even Yelp can act as the perfect business listing solution for your home service business. Make sure to claim your listing on these platforms and encourage previous clients to leave a review.

Local SEO

As a home service business, you must always focus on generating leads in the areas that you serve, and the right local SEO practices can bump up your chances of scoring a customer. Implement local keywords with location-specific pages, and ensure to update all business listings with the right location. You can also consider creating profiles on location-specific listing and review sites.

PPC campaigns

Consider investing in PPC campaigns if you are looking to land in sponsored spots ahead of organic results on search queries. Not only will this improve business visibility for targeted keywords, but these campaigns can be quite affordable since businesses only have to pay when someone clicks on their ads. A great option if you are looking to diversify your targeting approach to slowly build popularity and generate leads.


Staying on top of customer questions can be a real pain, especially if you are planning to respond one by one. Chatbots become lifesavers and can act as the first point of contact for the customer to assist with any frequently asked questions. A real human can take up the conversation if the users need more specific solutions. This ensures to save time and effort, plus customers can get general queries resolved in just a few seconds. A win-win for all!

Email marketing

If your home service business already has a healthy client database, email marketing can be one of the most viable options for a marketing campaign. Make sure to have a proper database of all customers and leads, and start engaging with them regularly with promotional emails and newsletters. Tailor the right messages, which will allow for higher engagement and, in turn, a higher chance of conversion. Try sharing before-and-after photos, video timelapses, and discounts via email to get the best results.

Text campaigns

Did you know 98 percent of text messages are read in the first few minutes? Text campaigns can make for a highly effective way of reaching out to customers. Plus, these are even cheaper to set up than email campaigns. Share promotions, event reminders, and other updates directly to the customer’s phone for better responses and engagement.

Customer expectations and the constant digital adoption have made sure that every business must keep up the pace or risk falling into irrelevancy. And home service businesses must be able to modernize how they interact with customers who are buying into their services. All these factors culminate to help save your business time and also improve the customer experience.

As a home service business owner, devoting time to all marketing efforts might seem overwhelming and might sometimes feel pointless. However, with the right poise and the perfect tips to complement, your business, too, will be able to rise to the summit.


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