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There are not many games who have won so much love from millions of gamers and other people as well. This game comes with high-end graphics, and the different types of game modes add up to the overall experience of this game and make it really worthwhile to play. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that Fortnite made over 1.8 Billion Dollars alone in 2019. But this does not make the game totally unbeatable, as there are many games that beat Fortnite in different terms.

So, if you think that you are bored with this first-person shooter, and you are looking for some new names with more intense fights and better sequences, then we have made this list for you. This write up includes some of the best Fortnite alternatives that you have to play at least once. We ensure that you will enjoy your experience. 

You might know that Fortnite has been banned on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store because it violated some terms and conditions of the companies. This included violation of their payment system as well.

In reply to this, Fortnite has sued both Google and Apple for the same. Of course, it will be good to see how things turn out to be for all three of them. But, for the time being, where you cannot play Fortnite on your phones, you must try the following Fortnite alternatives.

These are really good titles on their own, to add to the quality, even more, we have added three baselines for each of the games. They will include some of the best gameplay mechanics, would include multiple game modes, and other than that, they will also have a wide range of weapons and arsenal to choose from.

Finally, we also ensured that the titles will have good customization controls, and they must not be too hard to level up and find rewards.

Of course, this list will include some of the best last man standing and battle royale games, which have changed the flow of the mainstream gaming industry. With that out of the way, let us dive straight into the list of the best Fortnite alternative games that you have to play this year. 

Best Fortnite Alternatives

1. Call of Duty Warzone:

Call of duty: Fortnite alternativesIt is not necessary for you to own Call of Duty Modern Warfare to play the Call of Duty Warzone.

This battle royale game has 150 players joining the scene. Although it is similar to the roots of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so you can consider it to be the modernized version of the latter.

You can buy killstreaks, and if you want to respawn, then you can go to a one on one match with another enemy, the winner gets to live again. You can also get a multiplayer loadout through an airdrop.

The fact that you can play with your friends, irrespective of their platforms makes the game even better. This means that you do not need to worry about playing on Xbox, while your friends own a PlayStation.

You can easily play along with them due to the cross-platform support from Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

2. Apex Legends:

Apex LegendsApex Legends is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry recently. It is from the developers of Titanfall 2 Respawn, and this game is better than many other games in the same category for a lot of reasons.

The game is a totally different approach from its successor, as it has nothing to do with mechs and wall jumping gameplays. Instead, you are a legend, there are a total of ten legends, and each one has their own special ability.

This is like playing Overwatch in a battle royale mode. The special abilities are really special, for instance, one legend can send drones in the air to heal other teammates, while the other can call for artillery strikes.

It gets even better with the inclusion of more such legends. You need a minimum of three players to get into a match, as it is never bad to have some backup. But, you can play the way you like, no need to stick together, if you prefer to go in alone and hunt down enemies.

If you kill down your enemies, you win; you don’t have to get rid of your teammates for better rewards at all. Everyone gets their share of rewards. 

3. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds:

pubgBefore Fortnite was even a thing, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds used to rule the gaming division. It is also abbreviated as PUBG, and it has the 1 vs. 99 other mechanics. Of course, it has more options like Team DeathMatch (TDM), War, and more. It is much more macho, serious and realistic than Fortnite, which makes it relate to Call of Duty.

As of now, PUBG has five maps on which you can go to be the last man standing, and these are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik. These maps are generally bigger than the Fortnite map, and you will need the help of vehicles to get across the whole area!

If you need more realistic showdowns than Fortnite, where you take charge when fighting and don’t start to build forts out of anywhere, then PUBG is the best title for you to try.

4. Ring of Elysium:

Ring of ElysiumIf you want a mashup of both PUBG and Fortnite, then Ring of Elysium is the name for you. It has the quality and FPS range of PUBG, and it is mixed with the fun and silliness of Fortnite.

For example, it has a cat in a bubble-windowed carry backpack. It has a really massive library to customize your characters, and it can take hours for you to go through all of them, and in addition to that, it does not lag behind in terms of gameplay either. 

One moment you will be trying to escape the ash storm on your BMX, and the next moment, you will have to get a skimobile to cross Dione. All of that, while trying to survive attacks from other players. We love this game, and so should you!

5. Call of Duty: Blackout:

Call of duty: blackoutCOD Blackout is a part of the Black Ops 4 package, and it was the first battle royale game from the house of Call of Duty. Just like any other game in the battle royale format, Blackout is similar in terms of gameplay, with the same one versus all concepts.

In addition to that, Call of Duty: Blackout is filled to the brim with the insane gunplay mechanics, which is the trademark of the Call of Duty franchise. What makes the game much better is the nostalgia it stores.

You can find some of the most iconic Call of Duty locations on the map, and that too while having one of the fan favourite characters on the list. If you have not played this game yet, then you should totally go and try this one out!

6. H1Z1:

h1z1The main plans for H1Z1 were different from what we know about the game today. It was supposed to be a simple zombie shooting game, but since the market started to lean towards the whole Battle Royale side, then the developers decided to follow the trend as well.

Initially, we got the King of The Hill Mode, where up to 150 different players struggle and find their way to stay alive, while killing anyone who comes in their way.

These short matches are more chaotic than that of Fortnite’s versions, and they are smaller as well. Now, the developers have added a new Battle Royale mode to the game as well, and it can be accessed on both PC and PlayStation 4.

It can easily give you a mixed experience of both PUBG and the Fortnite style of gameplay that is FPS oriented, yet with a tasteful of fun and silliness.

There is one Auto Royale mode in the game as well. It basically is the Mad Max version of battle royale, as there are 30 teams of 4 players going against each other.

The team is divided into drivers and shooters. The drivers have to either take charge or flee, while trying to get maximum power-ups, while the shooters tend to destroy other players. 

7. Minecraft:

MinecraftModes like battle royale, hunger games, last man standing, etc. have been in Minecraft for years now. There are a lot of servers still dedicated to allowing you to play such modes on your computer.

In the blocky world of Minecraft, communities like Mineplex offer a great blend of balanced and competitive gameplay to the players.

While the main purpose of Minecraft is to destroy and build, things like such game modes have made their presence evident in the game as well.

While we cannot compare the graphics and quality of battle royale in Minecraft to that of Fortnite, this is certainly a good call for the fans of Minecraft.

Moreover, Minecraft is more fun and cute, and the best part is Minecraft is Kid Friendly! What do you think of Minecraft as a Fortnite Alternative?

8. Rules of Survival:

rulesofsurvivalgameThis battle royale game is available only on Android and iOS; that is your mobile devices only. 

Before the addition of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite to the mobile division, Rules of Survival was the most renowned Battle Royale game on the mobile phone division.

It can be arguably still counted in the most famous games today also. Unlike both the big names, i.e. PUBG and Fortnite, Rules of Survival has been available on Android and iOS only.

You have a ton of weapons and vehicles waiting for you, while you try to survive and be the last man standing among 120 other people.

You can download the game for free, and you don’t have to wait too long to find a match, since the game is really popular among gamers.

9. Knives Out:

Knives OutKnives Out is another PUBG inspired Fortnite clone, available only on your mobile phones, running on Android and iOS.

It was made by the same team who made the Rules of Survival. It seems that NetEase, the publishing company, has some weird obsession with battle royale games. Unlike Rules of Survival, Knives Out has a better and bigger map, which is even bigger than Fortnite’s map.

Moreover, a fast-moving storm and an array of vehicles keep you and your enemies moving throughout the area.

10. The Darwin Project:

Darwin ProjectThe Darwin Project is a quite unique approach to the famous fight to survive the concept of games.

But, in this title, you don’t have to get rid of other players, but at the same time, you have to protect yourself from the bitter cold.

This free to play game has a more strategic angle to it. You have to hunt for your enemies, follow their footprints, and use more such strategies to find and ultimately kill the enemies. You have to keep a track of your mini-map as well!

So, if you were looking for a game with a unique angle of survival, then this game is great for you. The best thing is, the Darwin Project is free to play on all platforms, may it be Xbox, PlayStation, and even computers.

11. can be considered as a top-down version of PUBG. You can easily play it on any browser of your choice, which makes the game more fun.

You don’t have to sacrifice storage on your devices, and you won’t have to worry about heavy updates either.

You can play the game on low specification computers as well since it is not so demanding. Of course, you cannot expect sheer graphics quality and amazing physics, but it is a great time killer, and a cute alternative for small sessions of gaming, say your lunch break.

12. Realm Royale

realmroyaleWhat would happen if you mix Witch of Warcraft with Fortnite? Realm Royale has come up as your answer.

It handles the battle royale genre of games in its own unique way, which makes the game very enjoyable. If you remember Paladins: Battle Royale, then this game might be familiar to you, since it is a buffed up version of the latter.

It has better looks, mechanics and even the overall feels than Paladins. This is clearly a great alternative to Fortnite, since it has some great features.

It also offers you a great colour rich map, the comic book vibes and even a great amount of loot resources.

Just like Apex Legends, you can find unique characters, and they have their own unique powers. 

It has a unique feature, which is worth mentioning here. Whenever someone knocks you down in Realm Royale, you don’t fall to the ground begging for revives from your teammates, instead, you are turned into a chicken!

The chicken has a white flag, and it keeps running around until you survive long enough. If you don’t get killed in your chicken form, then you can revert back to your human form. This is a totally new and unique approach to PUBG’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Wrapping it up

With this, we have come to an end to our list of 12 Best Fortnite Alternatives. We hope we were able to deliver some good suggestions to you, which will spice up your gaming sessions in future. Do let us know your favourite picks in this list, and keep coming back for more such content! Thank You.


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