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You may have heard of WeTransfer and know that it is difficult to replace it with other clouds; But please stay with till the end of a journey, and let me examine all the alternatives you may find for it.

The goal of WeTransfer is to provide a user-friendly service to safely share large files of data through the internet. It offers some of its basic services free of charge which can be counted as a great bonus for this file transfer tool.

However, this is not its best feature, it is the opportunity of sending a file of up to 2 GB by free users.

Like any other transfer tool, WeTransfer possesses some drawbacks too. One of the main ones is that once in a while files may be lost or proper downloads would be a problem.

Next off, we are going to take a look at some of the greatest alternatives to WeTransfer, concerning a preferential list that presents some popular features and the latest download links, concluding both commercial (paid) and open-source (free) software.

The Best WeTransfer Alternatives:

1) Icedrive

Icedrive - WeTransfer AlternativesA rising generation cloud service that allows you to access, manipulate, and update your cloud storage conveniently. There are also several other options such as affording a scope to share, showcase, and also collaborating with your files.


  • This cloud storage solution is the only one that affords Twofish Encryption.
  • With zero knowledge of your data, every single thing is encrypted at the client-side.
  • Storing files up to 100 TB is another merit of this particular service.
  • Being easy to install is one of its highlighted features as there is no need to lose time on Sync.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows you to enjoy managing your files with ease.
  • An exchange of media with your friends would be a delicate experience using cloud storage.

2) Pcloud

pCloudAnother serious competitor in this field is Pcloud which is a fast and secure data transfer that has been known as an effective software. If you like to get 10 GB of free cloud storage, sign up on this website.


  • Safely store and enjoy using files via your laptop, mobile phone, or pCloud drive.
  • Easily get on every file with your friends and colleagues.
  • Secure your data, using encryption through pCloud Crypto.

3) One Drive

One Drive - WeTransfer AlternativesIf you have a Microsoft account, you are allowed to access Microsoft OneDrive for free. It provides services for synchronizing and storage of a file transfer tool. To sync files on a Windows PC or Mac operating system, OneDrive can perform efficiently.


  • In OneDrive, scanning data such as business cards, receipts, whiteboard notes, or even store paper documents are supported via your mobile phone.
  • Setting an expiration date is also offered in OneDrive to secure your shared documents, photos, or links.
  • Solves the problem of uploading huge files up to 15 GB.

4) Surge Send

SurgeSendGood news! If you are a fan of WeTransfer, you can count on Surge Send as a replacement for WeTransfer. It supports storing up to 250GB.

The tool offers complete privacy and a higher level of encryption. You can transfer 50 GB per file.


  • It protects your Password carefully.
  • You can pause upload and resume it whenever you like.
  • You have lots of bigger uploads and storage options.
  • It lets you encrypt classified files.
  • You can easily ‘Drag and drop’ the file from your PC to the WeTransfer.
  • You can write a personalized note or message if you like.
  • You may set a termination date for every file.

5) Google Drive

Google Drive - WeTransfer AlternativesThis famous cloud which is offered by Google Inc. helps you to store, share, and see your stuff from any system. You can have 15 GB of free storage for the first time and can buy more if needed. You may use Google Drive for keeping photos, designs, voice records, video clips, slides, links, etc.


  • Free access from any device
  • Free access to sharing link and invitation link
  • Sharing options for download, view, and collaborate files.
  • Defining different accessibility levels for several users
  • Easy to make Docs, Slides, Sheets
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Easy to make forms and create online surveys.
  • Easy integration with other apps and websites such as Mind map and Trello.

6) 4Shared

4sharedIf you are interested in free file share and transfer, with accessibility to a great amount of data cloud storage, 4shared is another pleasant choice you can have.


  • Free sharing and download with up to 100 GB of cloud storage!
  • Free direct download and sharing links
  • High protection system with SSL data encryption
  • and a lot more to discover!

Just take a look at “www.4shared.com” and find more!

7) Dropbox

dropboxYou cannot say that you are a web explorer and have not heard anything about Dropbox yet! Dropbox is a smart client software in which you have access to a large number of facilities including almost unlimited cloud storage.

It is well designed for personal usage and teamwork as well.


  • Safe syncing data on any device.
  • Syncing file size up to 50 GB.
  • Ready to use for macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.
  • Having additional adds-on like Paper.
  • easily synced with your Google account.

Feel free to take a tour on Dropbox.com

8) Send Anywhere

send anywhere - WeTransfer AlternativesAs the name suggests, you can SEND your files ANYWHERE you like just by a click! 

This tool helps you with all your files and lets you share them unlimited without any speed limitation.


  • Great experience of transferring files with 100MB/s speed! 
  • Supporting high security
  • Uploading up to 50GB of storage
  • Making an expiration date for each file

9) Uploaded

uploadedIt is a great software application that lets all of your photos be UPLOADED from your phone to a free host and gives you direct sharing links.


  • Uploading photos from your Gallery.
  • Re-downloading your files from Uploaded.net.
  • Managing your files including file creation and folder administration.

10) Smash

SmashIf you are looking for a good replacement for WeTransfer, you can count on Smash. It is user-friendly and manages your file transfer at any size.  


  • fast and short process in a few clicks.
  • transferring files at any size.
  • Your files being uploaded to the nearest server
  • Sending files from a point to another one.

Wrapping it up 

At last, to be honest, I think there is no exact and complete replacement for WeTransfer, but you can examine all the suggestions given above and make your own decision.

If you ask me, I prefer Tresorit Send as one of the best WeTransfer Alternatives, since it is the only choice that lets you have all the facilities offered by WeTransfer.

If you had any questions or any better suggestions, leave a comment below. I’ll be here for you.


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