Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Videos Together With Friends Online

A lot of people have been in search of Rabbit alternatives as last year we received an announcement of Rabbit getting shutdown. The main reason behind websites like rabb.it getting shutdown was the exit of investors. It is now the intellectual property of Kast.gg and is not working since then.

The rabbit was an amazing video stream sharing and chat service that offered to share videos online with friends and similar to the Facebook watch party that allows you to watch videos with your friends and chat in real-time.

Since Rabbit has stopped working, we decided to curate a list of sites like rabbit with similar features. Below, we will be listing down 21 Rabbit Alternatives, so make sure you check each and every alternative.

21 Best Rabbit Alternatives You Can Use

1. Kosmi

Kosmi is one of the best Rabbit alternatives you can find out there. Just like Rabbit, it lets you create a room where your friends can join and enjoy streaming synced YouTube and local videos. 

Sharing your screen with your friend is also an option. You can also chat with them using the webcam, or text, while playing games like Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, etc.


  • Playing games like Quake 3, Poker, or any card game.
  • Start NES or SNES emulator
  • Play local device videos that are synced with the Kosmi
  • Share tabs

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2. Watch2gether

You don’t need to sign-up or log-in to use this rabbit alternative. It also lets you enjoy and watch your favorite shows with your friends who have joined your room.

But it can support limited video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. Netflix is not supported. While, unlike Rabbit, it lets all of your friends search and play videos as they please.

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3. TogetherJS

TogetherJS is considered as one of the best Rabbit alternatives. It doesn’t just let you stream video platforms in real-time and sync it with your friends, but it also allows you to add a real-time collaboration system on your website too. 

This feature allows users to access your website in real-time, and then, they can stream it with their friends in sync.

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4. Metastream

This is one of the best quality streaming Rabbit alternatives. Metastream is mainly famous for its quality sync playback, as it uses its exclusive technology to provide the best experience without lagging even a bit. 

Along with its features, it has its drawbacks too, while using Metastream, you can’t stream your local videos or audios, and you also can’t use your webcam while streaming to chat with your friends.

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5. Rave

This is a web-based Rabbit alternative, using which, you can share your music and videos with your friends. It lets you stream your videos from Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, Reddit, Vimeo, and Viki. It can be used in Android and iOS, both.

Check here

6. TogetherTube

This Rabbit alternative can stream platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Vimeo. You can create a private as well as a public room for people to join and enjoy streaming platforms in sync with you. 

It also allows users to vote the queued videos, so that the most voted queued video can be played next.


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7. ShareTube

Just like other Rabbit alternatives, it also lets you and your friend share synced videos, and it also lets you chat while streaming your favorite videos. You can also use your webcam to chat in real-time with your friends while using ShareTube.

The limitation of this alternative is that it only lets you share and sync videos from YouTube, and it doesn’t let you stream any other platform.

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8. Netflix Party

This Rabbit alternative is an extension of the Chrome browser, using which you can share your screen with your friend after logging in to Netflix.

You can also chat with your friend while streaming your favorite shows. But as the name suggests, this extension can only be used to stream Netflix, and nothing else.

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9. Parsec

Parsec is one of the most popular Rabbit alternatives, and it is a game streaming app. It can also be used to stream videos with your friends, but it is mainly used to stream games. You can share your game-play with your friends in real-time, and they can comment on your stream to interact with you.

It also lacks webcam and audio support, which can be considered as a drawback of using this app.

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10. myCircle.tv

This Rabbit alternative lets you stream almost any mainstream streaming platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube, and Vimeo. You don’t need to install any app while using myCircle.tv, you can just get access to its website, sign-up and start using it right away. 

It also doesn’t support any webcam or audio sharing, but it is one of the best Rabbit alternatives.

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11. Synatop

Synatop is also one of the most popular web-based Rabbit alternatives. Using Synatop is easy, and you can stream videos and sync it with your friends in real-time. Synatop is free, but you need to sign-up to use its website.

Though there’s a limitation that might bother you a bit, you can’t stream anything else than whatever is available on its website.

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12. Airtime

Airtime is a Rabbit alternative, which is compatible with both Android and iOS. If you don’t have any access to a PC and you want to share your screen with your friends, and family there can’t be any better source than Airtime.

Though, it is limited to some selected platforms only, like, Spotify and YouTube. It also lets you make voice calls, which are a better way of communication than texting while streaming.

13. Together TV

Together TV is also a web-based Rabbit alternative, which can be used to share remote desktop screens using your browser.

This web-based alternative lets you play videos and music and stream and sync with your friends in real-time, which is not easily found in web-based stream sharing platforms.

It also lets you make voice calls, which are one of the best features it has. It is a perfect alternative you can use for Rabbit.

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14. Syncplay

Syncplay is an application-based Rabbit alternative, and it is accessible to Windows, macOS, and Linux for you to use. Many people who use Linux face this problem of not getting compatible apps to stream their favorite videos with their friends and family.

If you are a Linux user, there you go, Syncplay resolves this problem and lets you stream movies and audio with your friends in real-time.

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15. Kast

Kast is also an application based on Rabbit alternatives, and it resembles the original Rabbit app. It can be accessed in Windows and macOS, but recently, they have announced an application compatible with iOS too. 

Using Kast, you can host TV, where almost 100 friends can join, and you all can enjoy your live synced TV at the same time. Using Kast also gives you the freedom to stream games and share it with your friends in real-time.

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16. Explorii App

Explorii app is not much of a Rabbit alternative, but it offers to stream videos in the real-tie too, that’s why we have included this app on our list. This is a mobile app, which is more of a social media app, but it lets you make private rooms and stream videos and chat with your friends in real-time.

It also lets you make voice calls, and you can text along with it too. This app is again one of the best Rabbit alternatives, which comes with a lot more features than any other alternatives in our list.

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17. SyncLounge

SyncLounge is one of the best Rabbit alternatives if you are a Plex user. Using this alternative, you can stream almost everything if you are a Plex user. This Plex Rabbit alternative is famous among Plex users as it provides the best service, among many other applications.

This app is famous for its real-time assistance without any latency, and it also lets you and your friends enjoy your favorite videos while interacting with each other on a webcam.

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18. Twoseven

Twoseven is also one of the most recognized Rabbit alternatives. Just like any other alternative, it also lets you stream and share your videos through their application, but it also offers some features which are not found in many other applications, like audio calls and webcams as well.

Twoseven is also famous for its real-time experience. You can stream through Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many more platforms. The vastness of Twoseven is what makes it so special and different.

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19. Animeparty

As the name suggests, this web-based Rabbit alternatives, which lets you stream Anime on their website. It also lets you and your friends sync their videos and interact with each other in real-time.

Using Animeparty gives you access to only anime content, and you can only watch the Anime available on the website.

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20. Caracal Club

Caracal Club is so far the best Rabbit alternative. This website lets you stream without sharing your screen.

You create a public or private room, and people join these rooms to watch the streaming videos in real-time. It doesn’t have any restrictions, and you can stream any website or application through Caracal Club. 

Though it is not available for free, and you need to take its subscription for $5 per month to start using it right away.

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21. Tutturu

Just like the Caracal Club, Tutturu offers you access to every website you can think to stream in rooms. Anyone with your room’s link can access these rooms and join the real-time streaming while chatting on text or webcams as they please. 

Since it is available for free, you can start using right away, but the free versions have some limitations as well, which are covered by the subscription, which costs $5 per month. This subscription is needed when you need to join any active public room.

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Final Words

So here comes an end to our list of Rabbit alternatives. By now, you have a list of 21 sites like Rabbit. You can try the above-listed websites like rabb.it and stick to the one that suits your requirements.

If you have any suggestions for websites like rabbit that can be a great addition to this list, please comment below.


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