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Torrent Search Engine sites are like a magic wand. If you want to download a high-quality movie online, torrent websites are best to get that. We don’t support piracy as a blog, but it is fair to list down some websites like 1337x that can be used to download movies.

The movie industry is the biggest category in the entertainment business. Millions of dollars are spent and earned making movies.

A movie is the purest form of entertainment where you enjoy a fiction or a real story the is beautifully shot.

You might have heard of famous torrent sites like Pirate Bay and 1337x that gives you free movies to download.

Now sometimes these sites do not work, and they could be multiple reasons like – Copyright issues, piracy law, cyber law or Google penalty. However, these sites have mirror sites to support them.

But even then, sometimes they don’t work. Today, we want to list down 6 best 1337x alternatives when the torrent site is down.

We hope this article does not get a backlash from anyone. Finger crossed.

Disclaimer:- The list of 1337x Proxy and alternatives has been created for the Information and education purpose. We discourage the use to torrent site to download the copyright-protected content.

List of 30 Best 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites

1.1337xto.toOnlineVery Fast
2.x1337x.wsOnlineVery Fast
3.1377x.toOnlineVery Fast
4.x1337x.euOnlineVery Fast
5.x1337x.seOnlineVery Fast
6.1337x.stOnlineVery Fast
7.1337x.telOnlineVery Fast
8.1337x.ioOnlineVery Fast

Best 1337x Alternatives

1 –The Pirate Bay


The first torrent website on our list is the famous Pirate Bay. A popular torrent website like 1337x that gives you the freedom to download your favourite movie online.

Now, Pirate Bay got shut because of supporting piracy. However, there are so many mirror websites to support the content.

If you feel that 1337x is not working for you, you can always go for Pirate Bay to download any movie or tv show.

2 – Kickass Torrents

kickasstorrents - 1337x Alternatives

The next in our list is another popular torrent site like 1337x, and that is Kickass Torrents. Well, they are Kickass for sure.

Similar interface to Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents has everything you will ever need. From, vintage movies to the latest releases, it is a top alternative to 1337x.

3 – Torrent Downloads

torrentdownloads - sites like 1337x

As the name suggests, this is a straightforward torrent website that offers you to download various movies online.

A similar interface like 1337x and related capabilities to deliver high-quality movie downloads.

It has a black and brown colour theme and a lot of mirror sites to back the parent website. You should check this one out.

4 – Zooqle


Zooqle is a modern torrent website made for today. A sophisticated design and simple interface make this a fantastic alternative to 1337x.

You get the trending section on the right-hand side to get the hottest feature.

Also, the trending section has the most seeded content that helps you to click on the correct link as that has been supported by the maximum people who have downloaded it.

5 – Lime Torrents


Next on our list is Lime Torrents. Yet another modern torrent website that has an organised way of exploring content and download option.

The library offers a wide variety of options to consider, ranging from anime to software downloads, which is why it has become one of the best torrent sites and a perfect alternative to 1337x that is available online.

6 – Torrentz2


The last one on our list is not exactly a torrent site but an aggregator to help you find a working torrent website.

Well, we thought that when we talk about the best alternative to 1337x then it should solve the purpose of finding the link you need.

Torrentz2 is a property of the famous Torrentz website that you might have heard of while downloading from UTorrent application on your mobile phone or even desktop. It allows you to search for a working link.

Wrapping up!

The purpose of curating this list was to help you find a website to download content online. It could be just movies or any other content like – Discographies, TV Shows, Documentary etc. We hope all of these websites help you download what you need.

Advice, whenever you are using such websites, it is always recommended to use proxy servers as some of these websites may be malicious or lead to one.

Many of these websites might get blocked by your anti-virus so please do a quality check before downloading anything.

I will keep updating this list from time to time so bookmark this page to keep updated with the new 1337x proxy and mirror sites.

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