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Looking for the better Stripe Alternatives? Well, this guide might help you to find the best Stripe Alternatives and help with payment processing.

About Stripe

Stripe is a payment gateway that makes it easier to accept payments over the internet. It is considered one of the best solutions for online businesses.

Stripe homepahe

Stripe gives you flat-rate fees with no additional fees for setup along with easy cancellation and account maintenance. 

Stripe is competitive with the topmost payment gateways. It is highly customizable and has many integrations that will help you tremendously with your online business payments. It is also a great option if you have a business that often requires international payments.

What’s Great About Stripe?

Stripe works remarkably good for small businesses.

Stripe is an amazing payment processor, in simplest terms, stripe lets you have an electronic transfer of money from a customer’s bank to a merchant’s bank (business owner’s bank) as payment for services and goods bought with a credit card.

Stripe is a third-party payment processor. 

Problems with Stripe

Along with the amazing work that Stripe does, it doesn’t exist without a couple of downsides.

One of the main issues being getting an account frozen or cancelled just with little notice. A problem that is not uncommon between third-party payment gateways and processors.

While the reasons could be multiple to look up for Stripe alternatives, it does not only have to be its downside. 

But if you are looking for a change in online payment processors or if you do not want to use Stripe. 

To begin with, this article will focus on the best Stripe Alternatives that offer serious competition to Stripe.

Ensuring your payments reach the other party or vice versa on time. We have also enlisted pro and cons as not every payment gateway tool to help you decide on the best Stripe alternative.

10 Best Stripe Alternatives To Try Out 

Below we have 10 Best Stripe Alternatives. 

1. Square 

Square payment gateway- best stripe alternatives

Square is one of the most recognizable competitors of Stripe. It is more of an end-to-end payment processor than a Payment gateway.

It is a Stripe alternative that is compatible with most platforms. Rather than being just a payment gateway process, it is more of an eCommerce solution. Square payments are ideal for low-volume merchants.

With Square Payments, it is extremely easy to predict the pricing. If you are a user of Square you will have to pay a consistent flat rate, regardless of what type of card you have or the transaction size or the scale of business or industry a consistent and predictable rate.

Regardless of if you use Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Union pay you do not have to pay any extra fees.


  • extremely user-friendly
  • A perfect Omnichannel payment solution
  • Best for low-volume merchants
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unique eCommerce solutions


  • Terminates accounts with no or little notice
  • Lacks features such as subscription tools

Pricing- Basic transactions- 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. International transactions- 3.9% with conventional fee.

2. Braintree

Braintree payment gateway

Braintree payment solutions is a provider of merchant services. It mainly focuses on the e-commerce sector where it doesn’t offer a lot to retail merchants or business owners but works wonderfully for the rest. 

One of the good things about Braintree is it doesn’t lock you into long-term contracts or hits you with unnecessary hidden payments. Braintree has the simplest most transparent flat-rate pricing plan you’d get from any other payment gateway processors. 

You can easily process payments in person using PayPal. Easily integrates you with current POS providers to process card payments. 


  •  Good developer tools
  •  Extensive integrations available
  •  Predictable flat-rate pricing
  •  Multicurrency


  • Doesn’t server high-risk industries
  • Terminates accounts with no or little notice and held funds

Pricing- 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

3. Adyen

Adyen payment processors

Just like any other payment processor, clients of Adyen can accept POS payments, mobile payments and eCommerce payments. Adyen’s key selling point is its ability to connect any customer with any seller, irrelevant where the seller or the buyer is located globally.  

Adyen payment processing solutions are available to whoever wants to use them.

Adyen works on the idea of having friction-less monetary transactions, meaning Adyen looks to remove more barriers between buyers and sellers by creating a cutting- edge system that allows instant monetary transactions between parties.


  •  No application fee or set up fee
  •  Wealth of marketplace tools for users
  •  Excellent customer service/ technical support
  •  Reasonable rates 
  •  Ideal for global entrepreneurs 


  •  Not considered for high-risk merchants
  •  On the costlier side for low volume monthly businesses

Pricing– Interchange ++ based pricing. Adyen does not have a free version but offers a free trial. 

4. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay- best stripe alternmatives

Amazon Pay is an easy-to-use service. It has gained a good name because of its use and eases to sign up and integrate the payment system to websites.

It is one of the payment processors where the user does not have to leave the website as the payment or the transaction is going through. Another payment processing tool that does this is PayPal. 

 Amazon Pay integrates a large collection of online store builders, including magneto, Shopify and more. 


  •  Ease of use
  •  Good Fraud protection
  •  Integrations with major eCommerce platforms
  •  Fast and convenient for customers


  • No PayPal payment support
  • Users need an amazon account to utilise amazon pay

Pricing- 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for online payments. 3.9% + $0.30 for cross-border transactions. 

5. Dwolla

Dwolla payment gateways

Dwolla does not fulfil credit or debit payments, cryptocurrency, PayPal like transactions or any other similar form of P2P transactions.

It facilitates various types of transfer out of which ACH (Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer is its most intriguing feature. Meaning, Dwolla will allow a user to send, receive or facilitate payments via direct deposit. You can make single or recurring payment transactions just with an individual account. 

Besides this, Dwolla also gives various other speed transfers.

Dwolla has a pay-as-you-go plan with no monthly charges but charges a flat fee of 0.5% on ACH transactions. 

Dwolla is one of the payment gateways services that is growing fast. It has a design that allows bank transfers smoother and more comfortable for involved parties. It manages transactions nicely and with an easy API with numerous features. 

 Why enlist Dwolla as a Stripe alternative? 

The reason Dwolla is one of the best alternatives to Stripe is that it offers various types of transfers including: 

  • Wire Transfers
  • Next Day ACH Transfers
  • User To User Transfer
  • Push funds quickly from business to user’s debit card and
  • Same Day ACH transfers.

Dwolla has flexible customer management. It supports platforms such as Shopify, Biocommerce, Magneto and many more.


  •  Easily handles white-label payments
  •  Plenty of developer tools available
  •  Excellent customer service
  •  Virtual wallet
  •  Offers next-day or same-day payments options
  •  Speedy payments


  •  Expensive compared to its competitors
  •  Limited features with similar solutions
  •  No credit or debit card processing

Pricing- Free to use, custom plan includes paying as you go theme. Charges for ACH transactions.

6. Paypal

Paypal- best stripe alternatives

Paypal is one of the most popular Stripe alternatives that gives you an environment for secure payment processing.

It gives access to monetary transactions with access to purchase and/ or seller protection.

It is a well-known brand and an excellent competitor of Stripe. PayPal gives you a fast and safest way to send and receive money, make online payments with a merchant account. 


  •  Ease to use
  •  Records transactions
  •  Safely encrypted
  •  Mobile friendly


  •  Charges on money received
  •  Freezes accounts without warning, terminates accounts with no notice
  •  Charges transaction fee to move funds to bank accounts

Pricing- 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for online payments. 2.7% for in-person payments. 

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7. Chargebee

charge bee payment processor

Chargebee is a cloud-based solution with access to anywhere, which makes it ideal for entrepreneurs that need an online payment processor 24X7. Its API is extremely user-friendly. 

One of the finest and most admired features of Chargebee is that it has the utmost integrations. It integrates with over 30 payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Amazon payments, Shopify, eBay, ShipStation and a lot more. 

Chargebee assures its users to be able to reach customers all around the globe. Chargebee is extremely secure. All data entered is safely hosted. 

Chargebee is used by businesses that require a monthly charged subscription. It is designed to scale smaller to large business enterprises. 


  •  Supports payment gateways all over the globe
  •  has a wide suite of features
  •  excellent customer support
  •  numerous integrations
  •  monthly subscriptions


  • Expensive monthly/ bi-monthly subscriptions

Pricing- No free trial, on go- $99 per month. On a rising $299 per month. Scale wise $599 per month also have offers for new business vendors and enterprises. 

8. Razorpay

razorpay best alternatives to Stripe

Razorpay is known to be the most integrated and world-class payment gateway. In fact, it is one of the best alternatives of Stripe. 

It has a futuristic handle with the ability to give end-to-end transactions in a matter of minutes.

Razorpay is a payment gateway designed for Indian businesses for both online and offline businesses.

With platform compatibility with many digital payment options, Razorpay is a payment gateway process that is secure and supports payments in up to 100 currencies from countries such as Russia, France, UK, USA etc. 


  •  Brilliant support system
  •  Easy to integrate
  •  Zero setup cost
  •  Secured server
  •  Flat transaction fee
  •  Multi Currency payment processing


  • Expensive subscriptions

Pricing- 2% per transaction on Indian- based cards, UPI or Wallet. 3% global/ international cards.

9. Worldpay

Worldpay payment gateways

Unlike any other Stripe Competitor, Worldpay offers a direct processor, which processes all transactions in-house without needing any third-party processor. Wordplay is known to have the largest number of merchants to it.

The company also offers a full line-up of countertop terminals, meaning solutions that support EWV and NFC- based payment methods.

It allows businesses to accept both credit and debit card payments. Worldpay merchant offers a multi-year contract with a termination fee of $495 which is pricey and frowned upon. 


  • Large international processor
  •  All-time customer support


  • Early termination fee 
  • High complaint in total

Pricing- 2.90% + $0.30 per transaction. 3.30% + $0.30 per keyed- in transaction. With a three-year standard contract you pay $295. 

10. Shopify Payments

Shopify payments- best stripe alternatives

Shopify payments are one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms for SMBs. IT is a top-rated solution that provides everything that a merchant might need. It supports payments for both online and offline businesses. 

Just like many other Stripe alternatives, Shopify has a good number when it comes to integrating with other marketplaces like Amazon and websites. 

One of the good things to like about Shopify is that it has low monthly fees compared to other Stripe competitors. It also gives you access to numerous Shopify partners that provide good support. 

Shopify is easily used in 175 countries and as of today, it has over a million merchants that are using its platform to make hassle-free and quick payments. 


  •  Secure for handling sensitive data
  •  Great design
  •  Beginner-friendly as it is easy to navigate
  •  Good selection of themes
  •  Low monthly fees
  •  Good number of add-ons and integration


  •  Long customer support response time 

Pricing- $29 per month for basic, $79 for Shopify and $299 for Shopify advanced. $26.10 per year for basic, $71.10 for Shopify and $269.10 for Shopify advanced. $23.20 per Bi year for basic, $63.20 for Shopify and $239.20 for Shopify advanced. 


Question: What’s the need for Stripe alternatives?

Answer: There could be multiple reasons for looking up stripe alternatives-

  1.  Not Instant payments (bitcoin payments)
  2.  Installation and other technology requirements
  3.  Need for a Multilingual Interface
  4.  Need for an Advanced fraud detection

Question: What features to look into Stripe Alternative or in any eCommerce payment gateway?


  1. SSL Gateway Certificate
  2. Anti-Fraud system
  3. E-check system
  4. API available
  5. Support- good and responsive customer support
  6. Transparent Pricing
  7. Excellent Tools

Final Thoughts On Best Stripe Alternatives 

We hope we have enlisted all widely used, popular, most recommended and uttermost helpful Stripe alternatives. These Alternatives will help you narrow down the options and finally help to come to a decision on which one is the most helpful to you. 

While there is no shortage of prodigious Strive alternatives as a full eCommerce solution. There is no clear winner and hence, we suggest you go along with the one that pleases you the most or is feature-rich as per your needs. 

If you have missed out on anything related to Stripe Alternative, let it be known to us in the comments.

Also, feel free to comment below and let us know some of your favourite Stripe alternatives and eCommerce payment solutions that are pleasing to you.


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