Casino game design: how platforms can attract more business

Online casino gaming is more popular than ever. With the use of online casino gaming apps on the rise, nothing can stop the world’s obsession with gaming. 

There are so many different online casinos out there that they’re all competing with each other to get players. This is where game design can come into play. Players can be more picky about the games they play as there are so many on offer with online casino real money and players only want the best.

This is why having the most user friendly game is vital. Game design can make all the difference when it comes to user satisfaction. Let’s take a look through some more reasons why gaming design is so important. 

How does an online casino design impact the players?

Online gaming is a very visual experience as you are interacting with what is on the screen. This means that having a good design can massively impact how much fun people are having whilst playing.

The game should be laid out logically so that it’s easy for players to follow. You don’t want people panicking because they can’t find the button they’re looking for. 

Making the game easy to follow is going to ensure players have a good gaming experience. Gaming should be a way to relieve stress rather than creating any more!  

Games also need to be entertaining and keep players interested in playing them. That’s why good graphics and colors are important.

Maintaining a balance between the two is what can make or break a game. You don’t want to go overboard with lots of garish colors that make your eyes hurt. 

The same rule goes for the graphics as well. Too many spinning icons or characters jumping out at you can easily become overwhelming. Sticking to a color scheme ensures that everything is cohesive whilst also being attractive to look at. 

Stages of game designing

  • Brainstorming 

Brainstorming is the place where all good ideas are made. There’s no other method that beats just getting all of your thoughts onto paper and seeing what comes out.

You need to work out the basics such as what kind of game you’re creating, who you want to target and what the theme could be. 

Once you have a good idea of how the inner workings of the game should be laid out, you can start to build on the design element.

  • Find a color scheme

Before you can start building the game, you need to work out a color scheme or theme. You need to build up a color palette so that there aren’t too many different things going on.

Building a color palette gives structure to the design and creates boundaries to work from. This is particularly important if there is a large team working on the design as everyone can create a more cohesive design in this way.

  • Create sketches of any characters or buttons

Sketches are a great way to get an idea of what characters, symbols and buttons need to look like before you create the real deal. 

It’s good to get a feel for the characters before full mock ups are made. It’s a lot easier for edits to be made to sketches than to the final creation.

  • Final creation

Once everything has been approved, the final version of the game can be put together. All of the components to the game are all solidified into one final version. 

Any characters can be brought to life and the intricacies of the design can be put together. And the game is ready to be sent out to your audience! 

Examples of good gaming design

  • Gems Gala 

One of the best games in terms of design is the Gems Gala Spin & Lock game at Bet US. If you’re looking to bring some old school Hollywood glamour to your online gaming experience, you’ve come to the right place.

People sometimes miss the experience of a land based casino when they play online but the Gems Gala game brings you all of the elements of that from your own home. 

  • Wilderness Wolves

If glitz and glamor isn’t your thing, you might prefer something to do with the great outdoors. Wilderness Wolves takes you on an adventure with some of the most feared creatures on the planet.

If you thought that online gaming was intense before, just wait until you play this game for the first time. The graphics are so lifelike and it’s a perfect example of amazing game design.

Everything has been thought through meticulously and players are never going to be disappointed.

A lot more thought goes into game design than we might realise. Which is your favorite game to play and how do you think the design adds to your experience?


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