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Have been looking for places to Buy and Sell Online Business? We have enlisted the eight best eCommerce marketplaces that will help you meet your needs!

Buying and selling online businesses are big businesses these days. Unlike ever before, present e-commerce marketplaces have made buying and selling of websites, apps, blogs and other businesses extremely easy but also somewhat complicated. 

These eCommerce marketplaces give out an opportunity to browse all the websites and survey the market for satisfying and most convenient deals for your needs to buy and sell online business.

This article takes a big dive into eCommerce big players for buying and selling businesses. 

Enlisted below are marketplaces meant for assisting with buying and selling websites and online businesses. 

These marketplaces are ideal for people that are looking for running a business and not building up a business. And on the other side, some people like to build and sell things rather than run a business. 

In this guide, we are covering-

  • Best marketplaces where you can buy and sell the business 
  • Their features
  • Their pros and cons
  • pricing

Best Marketplaces To Sell and Buy Online Businesses In

Here’s our list of best Ecommerce marketplaces that would immensely help you to Buy and Sell Online Business-

1. Flippa

Flippa marketpkaces- buy and sell online business

Flippa allows you to buy and sell an online business, websites, domains, or apps. It is considered to be one of the most reputable marketplaces where you can buy or sell online companies as per your preferences. 

Flippa has been an excellent market place for both buyers and sellers. It provides a well-vetted list of sites for sales. 

Almost every type of site is listed on Filippa and presents an exciting opportunity. 

It also has many features which assist with the buying and selling activities. Below we are mentioning some.  

Flippa Features-

  • Listing- A buyer can browse listed businesses. These listings can be searched through a filter that generates listings according to buyer’s or seller’s preference. 
  • Valuation tool- Flippa’s free valuation tool will help compare alike sites within your interests. It contains data on traffic and revenue figures which allows you to sort and make up lists efficiently. 
  • Partnered Brokers- you can also list your business through a broker. Flippa has lists of trusted brokers that you can contact and entrust to list to sell your website. They help to complete all legal and regulatory guidelines associated with making a sale. 


  •  Well made website with numerous features available to sellers. 
  • Quickly makes a professional, detailed listing that increases the chances of selling the website.
  • Asks for intensive details such as industry, financials, analytics and much more just for the seller’s benefit.
  • It has a massive user base and a treasure of features that assist the seller. 


  • Incredible competition- As Flippa has an incredibly big user base, this automatically gives out an increase in the number of buyers and sellers; this generates competition.
  • Does not vet their sellers as extensively. May lead to dishonesty and fraudulent sellers. 


Flippa has three pricing plans:

  • Established business $200 without success fee.
  • Domain name $25 with 10% success fee. 
  • Website $200 with 10% success fee. 

2. Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange marketplace lets you buy and sell stores. It has more than 10,000 stores that are put up for sale. 

shopify exchange marketplace

Over Shopify, you can search and select the perfect store you’re looking for buying, be it a starter kit or a full-fledged business with an established customer base. 

One of the best things to love about Shopify is the availability of the range. It has business enlisted that starts from as little as $50 to as high as $1 million.

Features of Shopify Exchange- 

  • New listings- under the tab “new listings”, Shopify lets you discover the most recently added stores. Use this feature to browse through the latest online businesses for sale on Shopify.
  • Search function- Meant to look up businesses quickly. You can enter the name of the type of business you are looking for buying. You instantly will be presented with the list of that particular business just with limited search and time. 
  • Sorted parameters- you can use sort parameters that will help narrow down the search based on price, age, business type and more parameters. It is a fantastic feature that gets results quickly and up to your matching.

Pros of Shopify Exchange-

  • Ease of use
  • Works well for sells interested in dropshipping
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Gives shipping discounts to deliver your product
  • It comes with a built-in email marketing tool with a list of up to 2000 subscribers for absolutely free and much more.

Cons of Shopify

  • Basic email marketing functionality.
  • Dropshipping apps could be hard to confide in.
  • The third party could get involved when it comes to GDPR compliance.
  • No official Shopify-Mailchimp availability of integration.


Shopify Exchange has a  free trial

  • Basic Shopify- $29 per month.
  • Shopify- $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify- $299 per month.

 3. Empire Flippers

Empire flipper- best marketplaces to sell and buy online business

Another eCommerce marketplace that works with buying and selling of domains, websites, apps and more. 

It is the number one market place that is curated for buying and selling established businesses.

Both buyers and sellers could profit through Empire Flippers. Get empire Flippers if you are looking for an eCommerce marketplace that conducts intensive searches of their backgrounds before they ensure them for the listings. 

Empire Flippers have an 88% success rate with selling and buying businesses. All websites and businesses listed over Empire Flippers come with google analytics’s approval for at least six months. 

Features of Empire Flippers-

  • Business vetting- just for the seller- Empire flippers teams inspect all aspects of websites and businesses. Everything about the business and websites had to be verified before it went on to the listing page. 
  • Business inspections- for a buyer- when you are looking for a good buy, it gets a little tricky. Still, once you have found a business of interest, you have to deposit 5%  of the listing before you’d receive access to URL, P&L and Google Analytics. 
  • Good offers and negotiations
  • Excellent credibility

Pros of Empire Flippers-

  • Extremely trustworthy 
  • Takes care of all the process of transferring website over to the new owner
  • Very safe and secure- only well-vetted businesses and websites are listed.
  • It reduces the risk of dealing with fraud.

Cons of Empire Flippers- 

  • Buyers need to deposit five percent to get 12-month access
  • It doesn’t deal with low costs/ or businesses or websites that do not come under top-tier. Not for buying and purchasing of cheap or cheerful websites.
  • It can be on the costlier side of the bar. You would get quality, but only with a 


Buyers are charged with a higher fee of 2.5% of $1000. You have to contact the seller for pricing for purchase over $1000.

4. eBay 

ebay marketplaces- sell and buy online business

eBay is one of the widely known marketplaces for buying goods and services over the internet. It doesn’t have to be a business; even an individual can buy or sell websites or businesses off eBay. 

eBay is a vast marketplace where you buy or sell a business; it didn’t need to be small or big. Scalability doesn’t matter here. 

With listings over 10k; if your need is met with listed businesses or websites, there’s no harm in going ahead with the deal. 

Though, it is always suggested to check the authenticity of the seller and the business/ website on sale before you come up to closing the deal. 

Features of eBay-

  • Listings- enumerable number of listings. Listed business varies from small to large businesses. Same for the websites.  
  • Auction- unlike other competitors, eBay gives you an option to bid on the business/ websites that meet your needs. eBay offers a chance to score a deal with negotiable prices, thanks to the bids. 
  • eBay Advanced search lets users search for businesses with the use of various filters such as industry, location, and demographics.

Pros of eBay-

  • Extremely large marketplace.
  • Have an abundance of business and websites. Have over 170 million users around the globe.
  • Auction option that lets you bargain.

Cons of eBay- 

  • With websites and business listed over 100k, vetting doesn’t remain an option.
  • The possibility of Listed business and websites being fraudulent is on the higher side.
  • Reviews over eBay cannot be trusted. Fake seller reviews.


  • Starter– $4.45 per month comes with an annual subscription.
  • Basic– $21.95 per month same
  • Premium– $59.95 per month same
  • Anchor– $299.95 per month same 
  • Enterprise– $2,999.95 per month same

5. SideProjectors-



SideProjectors is of its kind marketplace to sell and buy online businesses. It offers services of selling, buying side projects. It is a marketplace for developers that want to sell their side projects for a fair deal. 

You can score a good deal over Sideprojectors as the lowest that you can pay for a project is as low as $1. 

SideProjectors is called one of the friendliest marketplaces to sell and buy exciting side projects. 

Perfect for developers working on side projects and wants to sell them. Perfect for buyers looking for a deal in cheap projects but still finalizing on the ones that fulfil their needs. 

Features of SideProjectors- 

  • Membership- $3 per month worth of membership required before you start using it
  • Sponsor – As a seller, if you opt for sponsoring the website(only for $10), your listings will get more visibility.
  • Fontman: SideProjectors gives a Shopify app for changing the merchant and fonts that make it more elegant.

Pros of SideProjectors-

  • You can find listings of different types of projects
  • It gives the opportunity to get real-time projects deal with on slack
  • Easily integrated with product hunt 
  • Moderators review projects before coming live
  • Customer-centric 

Cons of SideProjectors-

  • Have to be very careful with fraudulent
  • Time-consuming process
  • Not many options are available for payment gateways


Charges for a monthly subscription of $3 per month. Add $10 if you want to become and sponsor and sell. 


Sedo- marketplaces to sell and buy online business

SEDO is another amongst the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling products. 

Unlike other Marketplaces dealing with websites, businesses, apps etc. SEDO mainly deals with just domain names. 

It might not be the best place to purchase a website or sell a website, but it is perfect for buying or selling domain names. 

SEDO is a highly trusted platform that has been around for 15 long years. It has a massive following of 2 million clients all over the world. 

SEDO quickly sells 3000 websites each day. 

Pros of SEDO-

  • Offers plenty of payment methods from a bank transfer, PayPal and debit card.
  • Allows hosting of domain names 
  • Better than other domain name seller platforms
  • Brokerages services smooth out the process of making deals

Cons of SEDO

  • Only valuable for business or individual that have an innovative idea
  • Commissions rates are higher.


Charges 10% on commission on sales could be a significant barrier for some while considering going for SEDO.

7. FE International

FE International- best places to sell online businesses


Fe International has a reputation for being the most established broker for online businesses. It has around 32 countries listing over 50,000 qualified investors. 

FE international falls under the category of experts that deal with eCommerce marketplaces that provide verified data on business profile, buyers and sellers. It includes looking into their history of business transactions and profit and expenditure. 

They have also introduced brokers that their professional experts verify.

Features of FE international-

  • Global network
  • Verified data
  • Private listing
  • Professional broker 

Pros of FE International

  • Serious vetting before a business/ website goes on the listings
  • Already vetted buyers get to be qualified 
  • Fast turnarounds

Cons of FE Internationals

  • Doesn’t deal with smaller projects. Minimum is 4 or 5 figure range in costs. 
  • As a buyer, you can successfully purchase a business, but you will be charged with the transaction fee. 


Comes with no listing fee. But charges a 2.5% transactional fee. 


So that was our best shot at listing top Ecommerce Marketplaces that will help you on your journey to buy and sell a business online. 

These Recommendations can also be used to buy or sell websites, blogs, domain, apps and software and not just businesses.

We hope the article was some help to you. If you think we have missed out on anything, let us know in the comments! Do not forget to let us know your favourite places to buy and sell online business. 

Happy Buying and selling!

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