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21 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

Do you Want eBook torrent sites? Well, if you need them, you are at the right place. Check out these best eBook torrent sites where you will get your favourite eBooks for free.

For a bibliophile, this article would prove to be a boon indeed. All that a book enthusiast loves are books and especially when they come for free!

Yes, Library would be a great option too, but mostly it is limited to certain books. If more gamut is what you are looking for, then this is the article you first need to look at –

For readers of the globe, there have been developed sites that will help you find the best books free of cost.

You can read such books anywhere you take your smartphone or laptop. There comes no deadline to return these books and the options available are just the umpteenth! So what are you still waiting for?

Let us jump into the article and know the best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

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Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

1. TorrentSites


Torrentsites.com is the best list of all free torrent sites gathered in one place. All of the sites are safe to use and sorted by quality. You can read in-depth reviews of every site listed. Here you can find more than 170 most popular torrent sites worldwide.

Torrentsites.com has a great design and many categories, where everyone can find something for himself. No matter what you are looking for, you can search by different genres, like games, music, movies, TV shows, anime, and many others. There is a piece for even the most demanding users. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Books-Share.com

eBook Torrent sites

The first site on our list of 20 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free books is Book-Share.com.

There indeed is a reason to keep this site in the first position. Trust me; this site is no less a paradise for Bibliophiles out there.

You can search for books by mentioning the name of the author, the book name, or the subject of the book. With a collection of over 4 Lakh books, this site also offers several categories to choose from.

If you are not sure about which book to download, you can simply go to the categories section where they have various genres in books like – Autobiography, Biography, Business & Economics, Cooking, Children’s Books,  Education, Fiction, Foreign Language Study, Horror, Comics, Sci-Fi, House & Home, Health & Fitness, and a lot more.

Here, you will find sub-categories after jimping into any category as well. For example, if you select the category Education, you will see more sub-options like – Administration, Computer & Technology, History, Elementary, General, Study Skills, etc.

3. KickassTorrents

eBook Torrents

A great alternative and a better option for The Pirate Bay is the Kickass Torrents. From the year 2009, this site had taken the position of the very once-upon-a-time famous The Pirate Bay, when the later was in the downs.

Though they change their domain name very often, this helps the site to stay on the radars.

Since you are getting plenty of eBooks on this site, it does not matter even if its owner was arrested a few months ago. The site has kept the show going on.

You will find over more than 2 Lakhs free books on this site. In case the book you are looking for is not mentioned on this site, then nothing to worry about, you can quickly put a request.

4. FreeBookSpot

download free ebooks

Another popular and fantastic website that you can hop in to download free eBooks is the FreeBookSpot book torrenting site.

You can use the Genres section to look for specific subject related books.

You get books here in multiple languages. You will find more than 90 categories here like – Adult Novels, Agriculture, Algorithms, Arabic, Astrology, etc.

Although the interface looks quite messy, if you read it correctly, you can get what you want. You can search for books with the Book title or Author name or sort books by popularity.

5. Torrent Downloads

20 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

Being one of the older book torrenting sites, Torrent Downloads is back in the game after a downtime.

This site does offer not only free eBooks but also other services like – Movies, Music, TV series and shows, Anime, Software, Games, pictures, and the Adult section as well.

The interface is pretty simple, with various categories and their sub-divisions. You can search as well as donate to this site.

In all, you will find nearly 16 Million torrents here that include Movies, games, eBooks, etc.

6. ExtraTorrent

eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

Another one on our list of 20 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books is the ExtraTorrent.

If you are looking for the latest eBooks, then this site has to be your spot.

Indeed ExtraTorrent is one of the most active torrent sites.

You can also read the news and other updates in the latest articles column here. The site has a total of 1,41.071 torrents and 11 subcategories.

After serving millions of users worldwide to download torrents, ExtraTorrent permanently shut down due to some legal issues. Therefore you should check out Extratorrent alternatives and similar websites

7. TorrentOff

Download Free Books

An eBook Torrents site that has recently been growing enormously with a clean collection of eBooks is the TorrentOff. You will find a million od torrent files over this site.

You will find almost every book on this site irrespective of whose it is or the copyrights.

8. Demonoid

Demonoid is not precisely the torrent site, but it does hold some torrents, and when you search for something over this site, you will get to see other torrent websites in the search results.

You can call it the search engine for ebook torrenting sites. The only issue with this site is that it may get banned in some countries; however, if you have this site working in your locality, then it’s a boon!

There is hardly anything that you won’t find on this site. In case you are not able to find an eBook over the other mentioned sites, the probability is that you will find it here! If this site does not work near you, you can go for its alternatives as well.

9. Planet eBook

Download Free eBooks

If you are a classical literature fan, then Planet eBook is for sure your spot. This site has a clean and neat interface that will attract anyone who visits it. You will find the best of literature here with nearly 50,000 books.

The site has a mobile-friendly layout and says – ‘Free literature for your device’ on its home page. If you are into simple yet effective interfaces and literature, then this is what you should give a shot.

You will find here some great literary works like – Oliver Twist, The Great Gatsby, Mark Twain, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Agnes Grey, David Copperfield, Emma, Madame Bovary, and a lot more.


eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

EBOOKEE, another free torrent site for books, is in its state of climbing the mountains. And it is near the apex too.

With a fantastic collection of books from nearly all aspects like – Novels, Biographies, Magazines, Business, Education, Medicine, Non-Fiction, Fiction, etc. it is worth the time.

The classification system here is admirable. You see categories and then sub-categories like – top 10 eBooks, latest added eBooks, recommended eBooks, Recently Viewed, etc.

11. ManyBooks

best eBook Torrent Sites

The next best torrent site for books is the ManyBooks. Another site with a fantastic interface and a vast collection of free eBooks, ManyBooks is undoubtedly one of the best eBooks Torrents site.

The best and peculiar part about this site is that you can also use this site as a platform to promote your book if you are into writing or are a writer.

You can find here 50 thousand free ebooks to download.

Several categories will help you find what you are looking for. Some of them include – Genres, Authors, Recommended, Languages, titles, Popular, etc.

12. Zooqle

Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

If you want to download eBooks torrent for free, then Zooqle is one great option. Not just eBooks, but you can also download Movies, Songs, Videos, Software, Games, etc. from this site.

The simple User interface offers various icons at the upper right corner that denote all the above mentioned. You will find the Popular category here, so you know what’s trending.

You can also see various TV Series and movies like  – Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Lethal Weapon, etc. on this site. So basically, along with books, this site also holds some visual entertainment.

13. The Pirate Bay

download free ebooks from torrent sites

Being one of the oldest torrent search engine sites, The Pirate Bay has kept up its name. Despite so many copyright issues and the closure of other similar sites, The Pirate Bay has managed to be still working like the superior.

There, of course, is a massive collection of eBooks that will keep you entertained. These free eBooks have been classified as per their genres like – Autobiography, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy, Languages, etc.

You can also find Movies, Games, TV Shows, Music, etc. over here. This site is virus-free. So nothing to worry about while downloading from here.

In some countries, this site may have been banned, but for them, you can always use the Proxy sites of The Pirate Bay!

14. Free-Ebooks.net

free torrent sites to download ebooks

Freee-Books.net is a site that comprises an accurate categorization of books into various genres and their subcategories like – Action, Comics, Biography, Business, Economics, Horror, Fiction, Romance, and a lot more.

This site allows users to download eBooks for free in whichever format they prefer. The owners of this site also allow users to earn by giving them 25% of the commission on every sale.

15. MyPDFBooks

free ebooks torrent site

Another great and reliable source to download free eBooks is the MyPDFBooks website. This website runs on the motive of providing its users with high-quality services.

They offer faster speeds of downloading, and the interface here is as simple as one could expect.

16. 01Torrent

free torrent sites to download books

Another free eBooks torrent site is the 01Torrent, where one can also take a dose of Movies, TV Series, Animes, music, and a lot more.

This torrent site contains the most simple interface where you can easily download whatever you want. You are not required to register or login here to use this torrent site.

17. 1337X.to

Though the domain name is a bit out of the box, the 1337X, the website offers just what any other eBook Torrents site does.

The only difference being, this one also holds eBooks, Movies, Games, TV Shows, and a lot more.

The unique thing about this site is that the fans now run it! The creators of this site are now dropping out, and the users of this site are maintaining it. And yes, it does get updated like other torrent sites!

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18. E-booksdirectory.com

As the name suggests, E-booksdirectory.com offers books, but the quantity is not as much impressive as the name. However, while speaking of the quality, E-booksdirectory is no less.

It contains 10,270 books in all, but the quality of these books is excellent. You will find nearly 670 sub-categories that will lead you to the kind of ebooks you want to download.

19. RARBG.to

Another best site to download eBook torrents for free is RARBG.to. This makes one the most reliable source to download free eBooks. There are no issues related to this site since its origin for 11 years now.

At the start, one might feel the User interface to be a bit confusing, but in time it will become familiar. One can not just download eBooks for free but also convert them into the file type they want.

20. Torlock

ebook torrents

The next on our list of eBook Torrents Sites is the Torlock. This site is one of those few sites that have a list of only verified torrents.

With the central search bar, you can effortlessly search for whatever that you are looking for. Apart from many other categories, one of them forms the significant eBook torrents section.

21. Smashwords

ebooks torrent sites

Being the world’s largest distributor of Indie eBooks, Smashwords provides a great location to let users download eBooks.

This site has speed optimization, and it offers free service to any of the authors or publishers of this world.

The authors or publishers can distribute eBooks to the majority of the libraries and retailers. Its interface is also quite attractive with the images of the books.


1- Where can I find pirated ebooks?

There are numerous websites where you can find e-books to read and download. Some of the are,esnips.com, uploading.com, Mediafire, and hotfile.com.

2 – What is the best website for free ebooks?

Some big names like Open Library, Project Gutenberg, Many Books are some of the best websites for ebooks.

3 – Is downloading eBooks illegal?

Piracy is illegal for any content. However, you are indirectly consuming the content and not distributing it. So, it is a thin line between illegal and criminal.

4 – How can I get free ebooks?

You can get a free e-book section on Google bookstore or hunt for a torrent site as mentioned in the article.

5 – Can Kindle detect pirated books?

If a book has a security layer added to piracy with copyright then yes, or else they can’t spot it.

Final Verdict 

I hope you have picked up the right site for you! There are many more such eBook torrent sites available out there, but these were the few that we consider best and working.

In case the site mentioned above is not working in your locality, you can either try another ebook torrents from these 20, or you can search for its proxy site over Google.

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