ExtraTorrent Alternatives

ExtraTorrent is one of the most browsed and well-known torrent sites, of 21st century. Since it has closed down, the binge-watchers have gone insane.

The dedicated fans of ExtraTorrent are facing the crisis of their lifetime trying to hunt down ExtraTorrent alternatives that could help them get on with their favorite movies, series, etc. and catch up with everything that they missed out on.

As a VPN expert, I would advise you to exercise caution when looking for a new torrent source. While illegal torrenting is not condoned by me or my team, it is important to understand how to torrent safely. It is also crucial to ensure that the torrents you download are not in violation of copyright laws.

To further enhance your safety and privacy, I recommend accessing torrent websites only through a reputable VPN service such as NordVPN. By using a VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted, preventing your internet service provider (ISP) from throttling your connection speed and keeping your identity anonymous while torrenting. You can take advantage of NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee to test its performance risk-free. If it does not meet your expectations, you can claim a full refund.

Short on Time? These Are the Top 6 Alternatives to ExtraTorrent


1. The Pirate Bay: Best overall torrent site

2. 1337x.to: Best for software, movies, and TV Shows

3. RARBG: Best site for HD content

4. YTS: Best for movies

5. Limetorrents: Best for the latest torrents

6. Nyaa.si: Best for anime

7. EZTV: Best for TV shows

8. Torlock: Big library with good seeds

9. Torrentz2: Largest torrent search engine

10. TorrentFunk: Large database of torrents

I also recommend using any of the popular torrent search engines if you are looking for a specific file. They quickly search multiple torrent sites at once.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives for Safe Torrenting

Given below are the top 10 alternatives of ExrraTorrent that might help to cope up with the loss-

1. The Pirate Bay

When we are discussing the best alternative for ExtraTorrent, Pirate Bay still prevails as the most popular and the most browsed Torrent site ever after the shutdown of ExtraTorrent. The undisputed winner of the torrenting world, Pirate Bay has always been a very reliable and fast source of downloading Torrents without unnecessary hassles.

Not only that Pirate Bay is free from the unreliable and irritating ad sources that come along with torrent sites usually. This place, till date, stands out to be a mega-hub for all types of movies, software, eBooks, music albums, games and a whole lot more anything that you could think of.

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2. IsoHunt

The Torrent website that deserves the second position in the list is isoHunt. This torrent website holds the record of surviving and coming back life from several past blockages. It has been successful in keeping the identities of the torrents private and in protecting the associated servers throughout all the previous shutdowns.

ISOHunt - Extratorrent Alternative

Needless to mention, this Torrent site is also home to a massive number of torrents of different genres and still one of the most popular sites among dedicated Torrenteers. IsoHunt also provides a platform for forum discussions where the users can seek help and guidance regarding different topics.

3. Torrentz2eu.icu

Torrentz2 is another website that prevails as one of the favorites among Torrenteers. The website came with the very powerful and was a fast search engine where you can find all the Torrent content that you could ever I want.


The site is known to have a vast searching ability through more than 80 Torrent websites to provide you with the best possible Torrent results while keeping your identity private and while maintaining your privacy.

4. LimeTorrents.cc

Limetorrents.cc is one other icon that deserves to be in the list of top 10 Torrent ExtraTorrent alternatives. With their insane range of games, soap operas, series, movies, music, eBooks, etc. lime torrent has managed to retain its position among its dedicated fans.

LimeTorrents - Sites Like ExtraTorrent

Limetorrents has also faced blockages a couple of times in the past, but the managers of the website somehow were able to make the website come alive to serve the demand of its users. Limetorrents also provides news regarding various issues and ongoing events in the torrenting and p2p world and keeps the website visitors updated.

5. RARBG.to

RARBG is one of the oldest players in the world of Torrent. This website is still running pretty active with the excellent and reliable reviews that are present with each of the torrent files. It has a massive following and is one of the OGs.

More than seven hundred thousand indexed torrents are offered through a strong network of Torrent tracking in this website. The website is a common choice in several Nation across the world like the United Kingdom’s, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and many more.

6. 1337x

One more perfect home name in the torrent community is 1337x. This torrent has a very user-friendly design to itself, which makes it easy to operate and move around the contents available on the website. It provides you with a vast number of Torrent choices ranging from popular movies, series, games, e-book, software, and a lot more.

The site also provides one with different recommendations according to popularity and reviews. Previously 1337 x.to has changed its domain once and is currently using .to as the domain for its main website and dot .se for the alternative site in case the leading site is not reachable.

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7. Kickasstorrents

Besides Extra Torrent and Pirate Bay, another home name for the largest Torrent websites used to be Kickass Torrents. This torrent has witnessed the migration of a massive number of its users and managers to other Torrent search portals, which resulted in temporary shutdowns of the website quite a few times in the past.


When brought back to life, the site was still pretty usable but not as efficient as it was before due to which the popularity came to a fall. Despite that, due to its vast outreach and due to the massive amount of content available, Kickass Torrents is still a very reliable and popular choice among its users.

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8. YTS.ag

YTS.am used to be known previously as YIFY. This torrenting website is a small scale Torrent search engine that is known very popularly in the torrent community for providing very high quality, reliable movie torrents. The website in itself is designed very nicely, making it user-friendly to a huge extent.

A unique thing about this website is that no unnecessary ads are popping up. Thus the chances of your computer getting attacked through viruses of unknown sources are impressively low. Not only that, some genuine reviews and comments come associated with all the torrent files helping the users to choose proper movies to binge-watch.


EZTV is a funny looking Torrent website which immediately hits you with the very Windows 98 ish vibe. The design of the website isn’t very trendy to look at, but the website is pretty straight forward and serves the purpose; which is providing its users with a big collection of torrents.


This torrent website has a live functioning forum where all the damaged and broken links can be reported. After the reporting is done, it can be fixed. The website in itself gives warning to its user to browse through a VPN due to probable security and privacy concerns. It also recommends the latest torrents that get added to it.

10. Zooqle

Do not being very popular initially Zooqle has grown to become a favorite among the torrent fan base throughout the past couple of years. This particular site, although, asks for registration; which in some cases is helpful because it, therefore, presents fake Torrents from unknown sources that could cause harm to the PC.


The layout is a pretty standard and simple grid layout. The design is elegant and user-friendly in itself. The torrents are categorized, and the website provides the user with several torrents of different fields like movies, series, comic books, eBooks, etc.

Wrapping Up

Overall the alternatives mentioned above of ExtraTorrent are set to compensate for all the binge-watching that you have been missing out on by providing you with all the torrent contents a Tonrenteer could ever ask for!


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