discord screen share issue

Are you facing the Discord screen share no audio issue as well? Well, here is a quick solution to solve Discord sharescreen no audio.

Discord that was primarily made for in-game calls and texts has now been expanded as a great option for friends and communities to hang out virtually.

It is an application that is running on VoIP and has done a great job in bringing people closer to each other virtually, considering the current scenario.

It has lately included the group video call features into its functionality, and this feature has brought up the facility of screen sharing and it. 

Though it’s a great feature, screen sharing often offers audio-related problems on discord, and a lot of users are concerned about it. 

Are you a long with those users who are facing the same problem?

Do you often encounter no audio issue while sharing your screen on discord?

No doubt, Discord is an excellent platform for gaming and communication. Still, it frequently offers audio issues while sharing your screen and leaves you in the dilemma of possible causes.

Whenever you try to share your screen, you can hear your friends’ voices but not your sound for some reason. 

Have you been in such a difficult situation, where you couldn’t find out the problem or the solution of a similar concern? 

Are you still perplexed about what could have possibly gone wrong? 

Well, don’t worry. You are at the right place now. We went through a similar situation a while ago, and after proper research, we got some of the valuable methods to tackle such problems. 

We will introduce you to all such possible solutions and will provide a detailed and step-by-step description of each. 

So, kindly keep your worries aside and get ready to comprehend the solution. Hopefully, all the methods would be as beneficial for you as they were for us.

Let’s get started.

Best Ways To Fix Discord No Audio Issue

1. Make use of the ‘Add It’ button:-

The most practical solution we encountered was to manually add the application in which there is no sound while sharing the screen into discord.

As per us, discord can easily detect the game or application you are using, and then it can pick up the audio.

Although some applications do not allow this, especially those which have been updated, so, discord provides an option to do it manually.

That option to add manually lies on the Game activity page of your discord.

Let’s see the steps you should follow while executing the required remedy.

Discord share no audio issue

  • First of all, open your discord and make sure that the microphone is on as it’s a prerequisite for audio to be heard.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Click on the option of Game Activity, available on the sidebar.
  • You can now see a blue-colored button named ‘Add It.’ Click on it.
  • Now, a dropdown box might have appeared; click on that and then select the application for which audio is not working.
  • At last, try if it’s working now. If not, check if your Enable in-game option is turned on and if not, turn it on by again going to the settings option.

2. Manually Update Your Discord:-

You can always try to update an app whenever it is not working properly, and the same goes with discord; if it is not working properly, you can just update it.

Maybe the problem is occurring due to an old version of discord, and a new updated version may solve the problem on its own.

Discord mic no audio issue fixes

Let’s see the steps following which you can update Discord on windows and get the desired results.

  • Click on the start button, which is on the bottom left corner of your screen, and type Run in the search bar. 
  • Then, click on the option of Run. 
  • Type %localappdata% into Run and then press OK. 
  • After that, select the discord option from various options available. 
  • Next, for starting the update, click on the Update.exe.

After the update is complete, launch the discord again and check if the problem is resolved or still there. If your problems persist, then let’s try something else. 

3. A Known Discord Issue:-

Discord had identified the same problem of no audio while screen sharing and addressed it accordingly. 

Discord found out that the major cause of that problem was internal alterations in google chrome’s audio infrastructure that led to the problem in Discord audio.

If you have already updated your app according to the second solution given in this article, you can follow the below-given procedure that is proposed by the discord itself.

  • The first step is to refresh your discord app by pressing the CTRL and R buttons together or the command +R button on Mac OS.
  • Relaunch your google chrome. It’s very common to find out the users who have not relaunched their browsers for a long time. Try doing that; it may solve your problem.
  • Again try to do screen sharing and check if your problem got solved or not.

4. Stop ShadowPlay:-

NVIDIA share, which was formerly known as NVIDIA ShadowPlay. Computers with NVIDIA hardware were introduced to record live streaming and gameplay.

To access NVIDIA settings, you can simply search it on the taskbar and open it. 

The concern that NVIDIA Share proposes is that it slightly reduces game performance as well as introduces several video and audio issues while sharing the screen on discord.

GeForce experience- dicord no audio

You should temporarily disable the NVIDIA Share to see if it could be a possible solution to your problem. 

Below are the steps following which you can successfully access the NVIDIA setting and turn it off for the time being. 

  • Go to your search menu on your windows and search for GeForce Experience, and when GeForce Experience appears, click on it. 
  • Then, on the GeForce Experience, click on the settings which are present in the top right corner. 
  • Now you would be able to see the share option on the general tab, switch it off for disabling the NVIDIA Share. 

Like always, launch your discord app once again to see if the problem got resolved or not. 

5. Reinstall the Audio Drivers:-

Basically, Audio drivers allow your operating system to communicate with the audio devices of the same computer.

Sometimes what happens is if your audio driver is not up to date or has some fault, it can lose the communication between the operating system and the audio device. So, a faulty audio driver can be a possible cause for your no audio problem on discord.

Usually, audio drivers get updated along with the windows, but there are fair chances of audio drivers not getting updated with windows. So what you should do is update your windows from time to time to avoid audio problems on discord. 

Let’s see how you can reinstall your audio drive on windows.

  • Click on the start button present on the bottom left corner of windows and type Run into the search bar, or you can also do it by pressing the windows and R buttons together on the keyboard.
  • Then, click on the Run Option. 
  • Type devmgmt.msc and click on the Ok option. 
  • Now the Device Manager would show up, and you’d have to search for the audio input and output options. 
  • After finding the exact option, you can just right-click on it and uninstall it. 
  • Now you can just right-click anywhere on the screen and scan for hardware changes as you have recently uninstalled audio drivers. Since you have uninstalled it, your device will proceed towards installing it again. 
  • After the audio driver gets installed again, you can right-click on the Audio input and output option and update the drive just for reassurance. 
  • If by any chance your computer is unable to find any new driver, then what you could do is google audio drivers for your device and download the drivers from the website of your device’s manufacturer’s official website. 

Check if your problem got resolved by this method or not; if not, kindly go through the below-given methods. 

6. Reset Discord’s Voice Settings:-

There can be any fault in your discord’s voice setting. So, it’s always advisable to check and reset the voice settings on discord. 

reset voice settings- discord no audio

Let’s go through the steps following which you can reach the desired solution. 

  • Open the discord application and click on the settings. 
  • Now, in the settings, there might be various options on the sidebar; choose the option of Voice and video. 
  • Then scroll down and try to search for the Reset voice settings, and after finding it click on it. 
  • You would be asked if you are confirmed about resetting your audio option, and you should click Okay there. 
  • Then, after all that, launch your discord application again and also try to share your screen to check if the problem persists. 

7. Clear Cache and Roaming Data on Discord:-

Discord utilizes Cache and Roaming data to save your priorities to make your experience convenient and smooth.

But sometimes, it gets tainted and extends various issues in the functionality of the discord application.

Like other applications, clearing Cache and roaming data have been proven effective in solving the problem of no audio while sharing screens on discord.

To save you from any perplexion, we would like to inform you that clearing cache or roaming does not eliminate any of your data or affect your discord experience in any way. It’s completely safe to clear cache and roaming data.

Now, let’s see how you can clear your discord’s cache and roaming data:-

  • First of all, close your discord application if it’s already open and ensure that it is not running in the background. You can check it on the taskbar; if there’s a discord icon, right-click on it and then select Quit Discord.
  • The next is to click on the start button and type Run into it.
  • Click on the option of Run.
  • Now what you have to do is type %appdata% into Run and click on Okay.
  • Then a Roaming directory will appear; search for the discord folder, and after finding it right-click on the folder and select the option of delete.
  • At last, restart your device, and after it starts again, relaunch the discord application.

Check again if now you can hear audio while sharing your screen on discord or not. If not, read further.

8. Check Your Microphone:-

It’s very obvious that if the microphone you are employing Or the inbuilt microphone of your device is not working properly, it will not be able to pick up your audio.

So, you must check and ensure that your microphone is functioning properly or not.

The second thing that is important to make sure of is to check whether you have granted permission to use your microphone to discord or not.

So, it’s a prerequisite to enable your microphone access on your device.

Let’s see how you can do it on your windows.

  • Go to the settings of your device and select privacy.
  • Now under app permission, choose Microphone from the sidebar.
  • Then, turn on the switch to allow access to a particular app and, in this case, discord.

Try to share your screen with audio again and check if your problem got resolved or not.

9. Restart your Computer:-

One of the first things that you always use to resolve problems in your device is restarting your device. Well, the same goes with this no audio problem on discord too.

No offense, but it’s pretty common to leave your computer or device open for days, and during those times, it may encounter bugs, and some updates may show up to address those bugs.

The same windows updates can also address your audio problems while sharing the screen.

So, what you should do is shut down your computer and start it again, then relaunch the discord application and check if it’s working or not. 

You might get surprised by realizing that it was so simple to resolve such a huge problem.

If not, then anyway, your device wanted a shut down for a long, long time. Other issues may get resolved without your realisation.

10. Reinstall Discord:-

Another simple method to resolve a problem related to an application is to uninstall it and then install it again. The same goes for discord; reinstalling it may be the solution to your problem.

Don’t worry, and discord will not wipe out any of your data or chats if you uninstall it as it gets stored into the discord servers.

Let’s see how you can Reinstall Discord on Windows:-

  • Go to the windows start button and click it.
  • Type control panel on the search space, and the option appears, select it.
  • Then, in the control panel, you would find an option called programs; click on the option Uninstall a program under it.
  • Now, you will get a list of programs, select discord from it and right-click on it, and then uninstall it.
  • You can now follow the on-screen instructions and let the process installation complete.
  • At last, you can reinstall the discord application from its official website.

Try and check if this method works out for you, and if not, don’t worry. Just read further.

11. Check Discord Logs:-

If you have tried all the above methods, but still your problem persists, then there a good chance of this problem happening just not with you but with all the discord users.

So, that be sure about that it’s not only your problem you can do the following things:

  • You can look in on the record status page to check if the server is under maintenance. For doing the same, you have to go and check on the website status.discord.com.

Discor server maintainance issues


  • The second best way to know about discord status is to go on their Twitter feed @discord and check upon the real-time updates.

Discord twitter


  • Lastly, you can reach out to their customer support system and describe your problem to get a definitive cause. Below is the link is given, following which you can directly land on their customer support page.


If the problem is not only yours, then the most reasonable thing you can do is wait. You should wait for some time. So, that discord can resolve the problem from their end, and then you can enjoy their service.

12. Use Window Mode:-

This is another simple and effective alternative to resolve the problem of no audio while sharing your screen on discord.

You can temporarily fix the problem by averting from sharing your screen on the full-screen mode.

What you could do is you could find the window mode setting in the section of the game setting, obviously if you are playing a game, and that may resolve the problem.

However, if you are operating on chrome or any other application, you can just manually minimize the window.

Sometimes, a problem that may seem huge can be solved by simpler alterations.

If this method solved your problem, then we are more than happy for you, and if not, check out the last method; maybe that’s the one for you.

13. Maybe the problem is in your device:-

After trying all the above methods and after checking that the issue is not from the discord’s end, the possible reason creating the concerned issue is maybe your device.

Some of the system requirements that you may need to have for proper screen sharing without having to face any issue.

If you are using discord on desktop, then you should have-

  • Windows 7 and up
  • MacOS 10.10.0 and up

If you are using discord on a mobile, then you should have-

  • Android 5 and up
  • iOS 10.0 and up.

Some devices, including Amazon kindle, are not supported on discord. Discord only allows devices that come with the by default Google Play Services.

If you are using discord on a search engine, then you should have Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge 17+, or any other advanced and up-to-date browser for proper functioning.

We hope that any of the above-mentioned methods would help you to resolve the issue of no audio while sharing your screen. All the above methods are tried and tested, so we anticipate that it would help you to get your problem resolved.

Just follow each step of the method you are employing and then check if it has resolved the problem or not. If yes, then congratulations, and if not then, you are supposed to proceed towards the following method.

If you have strived all the methods, but the problem still prevails, then I would suggest you contact the customer support system of discord and explain to them your problem. They would most probably offer you a solution and if not then maybe a proper explanation about the cause of the problem.

As discord has introduced new features into its functionality, they are facing a lot of such issues and are trying to get them corrected.

We expect that discord will resolve all their problems in the upcoming time but till then, what you can do is try to resolve your problem with the above-given methods.

We wish you all the best and an excellent discord experience.


Q. Will uninstalling and installing the discord application, again and again, will lead to the loss of your data or chats?

Answer– No, you can never lose your data or your chats because of uninstalling or reinstalling the discord application as all the data gets stored in the discord server.

Q. What if the computer is not able to find any new audio drivers and you have already uninstalled the existing one?

Answer– In that scenario, what you can do is you can just search the audio driver for your device on the official website of your device manufacturing company, and you can install it from there.

Q. What to do if none of the above methods has resolved the problem?

Answer– If that’s the case, then you can reach out to the customer support of discord and explain to them your problem related to discord’s functioning, and then they will surely give you a satisfactory solution or reason.


Here it is!

Hopefully, these fixes have helped you with discord screen share no audio chrome or any browser. You can try these fixes yourself and see if it works for you!

Please let us know which method works the best for you!

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