Driver Updater

Driver updater software are the section of software developed for helping with a computer’s hardware and operating system to commute perfectly and for ensuring the completion of the tasks. 

With passing time these drivers need updating for this purpose we use a Driver Update software. 

These software are then used for improving the functioning of your computer and furnish hassle-free troubleshooting.

Features of an Ideal Best Driver Updater Software-

  1. Scans for junk files registry, system issues
  2. Good configuration of apps/ processes not to interrupt your gaming
  3. Gives protection against malware, ransomware, spyware etc.
  4. Excellent Disk fragmentation, optimization, quicker boot time
  5. Fixes errors (no sound, bad resolution, network failure, etc.)
  6. Good configuration of apps/ processes not to interrupt your gaming
  7. Excellent Disk fragmentation, optimization, quicker boot time
  8. Fixes errors (no sound, bad resolution, network failure, etc.)
  9. Automatic installation
  10. Handles all installing issues

List Of Best Free Driver Update Software To Refresh Your System

Below we’ve given you out topmost recommendations for best free driver update software:

1. Driver Booster

Drive Booster free- free driver updare software

Driver Booster performs regular checks and automatically checks on installed drivers. It has a function of one-click management, that updates and downloads with just one click.

 Driver Booster is one of the most popular best free driver updaters that has a database of 3 million device drivers, drivers from intel, AMD, Nvidia etc. It is one of the driver update software that offers options of creating restore points and fix separate device issues.

Key features- 

  1. Windows software management
  2. Through uninstallation
  3. Unauthorized access detector
  4. System security protection


  1. Fast and easy reboots
  2. Restore and backups
  3. Game- centric


  1. Alarming- dramatic risk pose
  2. Double-check for individual updates

OS- Windows, Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Pricing- free version available, $20.98 billed annually

2. Driver Pack

driverpack driver updater tool

Driver pack will install all the programs automatically for you. One of the very popular driver updaters that simplify the process of reinstalling windows over any window device. It enlists the list of driver updates for you, saves time for not searching them manually. 

Driver Pack is a free driver updater, suitable for Bluetooth device, chipset, network card, smartphone, webcam, input devices etc. 

Key features-

  1. Free
  2. Catches virus threats
  3. Largest driver database


  1. Easy to use
  2. Quick downloads
  3. Bulk downloads
  4. Portable
  5. Automated installs


  1. No scheduled scans
  2. Slows down the performance of pc

OS– Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Pricing– free version available

3. Free Driver Scout

free driver scout- best driver updater software

Free Driver Scout is a free driver updater software used for updating installed drivers. It performs automatic driver scans + user- friendly interface. With one click maintenance to quickly and easily get your driver updated. 

Free Driver Scout performs automatic scanning for drivers, ex. finding new drivers quickly and manually scanning these newfound drivers individually. This free driver updater individually defines memory location for driver backups and updates. 

Key feature- 

  1. One-click maintenance
  2. Driver scans and updates
  3. Download manager
  4. Backup and recovery


  1. Automatic installation of updates
  2. Supports scheduled and manual scans


  1. Failing at detecting outdated drivers

OS– Windows, Vista/7/8/8.1

Pricing– free version available

4. AVG Driver Updater

AVg Driver update software for refreshing

AVG scanner checks 127k+ drivers during a scan. This driver updater software looks up for new updates from over 100+ major brands, including Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Nvidia and more. 

 It improves the performance of your computer and saves if from frequent crashes. ANG driver updater offers free scans. AVG Driver Updater backs up existing drivers.

Key features- 

  1.  Automatically scans for outdated drivers
  2. 127,000 + Hardware Drivers
  3. Create Backup of your drivers
  4. Always up to date
  5. Reduce Hardware Problems


1.improved performance and less crashing
2. fully automatic.
3. offers free scans
4.restore and backups


1. expensive
2. no additional features and options

OS– Windows, Vista/7/8/8.1

Pricing– free scan run available, $40 for purchase

5. Driver Doctor

Once you have download and installed driver doctor software/application it will give you a user-friendly interface. After installation, it becomes ready to scan your computer for all outdated drivers and missing drivers up to date.  

This free driver software contains the latest windows 10 drivers. Get this best free driver updater to maximize the functionality and performance of your computer.

Key features-

  1. Updated drivers
  2. Huge database 
  3. Latest windows 10 drivers
  4. Maximizes performance of pc
  5. One scan to find all to be updated drivers


  1. Nice design
  2. Quick scan
  3. Intuitive interface
  4. Simple updating and downloading process
  5. Individual downloads


  1. No help files
  2. Doesn’t allow fullscreen
  3. Cluttered interface

OS– Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Pricing– Free

6. DriverFinder

Driver finder- free driver updater tools

DriverFinder has a clean and user-friendly interface, you don’t need any special knowledge to use this software. This driver software has settings, where you can choose between downloading and backing up of your files.  

DriverFinder is a very easy to use and is quite a comprehensive driver program, with a simple yet effective interface.

Key features- 

  1. Offers driver database
  2. One-click downloads
  3. Backup and restore
  4. Smooth running
  5. Supports attached devices to pc


  1. Online model
  2. Provides 100%, specific drivers
  3. Enlists outdated drivers


  1. Doesn’t detect viruses
  2. Requires upgrades to full version install drivers

This driver update software also scans all your unplugged devices. It also features proxy settings. 

OS– Windows 7/8/8.1/ 10

Pricing– $29 for license 

7. Snappy driver

Snappy driver- best driver updater tools

This free driver updater is an application for installing and updating drivers running on your windows through using driver packs or included folders with drivers. Snappy driver can be used even you have no access to the internet.  

Snappy driver update software comes with multiple additional features, including the feature of running it even without a constant watch. It automatically restarts your computer after the installation has finished. 

It is highly usable when coming to supporting command lines interface and accepting of custom scripts and integrations.

Key features- 

  1. Backups and restore
  2. Hardware monitoring
  3. Fast and easy reboots
  4. Offline use
  5. Smooth running


  1. offline downloads
  2. bulk downloads
  3. free from advertainments
  4. creation of restore point
  5. full speed downloads


  1. confusing to use
  2. problem with scheduling for updates

OS– Windows 10

Pricing– free 

8. Driver talent

Driver updater software tools- Driver Talent

Driver Talent is extremely quick to install. Driver Talent saves its seat amongst the best free driver updater software by detecting missing drivers along with viruses hence it is the most reliable software. It has very fast download speed. 

It also backs up the program automatically. It will update all drivers with their latest version if there’s a good internet connection.

Key features-

  1. Finds out problematic drivers
  2. Downloads, uploads and installs
  3. Hardware information
  4. Backs up files
  5. Uninstalls drivers cleanly


  1. Extremely easy to use
  2. Fast download
  3. Backs up drivers
  4. Automatic downloads


  1. Gets identified as malware
  2. Unmodifiable scanning time
  3. No bulk downloads

OS– Windows 7/8/8.1/ 10

Pricing– free 

9. Drive Max

Driver Max- Free driver software updater

DriverMax is a free driver updater application that supports automated installations, scheduled scans, and full device and apps backups and restores. DriverMax is one of the `, it easily Updates, backup and restore outdated, missing or faulty drivers for more than 2,300,000 devices. 

With DriverMax, get your Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft and Realtek drivers to have your computer perform at its best.

DriverMax has a free version of driver software but, with pro version you can download and install the latest update in one go, you don’t have to wait for downloading updates per day and month. 

Key features

  1. 2 300 000 databases
  2. One-click update
  3. Automatic driver checks
  4. Live updates
  5. Rollback drivers


  1. Driver tune-up
  2. Driver Ed
  3. Backups and restore


  1. Account required
  2. Speed limits

OS- Windows7/8/8.1/10

Pricing– free version available, $8.66 per year, $30 for a lifetime licence

10. Driver genius 20 platinum

Driver genius drive updater tool

Driver Genius driver updater automatically scans the status of the drivers installed in your computer. It eliminates the existence of all the outdated drivers from your computer that can unnecessarily slow down your PC.

This best driver updater software saves all your drivers on an executable file for so the driver update can run smoothly. 

It has an option called, System Booster, which optimises the entire computer for you with just one click.

It has a database for Downloads and automatically installs for more than 1,5 million drivers. 

Driver Genius will happily remove the unwanted Windows components for a better performing, cleaner and faster system

Driver Genius is a professional driver, it can back-up, restore, update, remove and find new drivers for your computer very easily. This driver updater software will automatically find drivers that even your computer can’t. Driver genius also provides you with a direct download link in seconds. 

Key features-

  1. Driver update
  2. System transfer assistant
  3. 4SSD speeder
  4. System booster
  5. System clean-up


  1. 2Backup and restore
  2. 3Hardware monitoring
  3. Game booster


  1. Scan only
  2. False positives and flagged updates

OS– Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/Server 2016/10

Pricing– Free trial for 30 days, $22.95 for a lifetime licence. 


This was our list of the best free driver update software that you must use to refresh and clean your system. In my opinion, all these driver updaters have its own pros, cons and features.

You should ensure to download these free updaters and check if they are compatible with your operating systems. Do let us know your opinion on the best driver updater free software now.

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