Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Here we are going to list down the best Minecraft Server hosting for everyone who is looking to get one for their need.

Minecraft Server hosting is the service provided by companies to groups or individuals for hosting their games on the world wide web.

It provides a suitable environment for hosting a multiplayer game.

This server is useful to create gaming platforms of high resolution for institutes working on this. These services provide high performance with minimum chance of latency, that also at a very efficient cost.

Minecraft Server hosting need to provide a proper platform for multiple players without any disturbance, and a smooth gaming environment. There should be a consistent set of features which is provided by Minecraft Server hosting.

Why Do You Need Minecraft Server Hosting?

If you are a gamer, you might need to create a remote server for the game. Here are the reasons why you should host a Minecraft game online rather than on your computer.

  • 24/7 Availability:  

When you run a Minecraft server on your own computer, you must maintain it powered on and logged in 24 hours a day. Most individuals turn off their computers from time to time for software updates or when they aren’t using them, which means that any active players on the server will be thrown off.

You can anticipate a 100 percent network uptime guarantee and great server dependability with a Minecraft server hosted in the cloud, so you can rest certain that your Minecraft server will be online and accessible for users 24 hours a day.

  • Better Performance: 

When hosting Minecraft on your own computer, you must consider how other programmes you run on the machine can affect resource utilisation and slow down your game. Nobody enjoys playing on a sluggish game server.

With a cloud-hosted Minecraft server, you can relax knowing that your game server will have dedicated resources to run smoothly.

  • Low Latency: 

If you’re hosting Minecraft on your own computer, you should think about how other programmes you’re running on the machine can affect resource usage and slow down your game.

You may relax knowing that your game server will have dedicated resources to run smoothly if you choose a cloud-hosted Minecraft server.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services 

1. Apex Hosting

Apex Minecraft server hosting

It’s the best hosting server that offers the best service at the best price.

Apex hosting is the customer support provider for Minecraft Server hosting. They are the best service provider since 2013. It also has many free services.

It provides free 24×7 customer service through chat and ticket support. This server also provides some pre-made minigames.

It has some pre-installed amazing features which make the working easy, it has one-click mod-packs features that makes the installing and playing on best Mod-packs convenient. The network of Apex Hosting is fully secured and protects its server from any disturbance and denial attacks of any kind.

This Minecraft Server hosting provides free sub-domain and customized web-based Multicraft 2.0 panel. It also comes with an automatic backup facility.

It has such an amazing powerful panel that you can also control your game server from your mobile or any other device.

2. Bisect Hosting

Bisect minnecraft server hosting providers

It provides some cost-efficient plans with flexible options. Bisect Hosting provides the best services to make your Minecraft server hosting experience simple as well as affordable.

It has been providing services since 2011 as a Minecraft Server hosting and it offers the instant setup for your gaming environment.

It also has a multicraft control panel and the facility of free daily backup. Bisect hosting provides modpack installation and free dedicated IP for your gaming server. It comes with free sub-domain and protects the server from any kind of denial and disturbance attacks.

The control panel is easy to use and comes with some valuable features for the gaming environment. It uses SSD for its gaming server.

3. Shockbyte Hosting

Shockbyte hosting sevices for Minecraft

As a gaming server provider, it caters for some best plans for you. Shockbyte is a provider of Mine craft hosting server and adds TeamSpeak server with it.

They are experienced in providing services and has been doing so since 2013. This hosting online support is available 24×7 and can be availed for free.

It has an automated system that helps you to activate your new server instantly and setup is also done hand in hand with ease on this Minecraft Server hosting.

It provides free subdomains and denial and disturbance protection. It also offers full FTP access. Mod packs and customer JAR support for its customers. It has some amazing capabilities of task scheduling and low latency. It is also compatible with MCPC and MCPE.

4. ScalaCube Hosting

Scalacube minecraft server hosting providers

It provides unlimited player slots which is a top priority feature for gamers these days. ScalaCube is the provider of Minecraft Server hosting.

The support system is quite efficient and provides 24×7 service. Also, the server has minimum latency on the server. The backup facility on this Minecraft Server hosting is automated and has a free domain service for its customers.

It also helps its user to set up unlimited numbers of game servers and slots through one VPN server.

ScalaCube provides protection against small and large attacks which happens through denial and disturbance. It offers the feature of MySQL database, Apache Web server and FTP file access.

It also supports one-click installation of more than a thousand Mod-packs at a time. You can simply create your own Minecraft Server through ScalaCube hosting with the help of user-friendly control panel.

5. Fozzy Game Servers


Setting up your own Minecraft server with Fozzy Game Servers is both effortless and budget-friendly. After you simply select the desired server version and size, they handle the deployment process swiftly, ensuring your server is up and running in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the flexibility to modify your package and server version at any time adds to the convenience.

Fozzy Game Servers boasts an intuitive control panel called Pterodactyl, designed for ease of use. Through this user-friendly interface, you gain seamless access to the server console, configurations editor, files manager, and server versions switcher, among other functionalities.

With the convenience of 1-click Modpacks, you can instantly install the finest plugins, enhancing your Minecraft experience. Fozzy Game Servers provides high-performance CPUs clocked at 5.00 GHz, coupled with lightning-fast NVMe SSDs, ensuring optimal Transaction Processing System (TPS) and lag-free gameplay across your server, guaranteeing uninterrupted enjoyment.

They have 3 base plans that will appeal to most players. The most popular Minecraft server hosting plan features:

  • CPU: 5.00 GHz
  • RAM: 6 GB (DDR4)
  • Storage: 20 GB NVMe SSD
  • Player slots: 40

To deliver the ultimate gaming experience, Fozzy Game Servers relies on top-tier Dell servers and tier-4 data centers. With strategically located data centers worldwide, players on both Java and Bedrock Edition benefit from reduced latency, ensuring a seamless and immersive gameplay experience. The servers themselves harness cutting-edge, powerful hardware, guaranteeing an impressive 99.9% uptime, so you can focus solely on your Minecraft adventures.

Rest easy knowing that Fozzy Game Servers prioritizes the security of your server environment. By providing robust DDoS protection, your server remains shielded from malicious attacks, offering a protected gaming environment. Additionally, automated backups are in place to safeguard your valuable data, ensuring it remains intact and accessible.

Whether you prefer Sponge, Bukkit, Spigot, or Paper, Fozzy Game Servers supports a wide range of versions and plugins, such as WorldEdit and EssentialsX, enabling you to enhance your gameplay experience. 

Explore the endless possibilities within the realm of your Minecraft server with Fozzy Game Servers.

6. Nodecraft hosting

Nodecraft- best minecraft hosting services

It is considered the best option for providing unlimited gamer slots. Nodecraft Hosting also offers Minecraft Server Hosting services with high-performance hardware.

It provides the facilities for Minecraft modded server hosting, installing Modpacks & plugins, changing configurations, etc.

It has a vigilant feature that allows gamers to switch between 28 other game servers at any time simultaneously.

The control panel of this Minecraft Server hosting is user friendly and can be accessed through a mobile phone easily. Its server has a high-speed processor up to 3.8+ GHz, Enterprise Grade SSD, Enterprise Grade Hard Disk, and Linux OS.

7. GGServers hosting

GGServer Minecraft hosting services

GGServers is considered the best option for customized Multicraft control panels. GGServers is the Minecraft Server Hosting service provider that has been offering services since 2013.

It provides services with DDoS protection, Modpack support, and unmetered SSD Storage.

The Minecraft Server hosting for GGServers provider supports Java and bedrock editions.

This hosting gives complete access to an FTP and MySQL database. The storage provided by SSD and NVMe is unmetered for its customers.

8. HostHavoc hosting

Host Havoc- best minecraft hosting services

HostHavoc is preferred as the best option for high-performance game server hosting services.

HostHavoc is the provider of high-performance game server hosting services. It offers a simple yet powerful platform with an instant setup. Its control panel is user friendly in nature. It will let you switch the Minecraft versions, add plugins, and install Modpacks for its gamers.

The possibility of latency decreases and data storage has very high performance because of the dedicated MySQL server. It provides a free web hosting package. You can manage the files too easily with it. You can fully access your server files through FTP.

The solution comes with comprehensive DDoS protection that can protect every single node and against multi-gigabit UDP floods.

9. ServerMiner hosting

ServerMine- minecraft server hosting

ServerMiner is the best in the market and offers a huge number of plugins to its users. You can choose from the list of 20000 plugins available.

Its one-click plugin installer feature will help you personalize your experience of Minecraft server hosting.

It also offers multiple player server hosting services.

You can also track your players if you consider this Minecraft Server hosting for your gaming experience.

The installation process is very simple to perform and the installation of Minecraft mod packs and game versions was one click away.

You can recover your Minecraft Server hosting through this for up to 7 days. It can roll back all the server files, including mods and plugins.

10. Minecraft hosting Pro

Minecraft hosting pro- free minecraft hosting services

It comes installed with the latest processors for its server. Minecraft Hosting Pro has been providing Minecraft server hosting services since 2012.

Its control panel will make it easier to manage the game server. It provides DDoS protection. It uses the latest AMD Ryzen 3900X processors for all the servers.

Minecraft Hosting Pro offers unmetered NVMe storage. It makes use of the latest AMD Ryzens CPU that will provide low latency Minecraft server hosting. Its Live Web Console will give the real-time status of the server.

It is a platform with features of DDoS protection, Automatic backups, files manager, Instant setup, unmetered storage, etc.

11. PebbleHost

Pebble Host- budget minecraft hosting services

It is one of the best budget Minecraft Server hosting for gamers who are tight on budget. PebbleHost offers the budget Minecraft hosting services with Java 8 & 11 support.

You will get 24*7 discord support, enterprise hardware, and unmetered storage. It has plans for the users with a tight budget, large servers, Modpacks, or public servers, and for the users who require unrivalled performance.

PebbleHost offers the platform with a custom game control panel, task scheduling capabilities, free subdomain creator, etc. It provides full FTP access and free MySQL databases. It has a built-in firewall manager.

12. hosting minecraft hosting

It is the best support provider to a wide range of games under Minecraft Server hosting. supports Minecraft Java edition and bedrock edition with a wide range of games and software. offers professional game server hosting services that are easy to set up and use. offers a sleek and easy to navigate and fast file manager. It also has a plugin installer, Modpack support, game firewall, and custom JAR for the ease of its gamers. The amazing features of automatic backups, MySQL server, dedicated IP, and DDoS protection is also provided beforehand.

If you choose a paid version for this Minecraft Server hosting then there is no limit on plugins for any plans available.

13. Minecraft Worlds

Minecraft worlds hosting

Minecraft Worlds is mostly preferred by companies and individuals who are very concerned about the protection of their servers.

Minecraft Worlds is a Minecraft Server Hosting service provider that offers services in North America and Europe. It has experience of providing these services since 2012. Its data centre is secure and protected by advanced DDoS Mitigation.

Minecraft Worlds provides the facility of online editing that will let you edit the configurations directly on your panel.

It uses the AMD Ryzen 3900X 4.6 GHz processor. It provides a dedicated control panel and FTP access.

It has a daily backup system so that you can have a proper track of your work. Minecraft Worlds allows multiple administrators which can help a group of individuals to process the server easily.

14. MCProHosting

MCPro hosting for minecraft

They have plenty of server locations for their customers, this software is mostly preferred by a working group of individuals for their Minecraft Server hosting.

MCProHosting is a Minecraft Server Hosting platform with enterprise hardware and worldwide server locations. It provides support to plugins and mods. It will give you full file access.

The control panel of this hosting is user friendly through mobile. The storage provided is unlimited with a low latency rate. The daily backup feature makes the work easier. The DDoS protection provided by this Minecraft Server hosting is free of cost. MCProHosting makes use of premium hardware with DDR4 ECC RAM and dual E5-2600 series processors.

15. Seeka Host

Seeka Host minecraft server hosting

Seeka Host supports almost all Mod-packs and this ability makes it most preferred among servers hosting group or individual.

SeekaHost provides Minecraft Hosting Services with an easy-to-use control panel, multicraft control panel, and instant server setup. It supports Java and Bedrock editions.

You will get SSD & NVMe storage.

Seeka Host provides almost all Mod-packs and server types. Mod-packs can be installed on this Minecraft Server hosting only through one click. The maximum storage provided is up to 2TB.

It provides DDoS protection. SeekaHost is a platform with features of a high-performing CPU, tech support, and unlimited SSD.

16. Fluctis Hosting

Fluctis hosting

Fluctis Hosting offers a premium network and instant deployment. Fluctis Hosting offers the Minecraft Server Hosting services with the package calculator.

This package calculator will help you with choosing the plan that will be right for you.

This hosting makes use of the latest Intel Xeon processor for its server users. It provides 24×7 support. It provides instant deployment and a network of premium quality. You will get the in-house created control panel, Minecraft panel, and CPanel. As these are in-house created control panels, they are regularly updated and can incorporate your suggested features in them.

Fluctis Hosting is a renowned Minecraft Server hosting that has DDoS protection for its users.


Minecraft Server hosting facilitates its users with required capabilities to individuals and companies and helps them host their games on the World Wide Web.

Minecraft modded server hosting is available with almost all the top providers. The server of the above-mentioned hosting is available at plenty of places all over. MCProHosting has servers at the maximum number of locations as compared to any other providers in our list.

All the above mentioned Minecraft Server hosting is of top calls in its own way, you can choose any according to your priority or security, storage, user-friendly feature, support services, Modpack and any other as per your required server scenario.

We hope this article was helpful for you.

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