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10 Best Cydia Alternatives You Should Try

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While one of the major reasons for looking up the best alternatives for Cydia has been, needing a jailbroken device has not stopped people from keep looking up for more and more alternatives for Cydia. 

And while being on the hunt and searching for the best Cydia alternatives, the only question you should really be asking is ‘whether the alternative will give you the best solutions or not?’

Over time new alternatives of Cydia have appeared in the market like Appvalley, Vshare, mojo and many other applications that no longer require jailbreaking iOS devices.

This non-jailbreaking required, third-party apps installers not only have an adequate number of features but also permits you to download and install any type of application be it paid or free for free. 

Cydia app for iphone

With these alternatives, you can reform your iPhone, iPad and as most of these third-party installer applications are also used to stream and download music, you can easily reform your iPods too!

Top & Best Cydia Alternatives To Try Out

Here we have enlisted the top ten Cydia Alternatives that are not only the best but also are most equipped to get you the best solutions to your requirements-

1. Sileo

Sileo- Best Cydia Alternatives

Sileo is not as much as feature-packed as Cydia is, but one of the main reasons Sileo is one of the highly recommended alternatives is because it supports the latest 64bit iOS versions.

It simply means that a user with a 64bit iOS version can now use Sileo on their iOS i.3 iOS 11, 12 and even 13 iOS iPhone, iPad etc.  

If you are looking up for an excellent alternative and are considering jailbreaking your device that’s a new version of iOS, Selio would work best for you. 

Unlike other Cydia alternatives, it might have not been possible to have known whether there would be a new/updated version of Sileo that would support the upcoming versions of iOS. It is a scrap of good news that developers of Sileo are considering it.

Compatibility- Older as well as newer versions of iOS, including iOS10 and iOS13. 

2. AppValley

AppValley for jailbreaking

Amongst the most recommended alternatives for Cydia, comes Appvalley. It is the perfect alternative that allows you to install modified versions of popular apps. 

Having the need for modernising or adding additional features to an app can be something that people might have wanted, while not many other alternatives could do that, Appvalley will become your way of finding modified versions of apps that you’d want to install.

To give an example, with Appvalley you will be able to easily install modified versions of apps like youtube, Spotify, video games etc.

Appvalley has too many application options that might not even be present on the Apple store. 

Compatibility- iPad, iPhones and iPod touch devices. Compatible with older iOS versions.

3. TweakBox

TweakBox cyndia alternatives'

One of the best alternatives to Cydia, TweakBox doesn’t require your device to be jailbroken.

Jailbreaking your device exposes it to many threats which weren’t there when your device was not jailbroken.

This puts your device in a threatful situation where it can be at risk while you use it to install third-party apps.

With tweakbox this becomes a sort of a secondary problem as tweakbox provides you with a secured and fastest way of downloading your favourite movies, music and emulators without putting you at any risk.

Just like other Cydia alternatives, it allows you to tweak app store applications like youtube, WhatsApp, Spotify, and even hack games.  

Compatibility-Compatible with older iOS versions.

4. Emus4u

Emus4u- best cydia alternatives

While other applications require jailbreaking, Emus4U does not. Availability of alternatives that don’t require jailbreaking have alone put a lot of users coming forward for applications like Emus4U.

Not everyone who wants to have additional apps on their device is always happy with having their devices jailbreak. Emus4U has definitely made this easier for such users.

It comes in a supporting frame that will automatically adjust to your device and operating system.

It is the leading third-party app installer that is extremely easy to install and has an amazing straight – forward interface that is easiest to use for beginner users.

Compatibility- Compatible with older iOS versions.

5. AppEven

AppEven- Cydia alternatices

While some alternatives are pro at providing tweaked apps and free or non-free applications for free, AppEven stands out as a popular alternative and application for users looking for game emulators.

Through AppEven you can install a game console to your iOS device for keeping the gamer alive in you or while developing and working on your gaming skills.

Not to forget the availability of a huge collection of applications not available on iOS devices and Appstore can easily be downloaded with AppEven.

The only downside with this alternative to Cydia is it doesn’t work on older iOS versions. If you own any ios version lower than iOS9, you might want to look for another alternative.

Compatibility-  iPad, iPhones and iPod touch devices. And versions iOS9, iOS10, iOS11, and iOS12.

6. InoJB


Inojb is a Cydia alternative that does not require your device to be jailbroken. To use InoJB you really don’t need to install the application on your device too. It is an online browser-based application that allows users to download tweaked applications directly to their iOs devices. 

With InoJB, you might not discover as many applications as you can with Cydia.

Compatibility-   iPad, iPhones and iPod touch devices. Supports iOS 7 to iOS 10.

7. Panda helper

PandaHelper jailbreaking app

Panda helper is one of the newest Cydia alternatives that has a huge collection of applications, games and themes. It is widely used by the users that are usually fond of new, impressive themes, games for full customization as it has a large collection of these.

Panda helper has full SSL encryption that ensures that your online information and data remains hidden and protected and prevents it from getting at any kind of security threats and risks.

Compatibility-   iPad, iPhones and iPod touch devices. Supports iOS 7 to iOS 10.

8. Zestia Step

Zestia App installer for Cydia

Zestia Step is a Cydia alternative that just like many other alternatives does not require jailbreaking of iOS devices.

Zestia is popular for easy installation and usage. It is also one of the alternative applications you can download on iOS12. Which not a lot of alternative applications offer. 

While other applications need to be commenced with iOS devices, Zestia can be installed without first connecting to Ios devices. You will also not find Zestia on the app store. Also, Zestia has function limitations compared to Cydia.  

Compatibility- iPad, iPhones and iPod touch devices. Supports iOS 7 upto iOS12.

9. Zebra

get Zebra

After selio Zebra is the second most popular application alternative to Cydia that needs jailbreaking.  It is one of the alternative apps that support iOS13.

In the past users that had installed Zebra might have seen some hiccups with it but after going through stages of refinement, its new update Zebra 1.1 is the best version this alternative could offer. 

Zebra 1.1 works even better than Selio and Cydia. Although it needs jailbreaking of a device, only through jailbreaking you actually get hold of making tweaks that you’d think fit for yourself for a cleaner UI. 

Compatibility-  Works with iOS8 to iOS13

10. Asterisk Installer

Asterisk Installer

Asterisk installer has a large collection of modified and tweaked applications with free and paid versions of applications free.

It is one of the great alternative applications of  Cydia that does not require jailbreaking. 

While Asterisk Installer is packed with modified versions of apps that are loaded with useful features, being non needing jailbreaking for its usage does limit its features compared to alternatives that require jailbreaking and allow full access to iOS OS. 

Still, It has a lot more useful features and options where you can personalize the iOS device that you might not find with other Cydia alternative applications and solutions.

Compatibility-  iPad, iPhones and iPod touch devices.

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Q1 – What are the different features you could look into Cydia Alternatives?

  • Need for Modernized user interface and user experience.
  • Cydia alternatives are easily compatible with all Apple devices.
  • No need to jailbreak the device.
  • The alternative is easy to install and use.

Q2 – How can you use Cydia alternatives?

Before you use any of the enlisted alternatives you have to first install it over your iOS device. For doing so, you might have to follow the steps below-

  1. Install your liking of Cydia alternative app.
  2. Open installer.
  3. Choose an app category and open it.
  4. Find the desired app or games you’d like to install using the search option.
  5. Select install onv]ce you have found the application.
  6. The installed application is now ready to use. Tap the icon and open the installed application for use.

Wrapping Up:

While looking up the best Cydia alternatives, you’d find there is a vast number of alternatives available for you to choose from.

As you select the perfect alternative for yourself remember that you don’t always need to jailbreak your device.

As jailbreaking opens your device to further threats and puts itself out to open risks. 

Though it does limit the features and performances compared to a jailbroken device. But it is always wiser to be on the safe side. 

We have enlisted the best Cydia alternatives with a good range of tweaks, applications and games for you to try and check whether these Cydia alternatives are the best solutions or not.



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