NordVPN Review Your Ultimate Security and Privacy Solution

NordVPN is one of the best and safest VPN service providers today. The advanced functionality, the high level of security, and privacy standard combined with budget pricing make this one of the most loved VPNs.

They truly live up to their promise of – The World’s Most Advanced VPN.

The Nord VPN offers an exceptional set of functions like the best security, a strict “no logs” policy, beautifully designed applications and commendable performance. Moreover, this NordVPN also has a unique feature which is called SmartPlay. It unblocks over 150 geo-restricted streaming services. Using NordVPN you can easily access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming services.

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One of the latest features of NordVPN is WifiSec – NordVPN will automatically initiate a VPN connection whenever a Wi-Fi network is joined. It can also be set up to auto-connect to NordVPN on both unsecured and secured Wi-Fi. This will help users to feel more secure whenever they are connecting to an unknown network.

It is a well-rounded service that gives you access to geo-blocked content, streaming services, and much more while safeguarding your privacy and by providing maximum security. 

NordVPN in Brief

OVERALL RANK: #1 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY: Very Easy To use
LOG FILES: Strict No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS: 59 countries, 5200+ servers
SUPPORT: Live Chat (24/7)
TORRENTING: P2P & Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIX: Unblocks Netflix USA
COST: $3.49/mo


NordVPN provides the strongest tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGaurd. It also provides a free SOCKS5 proxy for app-level protection. The Onion over VPN functionality is also included, combining the security of VPN with the Tor Network, as is an auto kill switch and some other features.


One of them is CyberSec – CyberSec blocks dangerous and malicious websites and also avoids annoying ads. Also, the no-logs policy of NordVPN ensures that all your activity is anonymous.

Moreover, NordVPN has a strong position against logging and cooperating with law enforcement agencies.


  1. No-logs policy
  2. Multiple protocols to choose from
  3. Emergency VPN assistance
  4. P2P-Friendly


When you are searching for a VPN, speed is one of the most important factors. Who doesn’t want a streaming service to work well and without any buffering? Everyone looks out for a smooth browsing experience.


It’s a known fact that the internet speed drops when using a VPN, therefore, it is important to find out a VPN that still offers good speed. NordVPN showed great performance in speed tests. Just 25% lost in speed, compared to 60-70% of most other providers.

The internet speed without a VPN shows your general Internet Service Provider download and upload speed. However, it is known that you lose speed when you are using a VPN service. So, just be considerate of the fact that if the speed drops too much.


  1. Unlimited speed
  2. Unlimited server switches
  3. Unlimited data
  4. Good speed performance
  5. Low-speed drop


All major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are well supported with custom-developed apps. And for the rest of the platforms, detailed walkthroughs are prepared to help the users.  While most platforms just need a simple installation of the VPN software or app, some devices need manual configuration.


NordVPN also provides extensive Linux support for RaspberryPi.

Furthermore, you also get encrypted proxy extensions for different browsers like Chrome and Firefox browsers.


  1. Detailed walkthroughs
  2. Up to 6 simultaneous connections


NordVPN provides enough geographical coverage to fit the needs of even the most advanced users by offering 5000 servers in more than 60 countries. All these regions have decent coverage, including regions like Africa or Oceania.


NordVPN also works in countries like China and the Middle East, where internet access is restricted – all because of the Obfuscated Servers feature.


  1. 61 countries available
  2. More than 5000 server locations


Someday you might run into a problem – payment method not working, servers not connecting.  That’s where customer support comes into the picture. There are many different options available so that you can connect with customer service to get professional help.

The 24/7 live chat feature is one of the many options available for NordVPN customer support. The live chat is professional and quick. Other features – emails, knowledge base, and FAQs.

The tutorial section is conveniently divided by platforms, making it easier to find the desired thing. Detailed walkthroughs are provided if you want to use NordVPN applications. There is also an operating system configuration available for both novices and experts.


  1. Numerous guides and tutorials


NordVPN has three different plans which differ in duration – the longer you commit for, the cheaper you’ll get the plan for. If you wish to get an annual subscription for NordVPN, the cost is $6.99 for a month (which is a great deal considering the security features, custom applications, and advanced protocols the service offers). The highest price for a monthly plan is $11.95.

value for money

All things considered, this is a great bargain no matter what plan you go for. Moreover, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with their service.

The best part about NordVPN is that it offers a 3-day trial. So, if you want to try out their service before making the final purchase, then you may opt for a free trial.

For payment, majorly all payment options are available like Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies as well.  NordVPN also accepts AliPay, WebMoney and more.

All in all, NordVPN is a great value for money, especially considering the high-quality services.



  1. Great quality-to-price ratio
  2. 30-day money-back guarantee
  3. Many different payment methods are available


NordVPN claims to be the best VPN for P2P. However, the front page of the website no longer mentions its P2P status at all.

Though the torrents aren’t supported on all servers, NordVPN doesn’t restrict you to a couple of options. NordVPN provides hundreds of P2P- friendly servers in the US, UK, and many other countries.

NordVPN allows torrenting and has even set up specific servers for P2P connection. When you are using a NordVPN client, you can look for servers from the server list. Filter your searchers for P2P. All these servers are optimized for torrenting, which can also help you to maintain better download speeds with any bandwidth limits and logs of your activity.

It is the best solution for safe torrenting. Besides having servers set up specifically for P2P, NordVPN offers features that you need for safe and anonymous torrenting. NordVPN uses servers to create a safe and secure tunnel between your personal computer and the internet. When you connect to the VPN service, the IP address of your system is replaced with that of the server you connect through.

Traffic also gets encrypted. NordVPN uses AES-256-bit encryption for incoming and outgoing requests. This lets you freely enjoy torrenting without having to worry about your ISP monitoring your activity.

With NordVPN, you get a few more options than IP masking and encryption, to keep you safe. You can configure your NordVPN client to load on startup, which will ensure that you start with a safe VPN connection.

You are also provided with a kill switch that can be used to close applications or terminate the Internet connection in case you lose your VPN connection. If you wish for more security, NordVPN also offers reasonably-priced double VPN services. This double VPN dramatically increases your privacy by making your connection pass through two servers, instead of just one.  Both the servers of double VPN encrypt your data and mask your IP address, making it impossible for anyone to track your identity.

Everything together makes NordVPN an excellent choice for streaming and browsing.


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