Best QA Automation Testing Tools For Software Testing

When it comes to automation testing, it is critical to ensure quality assurance (QA). It is also critical as it improves the depth and speed of software.

Automation testing tools eliminate the need for any human involvement, helping you save significant time. It is also less prone to failure and in most cases is the best option when it comes to dealing with multilingual software.

Using the right QA automation tools can help match and often times improve the performance of iteration cycles.

To help you select the best QA tool for your software development processes, we’ve handpicked the 15 best QA automation testing tools for software testing in .

But before we dive into the list of QA tester tools, let’s see what Automation Testing or Automated Testing is all about.

What is Automation Testing or Automated Testing?

Automation testing or automated testing is utilized in order to help the developer team get an idea of the actual results and compare it with the theoretical and ultimately the intended result.

The use of such tools helps test scripts to rectify any errors which may have inadvertently crept in.

QA automation testing is aimed to automate repetitive and often complex tasks, which may not be possible to perform manually.

When it comes to cost, the expenses of automation are generally high and involves the cost of the tool, and a capable person deals with the entire automation work cycle.

However, the rectification of the algorithm structure it can be run numerous times with the same speed and precision. The right mix of QA tools can help you save hours of manual testing, utlimately reducing the cost of the automation over time.

The automation testing tools, as a result, become more cost-effective with the passage of time and testing.

Now that we know what QA automation is, let’s learn about the 15 best QA automation testing tools for software testing in .

List of Best QA Automation Testing Tools 

1. AccelQ


When it comes to continuous testing, AccelQ is the top choice. It makes next-gen test management easier. You can seamlessly integrate UI and functional testing with API test automation and end-to-end UI validation. 

It also boasts of coddles automation along with using functional virtualization helping you automate without writing even a single coding line. 

It can accelerate the testing process by automating online, desktop, server, and other programs with minimal time and effort. You can use it in conjunction with current DevOps and Quality toolchains to give a systematic structure of the whole Quality Engineering process.

It is the only platform with a state-of-the-art automation capabilities and a consolidated approach to enabling Agile Quality Management.

2. Katalon Studio

KatalonKatalon Studio is deemed to be an all-in-one test automation solution. It has also been awarded the 2020 Customers’ Choice in Software Test Automation.

Katalon Studio is known to be a robust test platform with the ability to generate automated tests easily for all the platforms and OSs, irrespective of the application complexity. It is a powerful recording utility with an interactive UI to making it a coddles experience when it comes to beginners. 

It has record and playback capabilities, as well as drag-and-drop features. Testers can import external testing libraries and delegate execution to the tool.

3. Testim

TestimTestim is an AI-based QA automation testing platform to address two of the most crucial issues when it comes to testing – sluggish writing and inconsistent tests due to updates & modifications.

Expand test coverage using fast authoring. Reduce maintenance with AI-based stabilisers and eliminate any flaky tests which can consume resources. 

Easily diagnose failed tests by troubleshooting to pinpoint the root causes and scale quickly with efficiently expanding testing operations. 

Testim is synonymous with fast and flexible authoring coupled with modern UI test automation for the agile teams. 

4. Cloud QA


When you think of automating your web testing without writing a single line of code, you can think of CloudQA. 

Using this tool you can create fast and easy test automation for your team to continuously develop and deploy without worrying of any roadblocks. 

Other relevant features include regression testing with TruRT for high-quality product testing. It is a coddles platform that is easy and intuitive to use. The tool also offers plenty of integrations, advanced notifications and comprehensive reporting.


TOSCATosca MBTA (Model-Based Test Automation) from Tricentis is one of the most popular automation testing tools.

Tosca offers a coddles approach that can be used by literally anyone. It offers high reusability and scalability to test the assets across your entire gamut of products. 

Instead of coding, you can rapidly scan across applications’ UI in order to create business readable automation tool. 

Tosca models are similar to Lego blocks which can be combined and then be reused across tests. 

In case there is a change in your application, you can simply update your module and such changes are automatically synchronized across test cases. 

6. Perfecto

PerfectoIt’s touted to be the world leader in cloud-based automation solution for mobile and online application testing that supports a wide range of devices, platforms, and operating systems.

Perfecto can solve the toughest of challenges when it comes to testing, 

It offers test creation for all with automation being coddles and script less. Access all platforms which matter to your business and get unmatched test coverage in case of both web and mobile apps. 

Boost your success with a technically diverse tool for script less automation. The tool offers unmatched flexibility across all major framworks which include Selenium, XCUITest and Appium.

7. Curiosity Software


Curiosity leverages AI to identify precisely what is required to be tested and auto-generate scripts over 100 open source tools. 

Test across both SAP and Non-Sap systems which ranges from data compliance to continuous innovation. No coding skills are required as AI optimises construction and test maintenance. 

Use RPA flows to construct a set of rich tests. Using test data automation, you can get an amazing coverage when it comes to RPA governance. 

Test your application with a No-code interface and start a low-code model to generate a complete test sites.

8. Leapwork

LeapworkLeapwork is yet another cloud-based, test automation solution that works with a wide variety of uses. Its core value is automation, which the developers accomplished with standard frameworks and pre-defined foundation pieces to assist teams to conserve time and enhance productivity.

It comes with drag-and-drop construction pieces in a visual workflow designer along with the reusability of automation processes across many test cases. Cross-platform benchmarking and simultaneous executions are supported as well. The testing teams can capture test steps and have them run automatically too. It supports numerous data sources and can manage enormous amounts of data with much ease.

9. LambdaTest

lambdaWith a virtual Selenium Grid that is always ready to boost up your unit testing efforts, LambdaTest completely removes all the problem areas of establishing and monitoring an in-house Selenium architecture.

The Selenium Grid offered by LamdaTest is loaded with the most recent and older browsers and operating systems, so you don’t have to waste too much time catching up with what’s new.

On their own, the Selenium reporting tools aren’t as spectacular. LambdaTesttakes care of it. It provides extensive automated tests reports to aid in the rapid debugging of Selenium processes.

10. Kobiton

KobitonUsers may create, test, develop, and distribute mobile applications, webpages, and IoT devices on actual devices, on-premises, or on the web, using Kobiton’s comprehensive mobile app test system.

Kobiton is what makes mobile apps work better. You can use real devices along with next-gen automation to test your app within minutes. 

The foundation of your app is testing which makes testing in real time easier. Make use of Kobiton’s script less technology to automate all test cases and get in-depth of test coverage. 

Validate your UI and UX across devices and factors without writing a single line of code. Use the tool to enable continuous testing, automatic self healing and integration with CI/CD platforms

11. Appsurify

AppsurifyAppsurify’s impact-based testing solution, TestBrain, assists QA and production teams in receiving an immediate response from sluggish test automation.

Test smarter and not harder with Appsurify.

Use TestBrain to make use of software development teams to priority automation testing with over 10x faster results when it comes catching bugs and fast tracking deployments. 

Increase output from your existing team mates by getting feedback to developers and benefit from testing immediately. Eliminate any flaky tests to stabilise test runs. 

Work with risk based testing to run the tests where developers have not made a change and not the entire test suite. 

12. Mabl


Create end to end test which improve application quality without slowing down on the testing. Get speed, coverage and reliability along with preventing any roadblocks. 

Easily create, run and manage automated browser with API and mobile web tests. Gain in-depth results with comprehensive test results to streamline any issue resolution. 

Automate end-to-end API test along with browser tests as no prior programming experience is required. 

Mabl is a smart QA tester tool designed for rapid release intervals.

13. AppliTools

AppliToolsAppliTools is built to conduct technical and graphical assessments at bulk across any app, browser, operating system, or screen size. Users may take full-page snapshots to record visual differences, evaluate graphic discrepancies between platforms, and conduct performance and graphical inspections.

Increase coverage and reduce maintenance with Visual AI powered functional test automation. The next generation of cross browser testing is available to acetate functional and visual testing. 

Use the Applitools platform to integrate all modern test frameworks with source control, build servers and avail of collaboration tools. 

Applitools help you rapidly run, write, analyse and report tests to improve productivity at every phase of testing.

14. QA Wolf

Manage end-to-end testing with QA Wolf by establishing a test plan, creating tests and maintain tests. Manage your tests with zero effort to get QA benefits without sacrificing on developer time. 

With each test run get the ability to re-run tests along with a single click. Own your test code which is written by Microsoft’s open source playwright framework. 

QA Wolf manages your automated testing to use your application like a customer would do.

Group members may view one another’s checks, exchange direct links, and develop evaluations collaboratively through a unified business interface on these QA tester tools.

15. Zebrunner

zebrunnerZebrunner is a simple-to-use QA automation tool for automating and analyzing test automation. It offers detailed test outcomes and aids in the real-time investigation of errors.

The tool is built for QA engineers, Managers and developers alike to help control the release cycle & product quality. Use it for transparent test automation analysis. 

Increase visibility of your test automation with failure reason analysis to fix the most frequent failures. Evaluate project health and track the number of automated cases. 

Avail of 24/7 access with QA process status to plan for release of timeliness and check out the test coverage.

Bottom Line

Choosing the proper tool for the job is critical to any software testing team’s achievement. Automation Testing tool choices may be difficult with so many open-source and corporate automation solutions to pick from.

So, these were the best automation testing tools available in the market right now for professional as well as individual usage in a single list for your ease. Check on your preferences and needs, and pick the one best suited for you!

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