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Software testing is a way of scrutinizing if a software product matches expected requirements and ensuring if the software product is a fault, fail and bugs-free.  

Testing software limits breaches, theft of data. It is highly encouraged to develop software/ apps that are secure, safe and high performing.

There is an abundance of test management tools offered by technology. Keep your reading mode on to decide on which ones ideal for you!

In order to implement software or a software product in working, it is vital to ensure if the software product is free from bugs and errors and the process of ensuring if the software has accomplished all the technical requirements given by the development and design.

What’s checked under software quality?

  • Product Quality- A product has the utmost value to a user. Checking product quality is essential. A product must be compatible to function well with multiple deployment platforms, a variety of devices and networks
  • Product functionality- The generated product should be complete- functional. User experience is vital to a company. The generation of a software product that functions well over a web app, mobile app, desktop app or over anywhere else, its functionalities should be tested.
  • Security testing– While generating software, security testing should always remain a priority.

What are Software Testing Tools?

Software testing tools are testing platforms that focus extensively on testing software productivity, functionality and security.

These software tools validate all aspects of any web, mobile, and native apps and test a product to ensure it fits for purpose.

Testing software also makes sure that a product is working in accordance with its specification and has no undesirable side effects when used in ways outside of its designed paraments.

These testing tools have also been designed to handle the worst care scenarios that make them fail.

Usually, with a software testing tool, a software product’s functionality, compatibility, security, safety, worst-case scenarios, acceptance, non-functional testing, performance are performed.

These tests are done to generate a software product on-point with specification and generate report analysis. Once the software is successfully tested and is up to performance along with excellent report analysis, it goes on to release.

Latest Software Testing Tools QAs Are Using

In this article, we are enlisting the 15 best software testing tools that you can utilize to test and successfully release your software products.

1. Apache Jmeter 

ApacheJMeter- best software testing tools

Apache Jmeter software testing tool is designed to test functional behaviour and measure the performance of the software. 

You can test your software performance on both static and dynamic resources. You can use it to test dynamic web applications. 

With Apache JMeter, you can easily simulate a heavy load on a server or groups of servers to test the software’s performance for its strength and quickly analyze overall performance under different load types.


  • JMeter can test load and perform with numerous applications/ servers such as HTTP, HTTPS (Java NodesIS, PHP, ASP.NET…), SOAP/ REST Web Series, FTTP etc.
  • It is a full-featured IDE that gives you fast test plan recording, building and debugging. 
  • It generates a complete and ready to present dynamic HTML report.
  •  It has complete portability and 100% JAVA purity. 
  •  Has offline analysis and replays test results. 

2. NeoLoad


NeoLoad is a fully-featured automation testing software that is designed to work for organizations that are agencies and start-ups. Also meant for small-sized enterprises. 

It gives results and services and end-to-end solutions that are designed for windows. 

NeoLab, a software testing tool, is a centralized performance testing platform designed for continuous testing. 

NeoLoad offers authentication testing, automatic configuration and API testing under its wing. 

Meant to work on web App, windows and android. Doesn’t support iOS or Mac. 


  • Launches performance tests
  • Selects load generation infrastructure
  • Analyses tests result in real-time or for the tests that have been terminated
  • Have customized dashboards and custom graphs to give report analysis for testing
  • Generates shared performance test results with developers, QA and Ops

3. Loadster

best software tester- loadster

Loadster is a load testing software testing tool designed for websites, web applications and APIs. Loadster stimulates large volumes of users that then hits your sites/ apps, with traffic patterns that are very realistic in nature.

This ensures the software’s scalability and prepares the product to work efficiently under high traffic increase. 

Loadster is a cloud-hybrid solution that supports on-demand cloud testing from over 15 global cloud regions. Over LoadSter, you can also self-host your engines for testing on private networks. It is a perfect tool to load test your apps. 


  • Reduces risk of high traffic events
  • Performance tuning: is one of the best ways to deliver value. 
  • Tests for performance and scalability
  • Spike Testing; generate tests for a significant spike in traffic
  • Stress tests: tests software for breaking point by using heavy traffic simulations. 

4. Load Impact (K6) best software testing tools

Load Impacts creates tests that help DevOps teams identify any ongoing issues present in the software product. Load Impact helps determine these issues in a very early stage of software development. 

Detection of issues and fixing them in the early stages of software development and testing prevents detection of faults and bugs later in the process of testing. 

K6 is a developer-centric performance testing tool. It is ideal for developers, testers and engineering managers. 


  •  Availability of Test Script Reviews
  • Generate performance tests
  • Generated detailed reports and analytics
  • Test your software product for cloud load testing
  • Runs tests for debugging
  • Tests software product for load testing by generating high traffic volumes

5. Xray

Xray software tester tools

Xray is a Jira add-on. It has excellent features such as BDD testing and integration with automation and DevOps tools using REST APIs.

Yet, with too many great features for software testing, it is limited to Jira’s boundaries. 

Working inside Jira, Xray carries the ability to manage requirements or user stories and flexibility and focuses on testing as a quality enabler. In other words, software/ software modules are put through extensive testing. 

Xray is the best test management tool under various tools that you can choose to test your software or software modules. 


  • Xray supports hierarchical requirements.
  • Adds attachments to each step, making it an ideal software testing tool for module testing
  • Performs clone testing between projects
  • Generates audit history reports of runs and results
  • Easy assignment of cycles and tests to testers
  • Easy conduction of batch operations (cloning, editing, deletion) and more

6. TestRail

testrail- software testing software tool

TestRail is a software testing tool used for tracking and recording purposes. TestRail is one of the most valuable tools available in the market. 

It enables a user to use web-based applications to perform tasks and view results in little time. Testers use the feature of the web- availability to perform testing efficiently. 

TestRail’s integration with Jira is one of the essential benefits which leads users and testers towards TestRail.

As Jira attracts individual testers and corporates, Test Rail also helps testers check for quality and performances without compromises with less effective software testing tools. 


  • Sets testing objectives such as web testing, desktop testing and test cases statistics.
  • Excellent error handling process
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Gives regular updates and improvisations to help testers develop to complete task earliest and much more

7. TestProject


TestProject is a full-fledged 100% FREE test automation platform that simplifies automation testing on Web, iOS Native, Android Native, Mobile web & API platforms and lets you collaborate with team members seamlessly. It supports installation on all operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS, as well as Docker) and the best part of using TestProject is its out-of-the-box reporting dashboards and community library of over 1,500 free add-ons that enhance your testing experience even further.

With TestProject you can easily overcome test automation flakiness using their advanced built-in AI tools that empower Selenium and Appium and stabilize your codeless test cases to ship quality products at speed. You can also use their open-source SDK compatible with native Selenium APIs (supporting Java, Python, C# and JavaScript).

No matter if you are just getting started or already an expert automation engineer – with TestProject you have all the tools you need for success in your software testing journey.


  • No complex set up or framework maintenance, and no coding skills required.
  • Users can create, execute, debug and deploy tests anywhere, both on the cloud or locally for completely offline executions. 
  • Real-time test reports & dashboards, with sharing capabilities.
  • Simple integrations into your CI/CD pipelines (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, Git, Sauce Labs, etc.).
  • All of these features and the amazing testing environment of TestProject is free to use.

8. Wapt

Wapt- best software testing tools

Wapt testing tool comes with ease of use, is efficient and highly flexible. It has an extended set of features that will let you compete with even the most intricate communication schemes within user sessions.

Wapt carries the ability to run tests by generating multiple load units. 

Wapt’s test execution is not limited to a single tester/ user, and it is fully managed from the workplace component, which runs in a virtual system or a cloud. 


  • Cloud-ready solution: agents can be managed remotely. Works for agents based in a different network from the workplace.
  • Server and database monitoring- set up direct tracking of performance parameters. It has a predefined set of database counters provided for IIS, MS MySQL and oracle servers. 
  • JavaScript-enabled data processing: Wapt Pro lets you enter scripts between any two steps of the user session. The code then gets access to server response data and modify internal variables that a test needs. 
  • Extended test results- gives the easy implementation of a custom process to analyze the rest results. Also, it calculates performance parameters that are essential for a software product.

9. PractiTest


PractiTest software testing tool is an all-in-one test management solution. PractiTest will help you and your team to test and manage, control, track, document, and optimize your QA efforts in real-time. 

PraciTest is useful to you if you require a centralized hub for your entire application life cycle management. 

As a centralized hub, it benefits by providing clear visibility of all your testing efforts in one place and increases efficiency using reusable tests.

PractiTesy will be a good fit for your requirements if you need a good variety of testing approaches and have the requirement of having a software testing tool that enables confident and fast software delivery. 

Ideal for small, medium and large-sized businesses. 


  • Tracks bugs
  • Manages and tracks test cases execution and issues
  • Sets and runs
  • Integrations between requirements
  • Has the ability to customize the tool and advance API 
  • Great support team

10. Testim 

Testim- best software tester

Testim is the testing tool for today! It is an end-to-end agile testing automation testing solution that uses machine learning for test authoring, test execution, troubleshooting, reporting and test maintenance. 

With Testim, users can easily create tests in minutes, run thousands of tests in parallel across different browsers, and integrate with their existing CI/CD and collaboration, tools, and more. 

As a user, you can run tests that have different data sets and conditions. This capability of Testim allows users to run tests on different browsers, Oss and starting URLs. 


  •  Enables running of thousand tests in parallel
  • Fast and reliable. Produces results in minutes. 
  • Generates reports for failed tests. 
  • Tracks bugs with a single click
  • Captures videos and screenshots of captures bugs 
  • Increases extensibility and stability of tests suits

11. LambdaTest

LambdaTest- best software testing tookls

Lambda Test software testing solution is a cloud-based and cross-browser testing platform. It was solely designed to fulfil web-based testing requirements to cloud infrastructure.

What it means is, Lambda Tests ensures that your web app elements such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS remain seamless across every desktop and any web browsers.

This is performed and made sure with the process of manual, visual and automated testing—all performed by Lambda Test. 

Lambda Test, just like any other software testing tools that focus on running parallel for great app/ software efficiency, performs it too. It generates tests that run parallelly to increase software product delivery and efficiency. 


  • Allows integrations with JIRA, Asana, Trello, Github etc. 
  • Has cross-platform compatibility testing ability
  • Performs live interactive browser compatibility testing 
  • Allows you to test on the latest desktop and mobile browsers with android and iOS mobile OSs.
  • Performs live testing to check browser compatibility 
  •  Automated testing sets starts and stops

12. Espresso 

Espresso testing framework is a mobile automation testing tool. Espresso under Google provides a straightforward, consistent and flexible API to automate and test the user interfaces while working with android applications.  

Espressos tests are usually written in both java and kotlin. 

Its API is simple and easy to learn. As a tester, you can efficiently perform Android UI tests without dealing with multi-threaded testing complexities. 

Features – 

  • Has a simple API that makes it easy to run. 
  • It is highly scalable and flexible. 
  • Lets you test the android WebView components
  • Has UI automation tests that are suitable for writing black-box tests
  • Lets you have an automatic synchronization between your application and tests. 

13. TestComplete

TestComplete- best software testers

Testcomplete software testing tools is an automated test management solution that helps with an increase in efficiency and reduction of cost in the testing process. 

It Is an extremely easy to use interface which helps the QA team and a user to implement an automation solution in a short time. 

It allows working/ testing with multiple scripting languages, such as HTTP, javascript etc., to enhance the testing and functioning of the software product/ app that’s being tested. 

TestComplete usually performs data-driven testing.


  • It is a tool for QA working with multiple scripting languages
  • Records robust automated tests without scripting knowledge and familiarity
  • Offers data-driven testing
  • A user can easily create customized plugins and extensions for the complete testing of test cases.

14. Testpad


TestPad is an easy to use software testing tool that cuts off the hassle of testing using the old school methods. This powerful tester tool uses the simplicity of checklists along with the unduly power of the spreadsheets.

Testpad eliminates the testing user cases one at a time and manages the checklists using methods such as the manual side of Agile, syntax-highlighted BDD, and traditional test case management.


  • One of the easiest to use tools that works for the non-testers.
  • Add or invite the guest testers through email for testing.
  • Drag and Drop organization and upload of images and screenshots.
  • It offers integrations with apps like JIRA, Pivot and GitHub.

15. SpiraTest

SpiraTest- best software testing tools

Spiratest by Inflectra is an all-in-one state of the art solution for managing the requirements, test bugs, create plans and tasks in one single environment.

This platform creates the test based on different parameters and designed with the best industry practices and adapts well to the latest algorithms.


  • It gives a complete list of releases and traces along with the TestRuns.
  • SpiraTest gives a complete review of Tests and tracks all the test management cases; be it manual or automated.
  • Robust Dashboard that displays the complete top-view of your projects and analytics.
  • Integrates with 60+ apps seamlessly.

16. Selenium

Selenium-software testing tools

Selenium is an open-source software tester that gives automated testing for web applications, platforms and browsers.

It is one of the best tools for Quality Assurance that offers support for parallel execution and reduces the time for the test taken.


  • Test cases can be prepared on any OS using this tool.
  • It supports various programming languages such as Java, Python, Perl, PHP and C:.
  • It requires fewer inputs and resources in comparison to other manual testing tools.
  • Selenium is a complete suite of tools that consist of Selenium Grid, Web Drivers, Selenium IDE and others.

Also Read:

How to Select a Perfect Software Testing Tool?

  • Analysis- Decide which tool understands the requirement better
  • Design- The design could be automatically generated, code to be automatically generated, and even automate test data.
  • Data and selection- choose a testing tool that understands data selection and accepts selection criteria. It should also be able to trace to determine test cases that are needed for execution.
  • Execution- is the tool running properly, automatically
  • Evaluation- generation of audit trails, report analysis. Should record accurate results. 


As a tester ( team member or even if you are testing as an individual), software testing is a critical job. 

It needs to have multiple tools and modules, script languages that need to be tested under the best software testing tool before being released. It is vital to understand the software product before any software testing tools could be applied to any app/ software. 

We hope this article has helped you learn about the tools mentioned above. Do let us know your favourite tools in the comments. 


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