Save Your CCTV from Being Hacked
CCTV surveillance has played a huge role in solving a number of robbery and theft cases. It has now become a part of the security system for homes as well as organizations. The cameras used for CCTV surveillance are available in different types.


It is important to choose the right type of cameras that is right for the application for which it is being used. You can attribute it to the advancements in technology that have made it a possibility to not only place the cameras at the vantage points and also surveil it at the touch of a button from wherever you are.

While this is a great advantage, you have also got to be aware that there is a probability for the CCTV surveillance system and especially the wireless IP cameras could be hacked just like the PC and the mobile devices.

How to ensure that the CCTV system is not susceptible to hacking

It is important to ensure that the CCTV system is not subject to cyber attacks from malicious hackers. it includes

Password change

Any system such as desktop, laptop, or even mobile phone, the legitimate users would have to access it using the password. The CCTV system can also be accessed by legitimate users only by using a password. Having a weak password or a password that is maintained the same for a long time. In order to prevent hacking, you have got to ensure the following things

  • Set a password that is strong, unique, and random
  • Change the password periodically
  • Do not share the password with servants, workers or other people who constantly visit the home or office for various reasons such as repairs.
  • Avoid using the same passwords across different accounts.


when you are setting up a CCTV surveillance system, you must be aware that the manufacturer or the installer might have set a username and password. It is important for you to set the new user name and password. This might sometime be overlooked due to lack of awareness or since it did not cross your mind at that point in time. the User name and password that is set as the default would be found across the manuals. When you do not change it, you are actually laying an open invitation for hackers.

Be careful about the public network

Technology has made it possible for you to access the surveillance system from anywhere and anytime. This means the feeds from the central system can be accessed from different devices. This might sometimes pose a situation where you might be tempted to use the free wifi networks that are available in order to save some mobile data. However, this might pose a threat of hacking. It is better to avoid accessing or opening the feed using public wifi.

Choosing the cameras

There are many advanced features in the wireless cameras that are to be fitted for surveillance. Choosing the camera with advanced features like encryption. Hackers would not be able to gain access to encrypted cameras.

Reporting unusual activity

Though the CCTV Surveillance is set up to prevent theft, robbery, and crime, it goes without saying that it has to be monitored regularly or periodically. It is also important to notify the service provider when you notice some unusual activity.

Ensure you secure the wifi with WPA2

Securing the home or organization’s wifi network with WPA2 passwords as well as ensuring that you give access to wifi only for limited members can well be considered as an effective way to keep the hackers at bay.

Do not buy second-hand cameras

Buying second-hand cameras or used cameras can make the cameras and the system susceptible to attack by hackers. this is because it is far easier to hack the used cameras than the new cameras.

Do not buy from unknown vendors

It is important that you do not go in for the services of a lesser-known company or an unknown vendor about whom you do not have any details or favourable references and reviews considering the fact that their quotes are cheaper. Buying from an unknown vendor means you are keeping yourself open to being cheated. You must be prepared to settle in for poor quality cameras. You cannot avoid hacking for sure.

Setting up a CCTV camera protector device

You can also consider setting a camera protector device to ensure that the cameras are protected by all means. You can ask the CCTV system provider to learn about the protector devices that can prevent the hacking attack.

Wrapping Up

These tips would help you save the CCTV surveillance cameras from a hacking attack. At the same time, you can ensure that you are paying for quality equipment and services. It is always better to buy from a known vendor considering the trust and continued service you have got to avail from them.


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