Sling TV, your partner in crime for live streaming on a budget! We love watching anything and everything, especially when it’s topped up with a bargain.


Let go of your dull and heavy on the pocket cable TV for the all the time favourite Sling TV. Get a subscription of ESPN, CNN and more at an economical price of $25 per month.

We love our Netflix and Prime Video for sure, though nothing beats watching live TV, especially when it’s a nail-biting sports match. Being a sports junkie is not so pricey anymore. Sling TV is fulfilling all your cable needs at a low price.

Sling TV

What is the Sling TV?

To make it relatively easier to understand, Sling TV is nothing other than OTT(Over The Top) service. It’s just like Netflix and Amazon; however, it specialises in Live Television. Live TV has a separate fan base and target audience altogether.

Sling TV caters to those who obsess over sports along with other live shows and are conscious about the money they spend on their cable. It is an online streaming service owned by Dish TV, though it has nothing to do with a Dish a connection. It can be connected very quickly to your TV, phones and tablets.

How is it Better?

The plans start at a low price of $25, and they provide around 30 live channels. Right off the bat, it’s a bargain. You require any device of your choice and an internet connection to access Sling TV. There are no obligations. You can cancel or resume the service anywhere in the United States.

It just doesn’t let you watch live shows, and it also allows you to watch certain shows on demand. You can sign into a few apps with your Sling TV service. It is one of the best services that cost less than your cable.

The Two Packages of Sling TV

Sling TV lets you access the streaming service of live television with two packages. They have the blue pack and the orange pack. The economic and go-to Orange package is priced at a low price of $25. It only allows you to access the service on one device. At present, Sling Orange offers 28 channels, while Blue provides 40.


Three devices can stream via Sling Blue. If you buy the combination pack, you get Sling Orange/Blue for $40 with a straight saving of $20.

Available Channels

There are a variety of channels available at the base package. The add on channels can be availed at a low starting price of $5. The chains of the service have been expanding over time and are expected to continue even more. The Sling Orange package is directed to have primary channels like CNN, ESPN, TNT and many many more.

Sling Blue drops the essentials of the sports like ESPN and focuses on a completely different target audience. They bring in channels like FX, Discovery and more. Additional sports channels can be added to the pan as well and an upgrade to the package.

Video on Demand

Sling TV is most famous for the fact that it’s economical and also for their video-on-demand feature. They offer a variety of movies on demand at launch and the catch again is the low price. Their electric company includes a great selection of Disney hits and other high budgeted films. The collection consists of a massive array of genres like Action and Adventure, Classics, Romance and plenty others.

Their search feature makes lives much more comfortable. Rental costs vary from $3 to $4 depending upon the quality of the video on demand.

User Experience

Another essential aspect that must be kept into consideration while reviewing service is the user experience. The interface is quite apt for any device you’re using. It can be used on various devices which is a plus point. A good internet connection is required to ensure smooth loading and no buffering.

If there is any buffering or error in loading, the blame is most likely to be on internet connectivity. The pause feature can be utilised in some channels but not all especially live shows, so that must be kept in mind.

All in All

All in All, we give Sling TV a big thumbs up. It hits the target audience in the right corners and most importantly works amazingly for the niche. Though there might be competition, even selling at a lower price, however, they don’t offer sports which is their ultimate audience.

With people ditching the cable for Netflix and Amazon, live show lovers can add Sling TV to their list now. The packages vary from $25 to $40 and offer a variety of channels to their fantastic audience. Sling TV is made for the fun and ease of the users.


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