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Looking for the best Sublime Text Alternatives? We have curated the list of such best alternatives that can help you find the most relevant text editor.

With so many text editors out there, it becomes a little overwhelming and daunting while choosing the one that works for you perfectly.

While most people choose to go further with the recommended ones some developers set out looking for the perfect Programming Text Editor that fulfils all the needs and checks all the boxes.

Sublime Text Editor is the third most popular development environment. It is an editor of choice for many coders out there. It has amazing numbers of packages and themes! And it comes with incredible package support. Sublime is loved for its speed, simplicity, and rich plugin ecosystem.

It is flexible and a fast editor. There is no doubt Sublime outperforms most of the text Editors.

Some Best Features of Sublime Text Editor-

– It is a cross-platform text editor

– Use of split windows

– Free of Cost

– Light-weighted and consumes low resources

– Best for developer Tools application

– Customization of menus, macros and snippets is extremely easy

– Over a hundred community made packages

Despite being this good of a Coding environment, if Sublime is not working for you. In this article, we are enlisting the most prominent 12 best Sublime Text Editor Alternatives for you to consider.

Best Sublime Text Alternatives

1. Atom

Atom text editor

Atom is an open-source Text Editor made by GitHub. It is also free of cost. It is a cross-platform that works on OS X, Windows and Linux.  Atom has thousands of plugins created which makes Atom one of the most desirable Test Editors at present.

What’s great about Atom?

Fuzzy Finder– It has a Fuzzy Finder that helps you index your current projects making it extremely easy to search any file you want.

Tree View– Perform operations and actions such as cutting and pasting folders. Copying a project path to a file. Opening and viewing files in our current project at the quickest.

Package installer– Installs new packages and themes easily. Easy search for packages or terms.

Minimap– Scrollable view to complete source code.  It makes you look at your project’s file and folder structure in a tree view

Autocomplete- Modules – Automatic Code indentation

– Has plugins that are similar to Sublime Text 

2. Notepad +++

Notepad- best text editors

Notepad ++ is a free Text Editor and a perfect Sublime Alternative for Microsoft Windows for editing source code.  “++” in the Notepad is a reference to the increment operator in programming languages, that are, C, C++, Java and JavaScript.

What’s Great About Notepad ++? 

– Advanced Find and Replace by using regular expressions

Multi OS Editing Text– Creation and editing of text files from different OS

Split-screen which lets you edit and view multiple files or multiple parts of the same file  at the same time

Macros– records and runs Macros to automate repetitive steps or codes

– Find and replace functions

– Save as text with. JAVA file extension

– Higher execution speed and smaller program size

3. Visual Studio Code Editor

Visual Studio Code- best sublime text alternatives

Visual studio code is a code editor and a debugger that corrects your code using Intelli- sense method. It is developed by Microsoft and hosted on GitHub. 

Visual studio has become the most used Text editors in recent years. It facilitates coders to write code in the easiest manner.  It comes with an inbuilt command-line interface that has some very useful and handy tools for you to help you code.

What’s Great about Visual Studio Code Editor?

Continuous integration in minutes– Building apps more frequent and faster

Built-in multi-language support- Supports multiple programming languages-

Intelli- sense- detects snippet of code that’s left incomplete etc

Cross-platform support- Works on multiple platforms; Windows, Linux and Mac systems

Extensions and Support- supports all programming languages

Web Support- has built-in support for Web applications

Git Support- resources can be fetched out of GitHub Repo online or vice-versa

– Free to use

4. VIM

VIM sublime text alternatives

VIM Text Editor is best for Coders who wish to master skills beyond the basic features of text editors. “VIM” is an enhanced version of VI. It is a very powerful text editor that offers extensive text editing options.

 “VI” commands the instructions interfacing with UNIX commands and ctags.  It is not a GUI text editor, such as sublime, Visual code studio and Notepad++.

There is a separate installer caller gVim which gives you GUI. VIM is favoured for its greater functionality and easy cheatsheets.

What’s great about VIM?

Command-line editor- this takes it to give you higher functionality

– Availability of cheatsheets

– Has easy search text, extract text, and highlight syntax from multiple programming languages

Advanced features being- a creation of interactable commands, tagging, ctags, utility etc

Command centric- performs complex text-related tasks with just a few commands.

5. Brackets

Brackets was written using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is open-source unlike Atom (another sublime Text Alternative) which is a closed – source text editor. It can easily be installed on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux (both 233 or 64 bit). 

While working on Brackets it gives you a live preview, which shows the current page that doesn’t require a manual refresh to look up for changes.

What’s great about Brackets?

Extending Brackets- it has a significant number of extensions available.

-It has extensions for code folding, snippets and even smart highlighting for all great reasons to get it.

Markdown preview- another extension that splits screen horizontally into two panels- one for editing and the other for the live preview

Auto Prefixer- this module parser CSS declarations and automatically adds vendor prefixes to the needed rules etc.

 6. Light Tables

Light table editor- alternative of sublime

Light table is another loved Sublime Text alternative. It is quick and really easy to use. It is known to handle files that are larger in size. Even so, it handles larger files even faster than sublime. For a file of 25MB, light tables can operate on it and open it fairly quickly than Sublime. 

And unlike brackets, it has lower hardware requirements.

Light table follow-ups with workspaces, browser preview panes, live editing, auto-complete, code evaluation and many more effortlessly.

What’s great about Light Tables?

– Developed to help build web technologies

– Live preview- you can launch a page and watch changes in real-time

-CSS Quick Edit

– Has Code completion, a colour picker, image previewer and an animation timing bezier curve editor.

-Has great extensions such as Theseus JavaScript debugger and CSS shape editor.

7. UltraEdit

UtltraText editor- sublime text alternatives

UltraEdit is said to be a very powerful and versatile text editor.  It is designed for a vast selection of users that includes, web developers, publishers, editors, researchers, system admins, and even database managers.  No wonder it is called the most versatile text editor.

It is an editor that works for Windows, Linus and OS X operating systems. UltraEdit is another text editor that works with most programming languages.

Just like Light table and other similar text Editors, it is built to handle big files, even the ones that have a size of 4GB.

What’s so great about UltraEdit?

– Extremely versatile

– Handles huge files

– Works as a web design software and hex editor

– Multi-caret editing and multi-select and more

– Syntax highlighting

– Tree file organization

– Web development

8. Kakoune

Kakoune text editor review

Kakoune has a coding environment that is very predictable, has an amazing interface. While the inspiration for developing this text editor came from Vim, it also looks and works an awful lot like VIM.

Still, Karoune has its own style of both singing and functioning that makes its own editor into existence rather than being called another VIM.

 Kakoune is free and an open-source interactable, fast and very customizable code editor. This makes it even more desired as a Sublime Text alternative.  Its client/server architecture allows clients to connect and edit in the present session.

What’s great about Kakoune?

–  Syntax highlighting

– Auto-completion of code while typing

– It supports different programming languages

– Supports advanced text manipulative primitives

9. Codelobster

Code lobster

Codelosbter is used by web designers and developers for building up sites and developing codes. Codelobster is known to be very resourceful and for being a portable editor.

Codelobster just like Sublime Text Editor gives you a variety of features and various plug-ins for smooth coding.  One of the major benefits of using codelobster is, Codelosbter gives add-ins making it easier to work with infamous CMS and frameworks.

Codelobster will give you fully implemented support for JavaScript Libraries, Node.js, AngularJS and many more.

What’s great about CodeLobster?

Highlight code- It highlights types of code with different colours

Autocomplete- It completes codes for you

Code Inspector- Modification of codes between language made easy

– Supports 17 user interface languages

10. Lime Text

Lime text- best Sublime text alterntives

Lime Text is known to be an Experimental Sublime Text Editor clone. It is as powerful and elegant as a Sublime Text Editor.  It is a hundred per cent open-source written in Go programming language solely developed for front end writing in whatever the user wants.

What’s so great about Lime Text? 

– Its compatibility with Textmate colour schemes

– Again, its compatibility with Sublime Text’s python plugin API

– Its compatibility with Sublime Text’s Key bindings and settings

– Multiple cursors

– Modular design


Q. – How to know “What is the best Text Editor for Developers?”  or “What are The Best Sublime Text Alternatives?

Ans: This could be decided extremely easily! We only have to make a comparison between the most recommended and popular ones that checks out all the boxes for being the perfect Best Sublime Text Alternative.

Things to look into a perfect Sublime Text Editor Alternative to make a perfect choice for getting the one that fulfils all your needs-

–  Read the pros and cons carefully

–  Give the reviews by the users your fullest attention

–  Find out which Sublime Alternative works best for you with respect to your needs

– Look for any software updates and other technical needs before you install the Editor.


While there are more Amazing text editors present in the market, it can soon become excruciating to decide and finalize on a perfect one for yourself, while you have not even thought about using a Sublime text editor alternative in the near vicinity. 

Above we have tried our best to list out the most recommended and preferred Sublime alternatives and we hope we have succeeded in having you come to a conclusion.

There is a lot of Text editors and Coding Environments present out there, that in now way have we enlisted you all and every best. In this case, feel free to pick from our other recommended Sublime Text alternatives: –  Eclipse, Textmate 2,0, Gedit, Geany, PhpStorm, GnuEmacs. The list is pretty much endless. 

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