Best Race for Necromancer Class in ESO

Necromancers class are masters of elemental damage which retain the ability to manipulate the dead to empower you with bone and flesh shields as they defend themselves and others with powerful magic.

Below we have enlisted some of the best races for necromancer ESO along with their own unique racial passives, racial skills and their own benefits to help you find the best race for Necromancer ESO.

With necromancer, you can easily damage your enemies, heal your allies and get mastery over the undead. They can call upon the dead to serve as undead and weave ghastly dead to serve as undead and perform ghastly spells to perform harm, heal and defend.

About ESO: 

Eso or Elder Scrolls Online is multi-player online gaming that is focused on fantasy and magic. This game is a mixture of quests, random events, and free-roaming exploration of the world.

ESO game has different races which are categorised and have different functions. For example, these are Humans, Elvish races and Bestial races.

They have different classes such as Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, Warden, and Necromancer. Each of these classes gives different attacks, spells and passive actions.

However, the necromancer’s class are considered the best class in ESO. Hence, in this article, we are going to share the best races for the necromancers in ESO.

EOS- Does race matter?

Anytime a player selects a race, they are not doing so to obtain a benefit for a particular role.

There is some merit to obtain suboptimal races which for no doubt will grant the favour of benefits the race has to offer, whereas selecting a race which is best and admirable in almost every aspect, regardless of player’s skill level, they should achieve challenges and perform as good as possible on your necromancer.

How to select the best necromancer race for yourself?

Necromancer can be played as a damage dealer, a healer or a tank. Necromancers perform well in both group or solo players.

It absolutely depends on how you want to play and set up your build.

While a Necromancer build is responsible for optimizing your set-up to perform well with your necromancer, a race is selected to elevate their healing capabilities, tank power and Magicka abilities and other advancements such as unblocking bonuses.

For you, below we are enlisting eight best necromancer races, which you can select for amazing gameplay!

The Complete List of Best Race for Necromancer ESO-

1. Khajiit

(Best Race for Magicka Necromancers)

Khajiit necromancer class in ESO

Standing out every stop and chart, Khajiit is known to be one of the top ten playable races in EOS. Khajiit has impressive passives increasing their resources and resource regeneration making them the ideal choice for the best necromancer race. They are one of the best races.

Khajiits are ideal for building Magicka Necromancer. If you enjoy Magicka necromancer, Khajiit will preferably win by default.

Khajiits are naturally versatile which gives them bonuses to pickpocketing, resource recovery, base health, Magicka and stamina along with critical damage healing and spiking up the damage of the Players AOE skills.

The best quality about Khajiits is Magicka DPS, they are absolutely better than any other race. You can generate and use stronger spells when you need them to. Khajiits are good at gathering higher critical damage, which is a significant bonus.

They have better sustainability than any other race. With Stamina DPS, Khajiits seem to have taken good advantages to Stamina, seemingly, same as Magicka.

As Healers, Khajiit’s have increased critical healing. You need to use Mother’s sorrow/ medusa for unlocking the Khajiit damage bonus in times of need. It will boost up your critical chance. Even if you don’t want to or if you are not using medusa, you can still use Shadow Mundus.

Overall, they are the best choice for having higher max health, Magicka and stamina.

2. Dark Elf

(Best Race for Stamina DPS Necromancers)

dark elf necromancer race class in ESO

Dark Elf is one of the highly playable races in Elder Scrolls Online. Dark Elf is ideal for making a Stamina necromancer. Make Dark Elf race your preference in your EOS if you enjoy or require better fighting skills.

Dark Elves have great intelligence and reflect outstanding agility, benefiting them in dual-wielding, flame and lava resistance. They are brilliant at protecting against weapon and spell damage.

Unlike Khajiit’s, Dark Elves offer consistent damage abilities, whether you need them to elevate the diseased, bleed status of your enemies for afflicting a consistent deterioration increase by fifteen percent.

Dark Elves have bonus tools of blast bones, twin slashes, poison arrow and trap best over time along with skills of poisoning and disease.

Benefits of getting Dark Elf race: 

  • Ashlander- Boosts players’ experience gain with dual wield skill line by fifteen per cent. Reduces damage incurred from environmental lave by fifty per cent.
  • Dynamic- Greatly boosts max Magicka D’Max stamina by 1910.
  • Resist Flame- Boosts flame resistance by 4620.
  • Ruination- Boost weapon and spell damage by 258.

While, using an Orc is still a great choice, but in the highest levels of plays, Dark Elf and Khajit tops the charts for their best consistent damage.

3. High Elf

(Best for building Magicka necromancer)

High elf necromancers list

The high Elf race of the necromancer is brilliant at increasing spell damage while battling with enemies. They are good at resource recovery. They are also ideal for base Magicka and experience gain. They are extremely powerful spell casters and a race of pride.

High Elves are good at increasing your experience gain with Destruction staff by fifteen per cent.

There are certain abilities that higher elves carry that can make you access the restoration of 625 Magicka or stamina, of course, based on whichever is the lowest. When cast on time, it takes away five per cent less damage.

High elves as necromancer characters can elevate your Max Magicka by two thousand and increase weapon and spell damage by 258 which ensures the killing of more enemies while still retaining as much stamina as possible.

High elves necromancers are also good at maintaining good death skills that eventually help increase healing potency.

A brilliant choice if you want to generate a character of a necromance to play as a healer. Gives added advantage over enemies making it one of the most notoriously played necromancer races.

High elves are good healers and great warriors. High elf necromancer has ultimate resurrection that allows them to resurrect their dead army mates.

It has an amazing boss mechanism, which helps with staying alive during difficult boss mechanisms. High-level necromancers can have their teammates back on their feet with jailbreak cards in the arsenal.

If you have selected the High elf race, remember, having the right timing is important. With the right timing, you can use your most powerful healings to restore the health of your teammates.

4. Imperial

(Best race for Necromancer Tanks)

Imperial ESO NecromancersImperials are known to have numerous resources at low skill costs. Imperial is the ultimate choice if you want to build the best necromancer tank.

The imperial race is particularly focused on increased max health and max stamina which gives them a generous yes when compared to other races resources. They have excellent health potions and make resource management easier.

Becoming an emperor has you gain some 2000 extra health and stamina and reduces your skill cost by six per cent.

Bone Goliath ultimates turn a player into a giant skeleton which restores and increases player health to a maximum by an absurd 30, 000 units making it impossible to kill the player. While beckoning armour gives you great resistance and defence. Imperial race reduces the cost of player abilities by six per cent.

As a necromancer player, you can make Imperial to be your choice of a race if you are looking for a lot of extra max stats and extra cost reduction. Imperial is also the best choice if you want good healing powers and a stamina damage dealer.

Other similar races that you can use for the same specifics and benefits are Nord and Argonian.

5. Orc

(Best race for necromancers in PVP)

ORC Race in ESO

Orc races generally have stronger stamina. They can be selected for necromancers in both PVE and PVP.

Orc racial skills are gained once you have increased your character level. You will continue to gain racial passives until you have reached level 50 where, then, you will obtain a skill line. Orcs are extremely good at using their weapons.

This puts them into the Stamina DPS category. Also making them ideal for tanks or PVP.

Orc is also known to be the best race for a necromancer with stamina. The orc can do a lot of damage, they are extremely good at generating weapons.

You should select Orc race if your want your necromancer to have 1000 extra stamina and health, 258 weapons and spell damage, with regenerate 2125 health in just under some seconds, allowing orcs to focus on dealing with hefty damage without worrying about recovering health in combats.

Orcs are too great at Magicka DPS or that good of healers, but instead are the best build of Tank and Stamina DPS i.e two-handed weapon, dual weapon, bow, one-handed and shield.

Orcs are swift warriors, increases your weapon damage by 86 on rank I and grants 300 max health, reduces weapon damage by 127 on rank II and grants 600 max health and 1400 health under 4 seconds, and reduces weapon damage by 258 on rank III and grants 1000 max health and 21125 health in 4 seconds.

6. Nord

(Best race for necromancers in PVP and Tank)

Nord Necromancer Class ESONords are hardy and brave. The Nord race has ultimate stamina and health. You can select Nord as a race while you are creating a character.

They are strongly focused on increasing max stamina and health, extra physical and spell resistance. They have extra ultimate regeneration which is important in PVP.

In the history of Nords, they have once conquered most of Tamriel which obc=vuissly lead certain entitlement to them.

Nords skills will be gained as you continue playing and increase your character level. Nords are extremely tough to kill, making them ideal for Tank or for those who wish to PVP.

Nords are not too good at Magicka DPS or work too well as a healer. They are primarily used for their racial skills of Tank and Stamina DPS.

If you select Nord as a race for ESO, you’d see it increasing experience gain with a two-handed skill line by five percent. Over rank I, you can increase your max stamina by 500 and increase your max health by 333 and fort resistance by 1540.

Even though they are not too good at keeping up with a good physical and spell resistance, you’d still get a good increase in your physical and resistance by 856 in rank I, 1732 in rank II and an increase in your physical and spell resistance by 2600.

7. Breton

(Best for necromancer for Magicka)

Breton ESO necromancers

The Breton race in EOS rises from High rock. High rock once was ruled by high elf overlords, giving them a tight grasp at magic. Bretons are intelligent and resourceful.

They are excellent in skills associated with base Magicka, Magicka Recovery, light armour, alliance points gain, and cost reduction of spells, giving them the ability to cast spells with just a little pause.

The Breton race has an extreme focus on Magicka. They are extremely good DPS and Healers. Breton heals longer before ever needing to drink a potion. Their spell resistance is excellent which helps them live longer under spell attack.

If you want to play a build with Magicka, the Breton race is an excellent choice. Bretons are good for Magicka DPS, mediocre for Stamina DPS, excellent at healing and somewhat passable at the tank(can only manage one-handed and shield).

8. Argonian

(Best race for necromancers in the tank)

Argonian ESO Class

The argonian race generally focuses on healing and tanking. They are known for their increased resource return after drinking the potion. They have skills such as increased max health, increased disease resistance and increased healing.

They possess a cold intellect and are well versed in magical arts, max health and using the blade.

Argonians are mostly used on tank setups. They perform very well in tanks due to their resourceful passives. They are good with healing done, restoration staves, disease resistance, and resources gained from drinking of the portion.

They are extremely good at swimming, giving them a passive skill of swimming speed as well as base health and Magicka.

With the passive abilities of an amphibian, Argonian can increase your experience gain with staff skill line by 15 per cent and swimming speed by 50 per cent. Argonian resistance increases max health by 666 and disease and potion resistance at 1320 in rank III.

They have the powers of a life mender which can increase your health by six per cent.

  • Rank I- unlocks at Breton 5, increases max magic by 600 and spell attunement unlocked at Breton 10 will increase by 660. Increase Magicka recovery by 40.
  • Rank II- Unlocked at Breton 15, increases Max Magicka by 1200, increases spell attunement by 1320 and increases Magicka by 80.
  • Rank III- Unlocked at Breton 30, increases Magicka by 2000, increases spell attunement by 2310 and increases Magicka recovery by 130.


Question- Which race is best for Necromancer in ESO?

Answer- A best ESO necromancer race should be good at giving benefits of Magicka and stamina DPS, Healers and Tanks. Dark Elf is the best race for the Necromancer in ESO. Dark Elf is best for damage dealing. Another best race is Nord. Nord is best for a tank. Another best race for a healer is Breton. High Elf and argonians are great to choose as healers for their Magicka based passives.

Question- Is Necromancer still good in 2022?

Answer- Necromancer class never fell out of trends. Players can create great builds for damaged dealers, healers and tanks. Necromancer heavily focused on the ability to use destructive magic. It majorly deals with summoning a number of dead minions in order to fight the enemy.

Question- Is Necromancer a good Tank in ESO?

Answer- Necromancer has an amazing tanking toolkit. Especially when coming to bone tyrant and skill line, it sets classes and races that are rich with skills and usefulness. While not all the EOS classes, build will get amazing results while some of the builds, generated with certain races which work amazingly well with Tanks are well worth playing.

Question- How can Necromancer be unblocked in ESO?

Answer- The class necromancer is available in the Crown in-game store. You can easily find Necromancer under upgrades on the class section of EOS.

Question- Is the Necromancer class worth it in Elder Scroll Online?

Answer- Yes. The Necromancer class is totally worth playing in ESO. With Necromancers, you can create good builds for damage dealers, healers and tanks. Necromancer class is one of the most powerful classes and setups to play in ESO.

Final Words on Best Race for Necromancer Class in ESO

Necromance remains to be the most rewarding class to play Elder Scrolls. Above, we have listed the best race for necromancer ESO to help you decide to choose a race which is best for your playing.

If you have liked reading our article, leave a comment. Leave your recommendations for ESO best race for the necromancer. Let us know how you have liked our list of ESO necromancer races.

Thank you.

Happy Gaming!

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