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Steam is the most preferred and recommended gaming platform with the largest library in the gaming apps world. It has numerous gaming recommendation tools with remote play and remote downloads for gamers that love playing on added devices and couch co-op with other gamers.

Steam for various features and reasons as such has continued its reign for the best PC game store.

Steam is the finest at giving you a start with great offers under SALES as it has a very large collection of games and always has a sale going on any given day.

This does not mean you should not look into other similar gaming apps that have, if not the same than better gaming deals and their highpoints to offer. 

Steam has features and qualities of its own while the market is packed with equally amazing PC games downloading solutions as Steam can make picking up a perfect steam alternative difficult.

And despite this, we have tried our best and made sure you won’t miss out on your chance of getting your hands on numerous amazing deals on these amazing apps. 

12 Best Steam Alternatives To Try Out 

Below we have enlisted the 12 best Steam Alternatives recommendations for your gaming needs! 

1. Origin

Origin- steam alternatives

As a brand origin is now being retired and the company is set on rolling out Origin with a new name as a rebranding exercise to later deliver a frictionless and socially connected experience that is faster for gamers to get into games.

The site is owned by Electronic Arts. You’d find all titles under EA enlisted over here. 

Current users of Origin do not need to worry as their accounts should get transferred to the new app as they should. 

You can get Origin for a $5 monthly subscription where you can play games as many you want unless you run out of subscription. One of the best qualities of Origin is that you can play both games published by EA and not published by EA.

You can even be a part of their beta app if you have a liking for playing indie games. 

2. best steam alternatuves

Itch is one of the distribution platforms that permit popular independent developers to choose it as a primary distribution platform.

Any independent developer, be it a team or an individual developer both can use to distribute their games at any price they like and even run sales ranging from $0 to more. 

Itch as the best gaming client gives you a huge collection of games to browse through its diverse and stimulating game collection. It has a massive collection of ideas that as a gaming lover you should check out.  

3. Uplay

ubisoft- alternatives to steam

Owned by Ubisoft, Uplay is a gaming platform very similar to Steam and Origin for game titles. It is a combo game storefront and social platform. Meaning, being a Social Platform, Uplay has now made it easier to interface with your friends online.  

Some of the titles over Uplay can be found over Steam. It simply means, being able to run certain games titles you only have to have both the apps i.e., Steam and Uplay running simultaneously. 

You would find the popular game titles from Ubisoft enlisted here. It is not the best when it comes to looking for games that are inexpensive; this alternative might not be for you. But Uplay offers new deals and offers every Wednesday.

Not just that, you’d get an extension of a 20% discount on your next purchase on the Ubisoft store.    

4. Epic Games Store

Epic games store- best steam alternatives

Very recently Epic Games had announced the creation of their own digital Storefront as Epic Game Store and in a very short amount of time, Epic game Store made waves as one of the biggest new threats to steam behind Fortnite. Making it one of the most desirable Steam alternatives.

For now, Epic Game Store has been limited. Though Epic has already locked down exclusive offerings like wistful fantasy RPG Ashen, Supergiant’s fantastic new rouge-like Hades and more. 

Epic Game Store might need some more time coming up with better revenues shares and community moderation. It won’t be long since its store had already grown to a point where we’d soon get to see it becoming a true steam alternative.

Epic Game Store gives 80% of sales revenue to their developers which is a significantly higher cut than what other competitors offer.  

Amongst the popular multiplayer titles include- Smite, Paladins and Fortnite series. Some of the games under Epic Titles are- Gears of War and the Infinity Blade series. 

5. Humble Bundle

Humble bundle- best steam alternatives

Humble Bundles are known for purchasing indie games bundles. You can get numerous games at a low price. It enlists a games bundle you can get under a particular bundle pricing. All you have to do is pick the bundle that has the most games you’d like to have.  

One of the negatives being, not all of their content is DRM free. Though, they have tried featuring DRM free content as they can in their Humble Bundle store. 

For $1 and more, you can get at least four games in a bundle. If you want to spend more, you can add more and more games to the same or new bundle. For $15 or more you get if not everything than most of the things unlocked. 

They have a monthly subscription called Humble Monthly giving games of fixed price each month. Unlike many other gaming sites, Humble does charity. They give a percentage of what they sell to charity. 

With pay what you want plus charity for an admirable cause in exchange for amazing digital content, makes it an even better Steam Alternative.  


Blizzard- steam alternatives is a great platform for PC that only counts on the games of Blizzard. As is owned by Blizzard entertainment, most of Battle. Net’s titles are original to the site.

Steam could be the leading digital distributor while was the very first. might not have the greatest collection of titles nevertheless it gives you a great alternative once it comes to playing popular titles such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone among others. Non-MOBA includes StarCraft, Overwatch and Diablo series. The non-Blizzard titles you can download on are the call of duty games, like Black Ops4.

While some other steam alternatives fail to endorse so, gives you an exclusive server that barely fails and maintains constant updates to their games. 

7. Gamers Gate

Gamersgate steam altrenatives

One of the best steam alternatives, gamers gate offers game keys that can be used on other gaming sites like Steam. They also have direct downloads for DRM titles. 

They have plenty of titles going on every day. If you are someone who likes to get games under the deal, Gamers gate undoubtedly should be on your list of checking out. 

The range of discounts goes from 60% to deep discounts if you are getting two or more. 

8. Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive- steam alternatives

Direct2Drive used to be IGN game store and now runs independently as a business. It still offers a large collection of high rated games that can be downloaded from their site just like you can from Steam. 

Drive2Direct now also serves games that require DRM activation on services like Steam. Direct to drive is another option for a Steam Alternative to score some great deal on games.

Unlike other PC Game stores, Drive2drive does not give out as many offers as other gaming stores do.

9. GOG Galaxy

GOG Galazy- best alternatives of steam

GOG Galaxy is a good Steam alternative with a huge library of classic PC games that are optimised to run smoothly on any PC. GOG is the largest DRM free digital distributor.

Over GOG, you’d find the best indie games at price tags that can save you good money. 

GOG has an amazing deal streak that displays the newest and popular games along with the catalogue of older games that are harder to find on the other gaming platforms. As Steam alternative GOG Galaxy certainly is an exciting competitor with their collection of old games. 

GOG loses when it comes to having a Community. They also do not feature indie games which are undesirable and also, unlike many other Steam alternatives. The prices of GOG galaxy games are cheap compared to other gaming sites.

10. Microsoft Store

Windows games- best steam alternatives

Microsoft Games is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft Games can be recommended as a Steam Alternative as it offers so much when it comes to features and doing its job as a distributor of PC games.

Microsoft Store has a big collection of games that are available for free download which includes well-known titles such as – Roblox, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Asphalt Series of racing games. 

It is with no snag is accessible to Windows users, go over to the ‘Games’ tab in the Microsoft store to check out the collection of titles available on Microsoft Games.

While a majority of games available on Microsoft Store are available over other sites as well, still there are certain popular titles that you won’t find anywhere else. 

11. Green Man Gaming

Green man gaming

Green man gaming has become a very big presence in the world of PC gaming since it came into operation in 2010. Green man gaming has also ranked globally as the second-largest digital game distributor on PC. 

While many other Steam alternatives try to fool their users away from Steam, Green man gaming has given us a creation of a gaming store that provides Steam keys and cuts off prices now and then.  

Green man-games also have a VIP program. With the VIP program, you can tap into options such as extra discounts where you can save up to 95%. To become a VIP all it requires is the creation of a user account. 

Green man gaming is yet to be free of Digital Rights Management i.e., DRM. It is best at giving you cheaper Steam Keys than to buy directly from Steam. It lets you earn credits as you play and then trade in games when you have finished. 

 12. Discord Store

Discord- best steam alternatives

Launched in 2018 with only a few “first on Discord” titles like Minion Master, King of the Hat, and other similar titles, Discord has now published its own Game Publishing platform.  

Discord Store is another Digital Content Store that has shown generosity to its developers by giving them 90% of all sales regardless if the developer is a single individual or a AAA company. It also has a Nitro Subscription that gives you access to over 60 titles for just $9.99 per month.


QThings to look at in a Steam Alternative before finalizing?

 Ans: Few things that make it a great Steam alternative: 

  • Vast game library
  • Good number of game recommendation tool
  • Readiness of Remote play and remote downloads
  • Select film and software content
  • Built-in video capture tools
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good community
  • Better reviews

Q. What are certain things to remember before you download any title?

 One of the major things to remember before you download any game to your PC is- make sure your PC’s OS is updated and so is your Anti-Virus Software. Doing so depletes your chances of getting hacked and prevents any malware or virus attacks. 

Sometimes, it is even recommended to use a VPN service or software. A VPN service is most advisable when you are using a site to download that could carry a threat or has a risk.

For example, any third-party site or app could get your device hacked and infected. But getting games downloaded from reputable and trustworthy sites carry no such harm. 

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Final Thoughts: 

While there’s an overabundance of applications and sites to download the best PC games, looking for a comprehensive Steam Alternative can be never-ending.

We have tried our best to present you with the excellent twelve Steam alternatives out of which you can choose the best. 

Irrelevant of whether you like indie games or the popular or old classic ones, above stated alternatives, will get you exactly that.

Let us know which Gaming Website like Steam is your favourite. Leave us your pick in the comment box below! Let us know if we have missed enlisting any.


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