CouchTuner Alternatives That Actually Work

Couchtuner is one of the famous applications for watching unlimited movies and TV series online. Not only this, but you can also listen to your favorite music too on Couchtuner. All of this is for free.

It boasts an impressive big collection of movies, TV series, and music audio. It can be easily used on smartphones and computers.

It is home to millions of users who love the easy user interface of Couchtuner and enjoy free entertainment at any place.

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15 Best Sites Like Couchtuner to Watch Movies & TV Series

A Lot of people still stream this site with no hassles. Netflix is a big and well-known name in the market and perhaps the most visited site by movie and TV shows lovers.

The site has become a rage among people in a short span of time owing to its collection and other amazing features.

The site has all the latest updates on movies and TV shows. You can watch their content in high quality with simple steps. Check out the best shows on Netflix that you can watch right now.

It was said to be home to more than 150 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2018.

Sites like Couchtuner

Netflix users are watching their favourite TV series anywhere and anytime on their phones and laptops owing to its easy compatibility with a number of devices.

The site makes use of robust artificial intelligence and displays recommended movies and TV series based on the content you watched in the past.

Netflix has also attracted a huge fan base for its user-friendly interface which is responsive so that they can stream their movies on their tablets.

TV series buffs who exhaust their data by watching one season in one day would find their haunt at Hulu. It is one of the best alternatives to catch the latest TV shows and movies.

Those who look for the premium quality of video for watching their video collection will be highly satisfied by Hulu.

Sites like Couchtuner

The best thing about Hulu is that it keeps updating its content and so you will find almost every TV show that you want to watch.

It has an easy user interface whereby users can easily find their favourite content and stream their videos without any hassles.

What’s more? Hulu does not interfere with your TV shows and movies by giving annoying advertisements and so you can view unlimited content without any breaks.

If you are looking at sites like Couchtuner in the aspects of quality and options, then nothing can beat Cucirca.

The only downside is that Cucirca does not provide audio content like that of Couchtuner.

The site is loved for its giant collection of movies and TV series. It has an easy user interface where people can easily find their favourite content.

You can also contact their support for any sort of help. The website keeps updating its content and so you can readily find the latest episodes of your TV series as soon as they are released.

If you are looking for a grand assemblage of the latest movies and TV series, then Movie4U will become your one-stop solution.

This is one of the best sites like Couchtuner for viewers who like streaming movies online.

They have organized the content under different categories so that you can easily find the content according to your preference.

The categories include TV series, Anime, movies, cartoons etc. and therefore you will easily find what you are looking for.

Movie4U also gives different genres to explore such as action, drama, crime, etc.

It also keeps its content updated with new entries to the world of entertainment.

It has a user-friendly interface where you will not find any trouble picking your favourite movies or TV shows. You will get the best quality content in just a few simple steps. So, what are you waiting for?

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This is another great alternative to Couchtuner and it has attracted users for its luring format and features.

It has a massive collection of movies and gets updated on a regular basis and serves as an excellent place for people looking for sites like Couchtuner.

Sites like Couchtuner

It offers Couchtuner movies and TV series to be explored from an organized selection of categories.

Therefore, it becomes easier for users to pick content according to their choice. It enables easy streaming because of its user-friendly interface and a big collection of movies.

You can easily search for the type of content you want to watch without any lags or troubles.

Yet another big name among the fans of TV shows. It is very famous for its big pool of various movies and TV content.

You would also find the newly released movies here. So even if you missed that new film from watching it in the theatre, you can view it on Alluc. Excellent deal, right?

Sites like Couchtuner

If you want to watch old TV shows, this could be your sole destination. You can expect to exhume some old and new movies without any hassles. You will be provided trusted links on the site which are safe for your computer and will not invite any malware or viruses to dwell in your system.

Alluc provides a search button and thus it dispenses with the need to scroll the page to the end of the list to find your favourite movie.

You will get your desired movie with one click on the search button. There is a special section on the site that is dedicated to special movies and users can browse this section to find some attractive content in simple steps.

  • Putlocker

This is one of the best alternative sites like Couchtuner as hundreds of users have made a beeline to watch their favourite movies at this site.

The best thing about Putlocker is its mammoth collection of movies and TV series and it is very likely to find content here that is otherwise not available anywhere else.

Another advantage is that it does not ask you to undertake and registration or sign-up accounts process to explore the content of its site.

You can easily go to the site and start watching the content of your choice.

The videos are available in high definition which makes up an additional advantage. You just have to make a few clicks and you are done! The videos will be ready to play without any lag.

Putlocker keeps their collection updated and so users will get almost everything TV show they are looking for.

You just need a high-speed internet connection to stream the content. It is a must-try site for users who are looking for unlimited and uninterrupted entertainment.

If you are fishing online for sites like Couchtuner, then Movie Watcher is the place to be at. Movie Watcher has become the favourite haunt of Movie lovers as they can watch their favourite TV series and movies for free.

Yes! You do not have to do anything to get access to its splendid collection of different categories of content.

Sites like Couchtuner

Therefore, it is a better alternative to sites that charge you but offer limited content. The best thing about this site is that it displays the IMDB ratings of the content so that you can decide whether you want to watch it or not.

Users will be ready to watch the Couchtuner movies in a matter of just a few clicks. Users find its interface to be very simple and the most rated movies will be displayed at the top of your screen.

You can also download the content easily and watch it even without an internet connection.

You will be required to register on the site, but registration is absolutely free. You can stream the content in HD quality and watch it anytime and anywhere.

This site is tailor-made for TV show buffs. It serves as one the finest alternative for sites like Couchtuner and it is loved for its huge collection of TV series as well as other alluring features.

You can even find TV shows in different languages and different regions here and so it caters to a diverse audience with its content.

Sites like Couchtuner

They update their collection on a regular basis and you can find all the latest episodes of your favourite TV series.

It has a user-friendly interface and you will not have a hard time searching for the TV show you want to watch. You can stream the content in high definition with simple steps.

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Dare TV is famous for its attractive and gargantuan categories of movies and TV shows. It is loved by its users for simple navigation that enables them to watch their movies and TV series in the easiest fashion.

Their collection is quite big as you can expect a myriad of TV series, reality shows, and TV premiers etc. on this site.

You will also find a big collection of Couchtuner movies here and they update their list every now and then.

The site has easy navigation and the home page displays a bunch of amazing movies and TV shows. You can browse the home page to see what’s in lately.

This makes it easy for new users that want to view the best content without any trouble.

Many times, you have to wait for the new episodes of your favourite TV series to be available online, but not anymore, as you have Crackle at your disposal!

For people who are fond of watching the latest moments after they are released, then Crackle is the perfect place for you.

It gives you access to unlimited TV series and movies where you will find the originals of all the famous TV shows.

The TV shows are available in different genres and thus the site has something for everyone. What’s more? The site is absolutely free to use.

Crackle allows you to stream movies and TV shows in high definition on a simple user interface.

If you are a new user of the world of TV series, then Crackle will help you in deciding the best content according to your preferences.

Another advantage of using Crackle is that the site is free from malware and viruses and so using this site is completely safe.

This site is the perfect place for users who want to enjoy a big horde of movies on a simple user interface.

The best thing about this site is that the home page is free from those annoying advertisements that creep in from nowhere and interfere with the streaming of your content.

Users will easily get the content they are looking for from the search box.

Unlike other sites that have a grand collection of movies and TV content, but run on a complex user interface, Vidstrum gets you the same amount of content with easy navigation.

Searching or browsing your favourite Couchtuner movies or TV shows is very simple on this site and you will easily find what you are looking for.

You just need to type the name of the TV show or movie in the search box which is displayed at the right corner of the screen and you are done! The results will be displayed and you can watch them in HD quality.

This is one of the best Couchtuner alternatives and lures people to its fine collection of movies and TV series.

The site also provides you with a small description of the TV shows and movies so that you can have sneak peek as to what the story is all about.

Sites like Couchtuner

The site has a big collection of movies and TV shows and you can browse your favourites with the help of a search box.

The search box is displayed on the home page where users can see whether their movie is available on the site or not.

The site is user-friendly and gets updated regularly and so you can find new movies as well as TV shows.

This is touted to be one of the biggest providers of HD movies online. The site has grabbed the attention of people for dispensing all kinds of Couchtuner movies to the users.

You name it and MMovies HD has it! You just have to enter the name of the movie and it will be displayed on your screen without any delay.

Sites like Couchtuner

The best thing about this site is that you can old movies here, which you cannot find on other live-streaming sites.

MMovies HD has a huge collection of old as well as new movies. You can stream the content in HD quality on different devices.

The site is safe for your device as it is free from malware and viruses.

  • Showbox

Another one of the list sites like Couchtuner; this is a famous application to watch Couchtuner movies and TV series online.

You can browse its myriad content on a simple user interface and watch your movies in high definition.

Sites like Couchtuner

The application is not available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded from the Showbox website. You can download the application on your PC or Laptop by using an Android emulator such as Bluestacks.


These were some of the best sites like Couchtuner that will provide you with the same experience. Be it collection or user interface, these sites are the best in the online market to satiate your movie pangs and TV shows’ cravings.

You can easily browse the content of your choice without any hassles and stream them on different devices.


1. What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is a website that allows users to stream movies and TV shows online for free. It is not an official streaming service and the content is often sourced from illegal or unauthorized sources.

2. Is Couchtuner legal?

No, Couchtuner is not a legal streaming service. Streaming copyrighted content without permission is illegal in most countries.

3. How does Couchtuner work?

Couchtuner aggregates links to movies and TV shows from various sources and provides them to users through its website. Users can search for and watch the content directly on the site.

4. Is Couchtuner safe to use?

No, Couchtuner is not a safe website to use. Streaming content from unauthorized sources can put your device and personal information at risk. Additionally, downloading or streaming copyrighted content without permission can lead to legal action.

5. Is there a way to access Couchtuner without risking my device?

No, there is no way to access Couchtuner or any other illegal streaming site without risking your device. It is recommended to use official streaming services that have been authorized to distribute the content.

6. What are some alternatives to Couchtuner?

Some alternatives to Couchtuner include official streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as legal streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Tubi.


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