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WhatsApp is one of the most famous and people’s favourite messaging apps, with over 1 billion users in more than 180 countries out there.

But when Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, a huge amount of privacy experts and people specialized in security got concerned for the safety of the application. There have been a lot of security breaches on Facebook in the past years, and this deal for Facebook to acquire WhatsApp does not seem to be really convincing for many. Thousands of users have lost their personal data in these security breaches. To keep the users convinced, WhatsApp is highlighted as a different application, and it has a dedicated tea, to maintain privacy and everything of concern.

This has been one of the major reasons for the success of the app. However, it seems to have changed in recent times. Facebook has announced that they will merge WhatsApp with other applications by Facebook. This includes WhatsApp messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. The users will be able to easily jump from one platform to the other for a better experience. 

This will also include an end to end encryption of messaging on all three platforms. This is supposed to make Instagram and Facebook Messenger security to be on par with that of WhatsApp. This seems to be a nice approach, but it will also make the security of WhatsApp a bit less secure.

End to end encryption is a great feature, and WhatsApp promises it to all the users. It increases the privacy and security of the chats. But, it is not completely safe. There are a ton of loopholes that the Facebook team has to look into.

The legal disclaimer of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions states that WhatsApp will start to share information with the other family applications from the Facebook world. They may use this collected information to improve, understand, support, customize, and market their services and other offerings.

Moreover, Facebook and the other family applications, which include Instagram and Facebook Messenger, will also provide information, to improve your experiences with their services and offerings. 

WhatsApp will not retain the messages and chats of the user. But, they will collect account information, like a profile picture, profile name, and even the status message, if you include them in your account information.

This suggests that nothing will change with the messaging side on WhatsApp, but a lot of changes will be happening in the profile sector. WhatsApp stores the user data on private servers, and this will allow the company to use this information for marketing purposes.

Furthermore, this data can also be given to the government, when there is an out of the ordinary event. And of course, many hackers will also intend to break into such servers and get access to the phone numbers and more details of the users. 

The following sequence will include the best alternatives to WhatsApp and these apps will maintain your privacy and keep you secured.

Best of WhatsApp Alternative Apps

1. Signal:

signal- Whatsapp alternativeSignal is free to use software and has really strong encryption policies. It works on all mobile Operating Systems, may it be Apple or Android. It is really easy to get used to Signal, as it is really easy to use. Moreover, features like Voice Calling and Video Calling make Signal an even better WhatsApp alternative.

The app also allows desktop installation files, which allows you to use the application on your personal computer and your mobile phone as well.

Each and every message is encrypted, and only the sender and the receiver can read it. The encryption on Signal is open source, so experts can openly test it and find bugs in it. This makes the app more secure, and hackers can’t access your messages at all.

You can also opt to allow the messages to disappear over time, and the messages fade away after a set period of time. This allows you to be more private in chats, even when you allow others to use your phone.

As of now, Signal does not include dedicated and animated emojis, but you can import and use your phone’s emojis easily.

Pros of Signal:

  • End to end encryption,
  • It is available on all famous operating systems and platforms,
  • Allows disappearing emojis,
  • The encryption used is open source.

Cons of Signal:

  • It does not include animated emojis.

2. Theerma

threemaTheerma ensures total privacy to its users. All the information of the contacts and the groups you are added in is stored within your phone, and not on the application itself. The messages that you send get deleted as soon as you send them, and you can connect to other people by making an 8 digit Theerma ID, this allows you to keep your phone number private. This also allows QR codes to be used for further connections.

Theerma also allows End to End encryption on not only text messages, but also on voice messages, attached files and even voice calls! Even your status messages are encrypted, and that allows you with complete privacy. Only the receiver and the sender can read messages, no one else.

You can also use this service on your web browser. It has more features that make it better than WhatsApp, like creating polls, and reacting like on individual messages. You can also hide your chats, and add another layer of security by applying a password to them. Other than that, Theerma also offers basic features like sharing location and files, etc. on the platform. You can even format the texts.

This application is based in Switzerland, and we know that Switzerland has some really strict laws on privacy.

Pros of Theerma:

  • No need to share your phone number with others.
  • Use QR Code to scan and verify other contacts.
  • You can format texts by its unique features.
  • Protect your chats with a password.

Cons of Theerma:

It is a paid application.

3. Telegram:

telegramTelegram is a renowned WhatsApp alternative. It has over 200 Million active users, and it is growing day by day. It is based on the cloud, and it works on various operating systems and platforms. It also has the signature double tick to see the system, just like on WhatsApp. 

Other than the end to end encryption on chat, it also has the same encryption on your voice calls. As a result, no one else can hear or record your calls. For the encryption of the message, you have to manually turn it on, so that it does not get stored.

Just like Signal, you can set the messages to be deleted after a set period of time. You can also use Telegram to share multimedia.

Pros of Telegram:

  • It is open-source software.
  • The platform is easy to use and user friendly.
  • You will never lose your data, as it is a cloud-based platform.

Cons of Telegram:

  • You need to manually turn on encryption for text messages.

Its encryption has been criticized by many, as they have their own standards of it.

4. Wire:

wire - whatsapp alternativeWire is a famous WhatsApp alternative app, which is in terms of strict data retention laws in Europe. It has end to end encryption, and it is very secure software. You can even choose from a free personal account, and paid business plans according to your needs. The paid plans have some extra support and features, which will allow you to make the best of your account.  Other than that, Wire has a really good voice and video communication service.

You can also use Wire for one on one and even group screen sharing. Just like on Telegram, you can use Wire for multimedia file sharing, and you can also filter audio using it. You can use eight different devices to log into the same account, and it is available on all renowned platforms.

You can change the text, and add bold and italics to it. Moreover, you can even create lists within chats. You can also set timers for your messages to be deleted. This allows a better approach to privacy.

Pros of Wire:

  • You can use up to eight devices at once.
  • The conversations are rich.
  • It allows timed messages.
  • The chats are totally secure.

Cons of Wire:

  • It is a paid application.

5. Riot.IM:

Riot.IMRiot.IM has started to make a name for it in recent days. It allows features like Voice over IP, video calling and even ends to end encryption for the text messages. You get a unique ID, and you have to use that ID instead of your phone number, and it allows you to have your anonymity.  

Like many others in the list, Riot also works on Open Source Software. It has a wide variety of bots on its own, but the creators can create new ones as well. This allows you to have a better interaction with the user interface, and as a result, it is a good choice for developer teams. This makes the application more personalized and even more secure.

Riot also has a feature called conversation room, where anyone can easily visit any public chat room. You can also have your own private rooms, and you need links to visit them.

The desktop variant of this application also has a good and clean interface, which lacks in many other chat applications. You can easily connect to other people, as it has the support of over seven languages.

Pros of Riot.IM:

  • You use unique IDs instead of phone numbers
  • It is an open-source software
  • You can use it in seven languages
  • The desktop version is equipped with a good user interface.

Cons of Riot.IM:

By default, encryption is not turned on. You will have to manually turn it on, if you need to.

6. Discord:

discordDiscord has evolved from being a gamer’s only application, and now almost anyone can use it. You can easily find a lot of Discord servers, where you can chat with people of similar interests. The personal chat feature in Discord is totally underrated. You can easily communicate and send messages, emotes, emojis, GIFs, etc. to your friends. Moreover, you can also make voice and video calls, and browse together by using screen sharing. You can opt for the Discord Nitro to get more perks and VIP features.

Discord and integrate with almost all of the major applications, like YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Xbox Live, Twitter, and much more. With such features, the Discord application suite is much better than WhatsApp, as you are not limited to texting only.

Moreover, it is really easy to make a group of messaging with up to ten members. If your team consists of more people, then you can go for a server anytime of the day. We really prefer using Discord and suggest it as a suitable WhatsApp alternative app. It is available for free on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and even Linux.

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7. Bridgefy:

Bridgefy - whatsapp alternativeOne of the major drawbacks of texting applications like WhatsApp is that they always require a steady internet connection for the transfer of messages. This makes things worse when you are travelling and are in an area where internet coverage is hard to find. If you often find yourself in such conditions, then Bridgefy comes to your rescue. It is an offline messaging software, and it does not require an internet connection for the sending of messages. 

As the name suggests, Bridgefy creates a network of connection with Bluetooth or the wifi-based network between your and nearby friend’s phones. With this, you can easily communicate even with no internet connection. You can use Bridgefy by the following methods: Person to Person mode, Broadcast mode, and Mesh Mode.

You can easily send a message to your friend, and if it is for more people, then you can make a broadcast for an entire group. Moreover, you can use their devices as nodes, which allows you to send messages to longer distances. If you are fond of music festivals, sports events, etc. then you might be able to understand the significance of this application. IT is also good for the area of limited internet coverage.

Whenever there are protests, the government tends to cut off the internet in those areas. So, Bridgefy is used there as a reliable source of communication. Bridgefy is free to download, and you can download and use it on both Android and iOS devices.

8. Kik:

kikYou do not need to use your phone number to go up on Kik, so if you like to keep your phone number private, then Kik is the way to go. This WhatsApp alternative uses your phone number, and with the updated privacy policies, your phone number is at a verge of danger, so if you find yourself uncomfortable while sharing your phone number, then Kik is a good option for you.

It requires your email id if you want to use Kik. You can sign up once, and then you can create a unique username, and other people can use that to find you on the platform. Hence, you can chat easily by searching for a username.

There is nothing that you might have to miss while using Kik, as you get the complete messaging pack on the application. You can send text messages, videos, emojis, stickers, and even be a part of group chats. There is much more to explore in the application!

One of such features includes the addition of bots. Kik allows you to use bots on the platform, while WhatsApp doesn’t. You can use these bots to play quiz, get news updates and much more. Hence, it is a much more fun alternative to WhatsApp, and you can clearly enjoy using this app. It is available to download for free on both Android and iOS.

9. Snapchat:

snapchatAlthough Snapchat is more like a social media application than a messaging application, there are some features on this app that are much better than the conventional chat apps. For example, the messages get deleted on their own after a set amount of time, and moreover, you get a notification when someone takes a screenshot of the chat. The addition of the best in class filters makes the app so much fun to use.

You can also find other useful features, like creating group chats, and it also allows you to have a voice and video calls. It is a really unique application, and giants like Facebook and WhatsApp tend to copy them for features.

10. Skype:

skype - whatsapp alternativeWe cannot have a list of top 10 WhatsApp alternative apps without adding Skype. It is one of the most renowned and trusted business chat applications in the competition. As the giant Microsoft supports it, Skype has excelled as a chatting application. If your work requires you to make a lot of voice and video calls, then no other application can beat the quality of Skype.

If you want to make calls with international clients, then Skype is the most recommended name. It offers far superior quality than anyone in the competition. And the group call on Skype is almost unbeatable. 

While a majority of applications do not allow group video calls, the ones that do are always very choppy and lag a lot. It gets even worse when you add more people to the chat. Hence, if you are someone who relies on video calls for communication, then we highly recommend Skype. It easily beats WhatsApp and many other names in this.

You can watch a video or read an article on Skype tutorials so that you can make the best use of the service. It is available on all the famous operating systems, like iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, of course.

Picking up your preferred WhatsApp alternative app 

With this, we are approaching the end of this write-up. We hope that we were able to help you in finding the best alternative for WhatsApp until now, based on your needs and preferences. You can shortlist a few names from the list, and try them all to see which ones suit you the best. With this, you will be able to find the ‘One’ messaging application. 

Messaging and online calling is really important in modern times, and it has grown over more dependence, thanks to the pandemic. Ask your queries in the comments section, and let us know your favourite pick. Keep visiting us for more such detailed and informational content.


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