Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Choosing the best wireless gaming keyboard could be a bit hectic task especially when you’re already confused with a couple of options. Still, don’t worry because today we’re going to talk about 10 best wireless gaming keyboards of .

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

You build a powerful gaming system, purchased a stylish gaming chair, and a premium gaming desk but forget to purchase a new wireless gaming keyboard. Well, it could affect the whole gaming look of your setup.

However, this list will help you to choose the best gaming wireless keyboard without any confusion or quality compromise.

Let’s get started then.

1. Logitech G915 – Best Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G915 - Best Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Logitech gained a lot of goodwill by building versatile and premium PC accessories. The G915 features a couple of mechanical switches, macro and media control switches with an RGB lighting effect on all around the keys.

This gaming keyboard is built by aluminium-plastic frame which gives it a sturdy and clean modern look. It’s slim but carry more weight than it looks. It has a battery life of 30+ hour lifespan with a single charge even while using full RGB brightness. However, you got a 100+ lifespan with a single charge, by turning off the RGB lighting.

It’ll cost you around $250 but with these premium features and quality, it’s definitely worth the price.

2. Razer BlackWidow Elite- Best in Multi-functions 

2. Razer BlackWidow Elite- Best in Multi-functions

Razer Blackwidow Elite provides you stability, a loppy look and safety from little spills of your coffee. The unique thing about this keyboard is, it comes with 3 types of switches in 3 colours-  Green, Orange and Yellow. Every switch comes with different functionality. A green switch allows you tactile and clicky feedback while orange remains silent while feedback. Yellow key helps you to move on without any feedback.

It has a 3.5mm audio and a USB 2.0 passthrough also every key you press on this keyboard comes with a macro function. In conclusion, BlackWidow Elite is a perfect gaming keyboard choice for advanced users.

3. G-Cord Wireless – Best Gaming Office Keyboard

3. G-Cord Wireless- Best Gaming Office Keyboard

The G-Cord Wireless Gaming Keyboard comes in a vividly colourful and stylish look. It comes with a plug and plays feature. Also, you can use a wire to play your favourite game or complete your creative work project. The 1ms response time in this keyboard is quite impressive. Moreover, anti-ghosting tech is also available here to save you from caution occurred by pressing multiple keys, accidentally and simultaneously.

The keyboard comes with an aluminium frame and gives you ultra-durability. Also, it has an attractive and versatile 104-key design. And 6 customizable LED lighting effects make it ultra-modern by giving a sassy look. Plus, it comes with a 2.4GHz wireless technology and mechanical switches that make it one of the stylish and best gaming keyboard of 2020.

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4. Corsair K63 Compact and Quiet Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

4. Corsair K63 Compact and Quiet Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With its untraditional concept and sharp look, Corsair K63 becomes favourite among lots of gamers. This gaming keyboard comes with a lot of attractive features such as Cherry MX Switches, dynamic RGB lighting, 8MB of onboard storage, gaming key enhancements etc.

Also, the aircraft-grade brushed aluminium frame is quite handy and powerful. The company claimed that it has a build that withstands over 50 million clicks. The K63 perfectly works with iCue and allow you total macro customization. Plus, it supports Bluetooth and wireless technology with 2.4GHz.

Moreover, it is a keyboard with 87-keys with LED illumination. As a result, it takes less space and makes a perfect pair with your gaming setup.

5. HyperX Alloy Elite – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard with LEDs

5. HyperX Alloy Elite- Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard with LEDs

The HyperX Alloy Elite gaming keyboard has Cherry MX Red switches that give you a true satisfaction while attempting a gaming session. You will also see a keyboard with brown and blue switches. However, it’s no matter whichever you choose, because in every keyboard you’ll get a sturdy and solid steel frame provides you with complete stability.

Also, you don’t need to install the software in your setup to change backlight brightness. Also, you can change lighting effects by simply pressing an effects button on it.

Moreover, it features media keys, a palm rest, and a reasonable price tag of $109 makes it the perfect one.

6. Drevo Calibur Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switch

6. Drevo Calibur Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switch

The Drevo Calibur is a 71-key mini keyboard that comes with a sleek design and exceptional features. You’ll get anti-ghosting and N-key rollover in it. Also, it comes with 7 preset effects which are fully customizable. However, you can increase the number or varieties of the effects by download compatible software.

It has the black colour of keys and you’ll get rainbow-like LED lights around or on the keys. Also, the features like mechanical switches and wireless Bluetooth technology make it one of the best gaming keyboards in the market.

7. Razer Turret – Gaming Keyboard with Inbuilt Trackpad

Razer Turret

Well, Razer Turret keyboard will be very useful for you if you hate the mesh of extra cords or wires. It’s a premium gaming keyboard with a built-in retractable mouse pad. Also, you’ll get a top-shelf wireless mouse with it. The turret works perfectly with both PCs and almost every console from the Microsoft family.

The turret comes with a 16,000 CPI sensor and a robust IPS rating, which performs excellently. At last, it comes with a price tag of $250. However, you’re getting a wireless gaming keyboard with a wireless mouse and mousepad which is a great deal.

8. Logitech G613 – Simple Keyboard with Fastest Connectivity

Logitech G613- Simple Keyboard with Fastest Connectivity

Here’s another Logitech’s best wireless gaming keyboard which is less expensive than the previous one. First of all, only a few wireless gaming keyboards come with such a lighting fast connectivity speed. And, the G613 is one of them. It never dropped a connection once you connected to a system.

It has a great battery life too. With a pair of AA batteries, you can use this keyboard for up to 18 months, continuously. It has a dedicated row of macro keys, media controls and a volume rocker. Plus it has extra space for wrist rest.

There’s a lack of LED backlights. However, the company did it intentionally to save some extra power. The keyboard has keys with a travel distance of 3mm and a fine tactile bump.

At last, we could say it’s a keyboard you can use both, for gaming or for a typing work.

9. RK RGB – Mechanical Keyboard with Lighting Effects


Are you love in keyboard with funky rainbow lightings that make some creative sounds. Well, don’t get me wrong, I mean some instrumental sounds like bells. Yes, this RK RGB wireless gaming keyboard works like its name.

It comes with 17 RGB backlight modes to choose from. This mechanical keyboard has three different colours, namely blue, brown and red and the blue switch has a clicking sound. Moreover, you can customize and stock three groups of lighting patterns according to what you like most.

This keyboard comes with 12 combined multimedia functions. Also, you can lock the whole 87 keys at a time if you want. It comes with a 3.0 Bluetooth technology 3.0. Also, you can use it as a wired keyboard.

RK RGB comes with a rechargeable battery that long last 100 hours if you will use everything on full power. However, you can use it for up to 800 hours with no backlight.

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10. Corsair K57 – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard for Connectivity

Corsair K57

We put Corsair K57 on rank #10 but never under-estimate a Corsair product, especially in the gaming category. It is still the best wireless gaming keyboard to enhance your gaming experience.

Corsair K57 features top of the line membrane switches for 1ms response times. Also, you get 104-keys in this keyboard with 6 macro keys to obtain essential functions. Moreover, you will get dynamic per-key RGB Backlighting which consumes less power yet gives a shining brightness.

Also, you will get all media controls on the keyboard such as audio control. Alongside the Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it via a wire. At last, with a price of $138, it is worth the money deal.


As you see, there’re a couple of good options available in the gaming market. However, it depends on you that what is your primary concern- LED backlighting, rubber soft keys with less travel time, better battery backup, a reasonable price or everything.

Well, something it’ll hard to get the same product you have in mind yet it’s good to trick to get a clear idea that what really you’re looking for.

So this was the list of best wireless gaming keyboards of 2020. We’ve added most of the keyboard after checking the reviews and ratings on amazon. And, every gaming keyboard in this list has at least 4/5 stars ratings. That’s one confirmation that you’re choosing the right product.

Let’s know by commenting that which gaming keyboard works better for you. Also, share this post with a gamer who has already tired by searching the best gaming keyboard in the market.

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