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Why do you need to follow these Entrepreneur Blogs?

Starting a business is not a cakewalk. From planning and organizing to staffing and controlling there are various things that a startup founder needs to take care of. But the best part is that there are so many established entrepreneurs who are giving tips and tricks on a daily basis to help young entrepreneurial minds.

With so much content in the digital world, it gets difficult to choose the best.

Here are a few entrepreneur blogs that can refer to if you want to position yourself in the business world.

List of Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs

1 – Seth’s Entrepreneur Blogs

It’s hard to find someone in the business world who doesn’t know Seth Godin. Seth is the founder and CEO of Squidoo.com and, a well-known and established marketer of all time. He blogs daily at https://seths.blog/ and the features are mostly on business plans, branding, advice for writers, and various marketing tips.


So, if you are planning to start a business or work as a marketer, subscribing to his blog can be of great help.

2- Startups.com

Startups.com is a company focused on educating young entrepreneurs or startup aspirants through the entire process of startup, from planning to staffing. The company features articles revolving around starting a business, growing or running a business, tips, and tricks. It has already advised and helped 1 million startups and has more than 25 million backers and followers.


The articles are a perfect blend of educational and inspirational content. If you are a startup aspirant, this blog is a must to read.

3 – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is a pioneer of internet marketing and is the most-watched marketer on Youtube. He helps young entrepreneurs regarding business plans, mistakes to avoid in business, and gives a lot of motivation tips. Apart from producing regular blogs and videos, he has authored various books too.


Known for marketing, he has built a business worth $60 million, with the help of internet marketing.

4 – Neil Patel – Top Entrepreneur Blogs

Neil Patel is one of the best marketers and a marketing and analytics guru that everyone preaches. He specializes in internet marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, and growth hacking. Once you start following his blog, you can easily level up your website and internet marketing game. His blogs are mostly about leadership, management, etc.

neil patel blog

So, if you don’t want any generic advice but something you can put into action immediately, subscribe to his blog.

5 – Women on business

Women on business is one of the entrepreneur blogs that is dedicated to women entrepreneurs. It is a key resource for aspiring women entrepreneurs who are keen to gain knowledge about the business world. The blog covers the A to Z of the business, from planning to the hiring process.


Active since 2007, it is a major resource for women entrepreneurs around the world and posts about startups, women empowerment, marketing, etc. It is an award-winning online destination for information related to the business world.

6 – Under 30 CEO

Under 30 CEO features successful people who are under the age of 30 and highlight their core strengths so that people can get motivated and learn from them. It focuses mainly on freelancers, investors, and startup owners. The blog helps people who are trying to beat unproductivity and are looking for best business practices.


So, if you want some advice regarding success, this is the right place.

7 – Startup Mindset – TechStorify’s pick for best entrepreneur blogs.

If you are just starting out a business and need tips regarding business growth, leadership,  finance, money, etc. this blog is a gem for you. It publishes content on a regular basis and is a prime resource for young entrepreneurial minds.


Learn about money patterns, growth strategies, and various other business aspects and boost your business.

8 – Startup Grind

Focused on startups, Startup Grind is the project of Google that aims to educate young entrepreneurs around the world. The blog features the success stories and interviews of startup founders from over 150 countries.

startup grind_entrepreneur_blogs

By subscribing to this blog, you can get access to resources focused on startup marketing, ideas, investor pitching, real-life stories of entrepreneurs.

9 – The Entrepreneurial Mind

Dr. Jeff Cornwall’s The Entrepreneurial Mind is an e-learning platform focused on providing insights into the world of business. It is a community where business owners can engage and interact on topics like business growth, raising funds, etc. to build a transformational business model and enhance financial knowledge.


This e-learning platform is perfect for small business owners.

10 – Mixergy 

Andrew Warner designed Mixergy to help people who are in love with the business world. The blog helps people in a way that readers can learn various things related to the business from experienced mentors.


Here the reader can find interviews and journeys of the entrepreneurs and know and learn about them.

11 – Wistia Blog

Wistia is a blog for marketers focused on inbound marketing and videos. Since videos are a great source of marketing and the most important thing to include in a marketing plan, this blog is all about the mechanics behind video creation.


The blog educates the reader regarding the benefits and importance of video marketing and how you can incorporate that into the marketing plan. Here you can learn various strategies from the industry leaders.

12 – Hubspot

Hubspot was formed by MIT graduates who met in 2004. After they noticed, people are not responding to traditional marketing like direct mails, calls, etc. they came up with Hubspot. The team realized the need for human connection in marketing and developed a model to bring the human touch to the marketing approaches.


The blog is on the same theme, with the content on the examples related to marketing approaches covering basics like inbound leads, sales, product information, etc.

13 – Contently

Contently is one of Inc Magazine’s 100 fastest growing companies and also received an ASJA award. It helps people to create amazing content by providing resources. You can learn various things related to social media and marketing campaigns from this blog.

Contently_Entrepreneur_ Blogs

So, if you are a B2B company or even a freelancer, and want to learn how to grow a business, check out this blog.

14 – Social Triggers Blog

Derek Halpern through his blog bridges the gap between science and business and tells various ways to gain traffic and boost sales by tying psychology to marketing.

Social-Triggers-Entrepreneur Blogs

The blog reveals various strategies and tactics to help readers become an amazing marketer or salesperson, through research, case studies, etc. that you can apply in business and life. The best part about this blog is the content is very simple and easy to digest.

15 – Fast Company

Fast company is a website that features articles related to current trends in the digital world and various business tips and tricks. This online magazine covers topics revolving around business, technology, and design.


If you are a startup or an established business, this blog has a lot of resources that can help you out to stay updated related to the current trends.

Final Words

These are some of the best entrepreneur blogs that you can refer to if you are about to step into the world of business or want to stay updated regarding the current trends. Follow these blogs to get inspired and discover your true potential. You can also check out these amazing brainstorming tools for your business.

Which one is your favorite?


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