4 solutions to fix gmail server error 007

Although Gmail is very easy and straightforward to use, that doesn’t mean it will be without flaws. It is possible to run into issues such as Gmail Server Error 007 and your account will not work when this occurs.

The Gmail page won’t refresh and you won’t be able to click anything. You won’t be able to send or receive any emails. It is possible that you cannot send or receive emails. It is only necessary to restart and close Google Chrome at this time.

Whenever that happens, you get irritated and search for a stable solution.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Please contact us for assistance. What is #007 error gmail and how can it be fixed?

Why is the issue occurring, and what can be done to resolve it?


The Gmail Error 007 is primarily experienced when sending emails. When this occurs, the message can’t be sent, and you receive a message declaring “error oops.”.

Your Gmail is no longer being sent as a result of an error on the server. #707”.

GMAIL error 007

It is true that most people think that the error has occurred because their inbox has become overcrowded, but that isn’t the case.

Further, some of the Lab features on Gmail are the main cause of the error. One can use many features on Gmail, but a few are important to the application’s functionality and proper functioning.

There are several features of Gmail that are still unexplored and untested, even though they are not all used.

People are now starting to examine these still embryonic features that can provide their users with a lot of opportunities with the passage of time.

Still, you can send emails anywhere in the world with all this. The 007 error has been resolved by figuring out what causes it and how to fix it. Below are some solutions you can consider.

Common Symptoms for Gmail send error #007

As we’ve already discussed, Gmail oops #007 Error indicates that you’re having trouble sending emails through Gmail.

A Google email server error #007 causes you to be unable to send emails using your account. This is the most significant symptom. Also know that if a Gmail server error occurs 007, you will see a message that indicates the problem is error #007 and ensures you are dealing with a Google error.

For your problem to be resolved, we recommend that you follow the suggestions given in this blog.

Reason of Error 007 In GMAIL

The Gmail error 007 occurs during the sending of emails, as described above. Often, this happens when a system file is incorrectly configured or when certain settings are adjusted.

A corrupted computer file can hold up the functioning of Windows if it creates a registry error on the computer. There may be a temporary delay in replying, and subsequently, an error message is sent.

It may also be the cause if your internet connection is slow. When you increase your internet speed, this problem can be resolved.

In light of what On Gmail a server error has occurred 007, then let’s dig out the potential causes, let’s talk about ways to fix it.

1. HyperText Transfer Protocol is responsible for this.
2. Errors relating to the server or browser.
3. Problems with Internet connectivity.
4. A virus infects the computer.
5. Nothing can be clicked by the user.
6. Users can’t also refresh the email page.
7. Incapable of sending or reading emails that have not been opened.

4 Solutions to Fix Gmail Server Error 007

You need not worry, as we give you the easiest fixes for the #007 error Gmail. You will be able to solve the error yourself without any help if you follow the steps given below. So, lets begin with our first solution:-

1. Clear the Cache and Cookies From Your Browser

It is very simple to delete the cookies and cache from Google Chrome. If you’re not sure how to do it, here are the steps:

GMail error 007 fixed

  • Select Settings from Chrome’s menu (by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner).
  • You can view advanced settings by scrolling down.
  • Click the Content Settings button under the Privacy tab.
  • On the Cookies tab, click on Site data and all cookies.
  • After Clicking Done, remove all the items from the list.
  • Check if the problem still persists after you have removed your cookies and cleared your cache. This is unlikely to happen.

2. Check for Viruses and Browser Updates

The server error 007. It might seem absurd, but viruses can sometimes cause this error. You should always scan your computer for viruses, as they can harm your computer in several ways.

Chrome check for updates- Gmail error 007 fixed

You can easily scan your computer for viruses by clicking on your antivirus software.

It is possible that your browser needs to be updated as well. If you use another browser that does not automatically update, check your browser’s settings.

Google Chrome updates automatically, but just to be sure, you should double check if it is. “Check for updates” is probably under the settings menu (or something similar).

Solution 3: Disabling Background Send

You may also encounter this error due to “Background send” not being disabled in Gmail. Background send indicates that even if your Gmail window has been closed, the account continues to send emails, which may cause server errors.

You can disable it by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Google account.
Step 2: On the right hand side, click the gear icon.
Step 3: Locate the Advanced menu under Settings.
Step 4: Click Disable next to Background send.

The user reports we have received indicate that this solution usually works 95% of the time, so you can freely send emails anywhere in the world without worrying about the Gmail Server Error 007.

What Does the “Background Send” Do?

The people who are not interested in the methods of resolving the issue are happy that the error message is gone.

However, some people are more interested in knowing how the problem is resolved.

If you are curious about what happens when we disable the background send lab, you should know that there is nothing we lose or nothing we are no longer able to use.

This lab is designed so that you can send an email to anyone, even if your window has been closed or you have switched to a different folder while working. You can close the current window without affecting the sending process.

The users can save some time this way, as every little bit helps.

A server error, however, may occasionally cause the Oops… a message couldn’t be sent (#007) error. So, you have two options.

You can either disable this feature, or you can save some seconds, which won’t work because you’ll still encounter the 007 error.

Solution 4: Checking for Browser Updates and Viruses

In addition, viruses in your system can cause Gmail Server Errors. In addition to degrading your system’s performance, viruses can also harm it. Thus, you should keep your computer virus-free by scanning it regularly.

It is therefore important to install an antivirus program on your computer in order to make sure it is protected from harm.

Antivirus scan

It is also important to have the latest version of the browser. You should update your browser every time an update is received to ensure its proper functioning. While Chrome updates itself, you should always ensure it’s updated.

If your browser is not listed, look in its settings for the option to ‘check for updates’.
More Methods to solve error #007.

Below are mentioned some more methods to help you with resolving the GMAIL ERROR 007.

If the above methods didn’t somehow work for you, the following will surely. Thus, do not lose hope, and try these methods now.

1. The background send lab needs to be disabled, and if you haven’t already, you should do so. You just have to wait a while until it becomes reality.
2. Furthermore, you can also reset your web browser and reload the page to fix the error. When the lab settings are disabled, the background sends them.
3. It is possible that the executable files will harm your computer. Therefore, it is important to always check the files for bugs and viruses. If you still receive an error 007 for Gmail, make sure it is the Gmail trojan. We have similar problems from time to time. The causes and solutions to these problems are different, however.
4. If you wish to use your existing PC account for emailing but on another computer, you can do so. This means that despite a problem with your PC, your Gmail works just fine.
5. Please make sure to include some attachments with your email when sending them to someone. The maximum size should not exceed 25MB. A mail message will be sent if this is not the case.

Additional Steps to Resolve Gmail Error 007

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and still got nothing. These few Google technicians have encountered cases where none of the previous remedies seems to work.

Gmail error 007 fixed background error

In such a case, you can take a look at these additional ways:

1: Use a recent version of your web browser because sometimes it can cause issues if you use an older one.
2: Deleting your PC’s cache and cookies is the best way to ensure that it runs smoothly and quickly.
3: You can also disable the add-ons and browser extensions that are part of your browser.
4: Close your browser and re-open it after you have completed the steps above.
6: After opening the Gmail application, you can see whether you need any labs installed.
7. Last but not least, you should disable your virus scanner. If this does not fix the 007 error, you should try contacting the parent company of your anti-virus program, and they might be able to assist you further.

FAQs (People Also Ask):

  • Why does my email keep saying error?

Ans: Gmail Server Error is caused by various reasons. It can be due to wrong passwords, wrong usernames and maybe blacklisting. One of the reasons could be the wrong server. Also, try temporarily disabling the extensions.

  • Why is my Gmail not connecting to server?

Ans: Make sure that you have sync Gmail and clear Gmail app & data. Open the settings menu on your device and clear Gmail app data and storage.


The steps to resolve the problem outlined above and the methods provided above ensure that this problem can be resolved. Several websites may claim you can download and install their software to fix the problem. Avoid such claims.

Through this type of fraud, companies try to trick you into installing their software into your system so that they can steal all your personal information.

In the case of error #007, some system settings can be tweaked to remove it. As we discussed earlier, some users get frustrated and try unofficial solutions or install some software/utility recommended by websites.

Some methods discussed above could be lengthy and try your patience for you, but I am sure you would desperately want to get rid of this error, thus try out the methods and see which one works for you.

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