Coronavirus is the latest global health outbreak that was declared by WHO. As we know, this virus started in China and now has the world’s attention as there have been many cases globally. 

Google has started a custom curation along with WHO to manage information related to the Coronavirus. People searching about it will be directed to an alert which will tell them all the relevant details. 

Coronavirus- Google

Image Credit – The Verge

Google has also raised 250,000$ for the same. Since the outbreak started in December, there have been over 8,000 confirmed cases and more than 170 deaths.

A lot of flights have been kept on hold and many offices in China are temporarily shut for the same reason. 

Google’s SOS alert is a refined way for people to know more about the outbreak and seek help through the WHO directly. This is a far better option than Facebooks’s save feature. 

Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China. It was started in December and now has become the global outrage making the WHO declare as a global health emergency. After the cases in China, people across the world have been affected by this deadly virus. 

The coronavirus appears to cause symptoms like fever, cough, breathing issues, and other respiratory symptoms. It causes severe illness in around a quarter of cases and can be deadly. Officials are working to understand how dangerous this virus is, how fast it’s spreading, and how to contain it.

WHO- Coronavirus

There are a lot of misconceptions and fake information out there on the internet. However, Google’s SOS alter is the most credible source for knowing about the Coronavirus. 

There are over 8,000 confirmed cases of the virus spread across nearly two dozen countries. 


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