OnePlus is yet again involved in another data security breach. As per the company, an unauthorized party accessed some customers’ personal information without their approval.

They have come out and said that details like some customer names, contact numbers, emails, and shipping addresses “may have been exposed,” but also that “all payment information, passwords and accounts are safe.”

OnePlus is now reaching out to all the affected customers and is notifying them about this issue. This security breach was identified last week; however, the action in controlling the same is being taken now.

Though the company recently stated that it has taken this long to ensure that no similar flaws take place in the future again.


OnePlus has come forward to announce that they have taken the necessary steps and have the situation under control now. The affected customers are being notified about this issue because some of their essential information has already been leaked. Despite being asked, the company is not stating the number of people that have been affected by this data security breach.

A similar breach had also taken place two years ago. People are questioning the transparency of the company. They are even asking why it took so long for the company to handle the situation.

Security breaches are not casual incidents that happen in a company. They are a major security loophole that has provided access to a lot of information about many customers.


All the customers’ whose personal information has been leaked can be under potential risk. Despite their security breach previously, the company has stated that it will be partnering with a “world-renowned security platform next month” and will launch a bug bounty program by the end of December.

Ideally, this is something that should’ve been done during the time they had their previous security breach. The last breach also affected around 40,000 customers in 2018. This major breach led to customers’ credit card information to be stolen.

This data security breach has led to the potential risk of your name, phone number, and personal address being exposed to unwanted parties.

However, the reply that was stated by OnePlus was not a suitable one. Their statement said that impacted users might receive spam and phishing emails as a result of this incident. This is not a severe and only consequence that the affected customers are most likely to face.

It is a moral duty of companies to invest most of their resources in maintaining a database that is extremely secure for their customers. Since the company has already been through a similar breach two years ago as well, precautionary actions should’ve been taken place in 2018 itself. People don’t like the fact that One Plus is not sharing all the information regarding the security breach and its consequences.

Lack of transparency is bothering many. The fact that they have taken a week to address this issue and act on it is also something that should’ve been quick.

This could’ve ensured less damage for the customers as well as OnePlus.


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