AI Generated Whiskey

Wait. Did they just say AI-Generated Whiskey?

Yes, you read that right. We have the first-ever AI-Generated Whiskey, a blend which is absolutely unique. If this scares you then wait for the company which made this possible.


Microsoft was not the brand you were expecting when we said Whiskey.

Microsoft has collaborated with a 20-year-old Swedish distillery named Mackmyra and Fourkind, a Finnish technology consultancy — to bring forth the world’s first AI-created whiskey.

AI Generated Whiskey

I am sure, you might know a thing or two about AI but I bet you are scratching your head to understand that how the hell did they pull this off. Well, don’t worry it is not that hard. The thing is Whiskey is all about the blend and the blend is about the recipe which makes it unique.

They created an AI-Recipe generation concept to bring a unique taste out. The AI works on Microsoft’s platform, Azure. It writes the recipe after analysing all the fed existing recipe AI Generated Whiskeyand creates a perfectly balanced new recipe for the whiskey.

Which they were successful to execute it.  Now you can savour those note with a hint of technology.

Mackmyra’s AI-generated whisky will be available from Autumn 2019. According to the distillery, this is the first time that a complex consumer product recipe has been created with machine learning – but whisky is just the beginning.

However, blending whiskey is an art and requires a lot of experience and talent. We might have got a new recipe but we will never get that essence of human touch while making something amazing. A job of a master blender is to evoke emotions from the smell of the blend. To give a soul to the whiskey.

AI can give you an engineered whiskey but it can’t give you the reason to have that sip.

But why will you create a machine-based recipe?

To answer that question is the answer to every why machine question. Time! With computer-generated recipe saves a lot of time as compared to the manual process to create any blend. You can create many different recipes in a short span of time.

AI is the next big thing. Ever heard of robots taking on humanity concept? Well, AI is the supervillain in that story. Obviously, with great technology comes greater advantages but technology has its own set of disadvantages.

But if AI can give you first AI-generated rock music and whiskey, then I am all in to take AI over from these stupid humans.


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