Best Predictive Dialer Software for Call Centers and Sales Teams

Among the types of call center software available, there are progressive dialers, preview dialers, and predictive dialers, which can be categorised according to their functions.

One of the most popular tools for managers who need high productivity and fast throughput.

A predictive dialer is available as a standalone program, as well as a plug-in or integration into an existing VoIP communication setup.

Here’s a list of the top 10 predictive dialer software for 2024.

What is Predictive Dialer Software?

Using predictive dialer software, your business can automate outgoing calls and prioritize communications in queues. Calls are placed based on agent availability and average call times using advanced algorithms.

predictive dialer software

These outbound calls are made by a customized Robo-dialer if a real person, rather than an answering service, answers them.

Predictive dialing software is often bundled with telemarketing call center software, however, it can also operate independently. Any organization that does not operate a call center or outreach center but makes a large number of outbound calls will benefit from this standalone setup.

Using the system, agents will spend less time waiting and will be able to avoid delays caused by voicemail and disconnected numbers.

Features of predictive dialer

1. Pacing Ratio :

Each agent will call a certain number of people according to the pacing ratio. You can set the predictive dialer to call three people at once if you set the pacing ratio to 1:3.

The pacing ratio can be adjusted as needed.

2. Call Conferencing :

An ongoing call can be extended by adding a third party through the use of predictive dialers. Initially, you will have to call the first number to initiate the call conferencing. You can then dial another number once it is answered.

3. Scalable :

Your business will grow and your team will expand as your scalable system needs to be expanded. Making thousands of calls at once is possible with predictive dialers.

4. Call Recording and Monitoring :

Every call center should record calls. Training new employees and improving your agents’ performance can also be done using it. Recordings can be accessed by managers at any time.

Alternatively, you can track all activities relating to an active call through call monitoring. Customers are not aware that you are listening to their calls in real-time.

Moreover, call whispering can be used to guide the agent on how to deal with an ongoing call (the customer won’t be able to hear you, however).

How does a Predictive dialer work?

Using a predictive dialer, you can determine when to call a number based on a variety of parameters.

Furthermore, the system analyzes answered calls, dropped calls, the number of active agents, and the dial success rate to adjust how fast the number rings.

Calls are placed using the following metrics:

  • The number of agents available
  • Duration of calls on average
  • A person’s average response time (ring time)
  • Callers who picked up on average
  • Connection time on average
  • Result of an after-call task (if enabled) in average time

As a result, the predictive dialer makes 50 calls all at the same time (if 10 of the customer answers).

Once all agents are occupied, other parameters will be used, i.e. call duration, ring time, and dialing time.

If a call is answered, the predictive dialer will automatically dial more numbers after 85 seconds (120-30-5), making sure the agent gets occupied immediately.

Activating after-call tasks will make the predictive dialer use them to dial numbers. Let’s take the example of having two minutes (120 seconds) allotted for after-hours work. 205 seconds after the prediction dialer calls the numbers (120 + 85).

When using a predictive dialer, timing is the most important aspect. You will get better results by entering more accurate data.

What are the different types of Predictive Dialers?

Before moving on to the top 10 predictive dialer software, let’s discuss the different types of dialers.

Progressive dialers: These dialers accommodate agents by initiating a call only after a previous one has been completed.

Preview dialer: When the call goes through, an agent can see information about the target on a pop-up screen.

Power dialer: Here the dialer detects the availability of agents and initiates calls. However, agents have to handle unanswered calls, busy tones, and answering machines.

Predictive dialer: According to pre-configured rules and algorithms, it detects when an agent is about to end a call and initiates it.

If an agent takes longer than expected, the called party might be put on hold. It reduces idle time but increases waiting time for the called party.

Once that has been accomplished, it is time to see what is the best predictive dialer software solution on the market.

Best 10 Predictive Dialers for 2024

1. Dialer AI

DialerAi- best predictive dialer software

A predictive dialer software could be a good option if you want a high degree of automation and are primarily looking to follow up on leads and collect payments.

Calls that are not answered or are busy can be dropped, disconnected lines and answering machines can be detected. It will only transmit a call if an actual human is picked up on the other end. You can choose between multitenant and white-label versions of Dialer AI.

2. Adversus Dialer

Adversus- predictive dialer software

The predictive dialer from Adversus incorporates automation. Cloud-based predictive dialers are a great tool for managing campaigns and leads.

There are some options that can be configured. As a software as a service, it is web-based and available 24×7. It is possible to integrate VoIP software into other existing VoIP solutions.

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix- best predcitive dialer

Combined with a CRM software system, Bitrix 24 dialer software can be used to dial business numbers. You can use this application to handle both incoming and outgoing calls, including telemarketing and robocalling.

In addition, you will receive voicemail, call logging, and call routing. This should be pretty good if there are 8 million businesses using it.

4. VICIdial


The open-source call center software includes an outbound predictive dialer. A web chat and inbound calls can also be handled. Mobile devices, as well as desktop computers, can access the software.

A number of features are offered in the company’s predictive dialer, including call monitoring, recording, scheduling, lead management, campaign management, and campaign management.

5. Sparktg

SparkTG- best predictive auto-dialer software

Several call center software applications can be integrated with Sparktg predictive dialer, including your own. It can be integrated with a wide variety of CRM systems, such as Salesforce and Zoho.

Calls can be received by agents as well, and IVR can be customized for automation. Reports and recordings are also available.

Customer calls can be routed to the same agent each time with a sticky agent feature. Besides calling monitoring in real-time, it offers whisper mode as well.

6. Kixie PowerCall

Powercall- predictive dialer software

For the integrated pack at $ 29 per month and the enterprise pack at $ 55 per month, the subscription rates are low.

You can monitor calls, schedule them, record them, transfer them, and manage campaigns with this dialler. Lists and leads can be managed and the software is FTC compliant.

7. Primo Dialer

Primo- best predictive dialer software

The company’s Primo Dialer can be purchased separately or as an integral part of its call center software. It is possible to use remote access and integrate it with other communication platforms.

It is easy to use and economical, making it ideally suited to medium-sized businesses. With a free trial period, the costs are also quite reasonable, starting at $ 0.03 per month.

Call recording, call monitoring, call transfer, schedule making as well as FCC/FTC compliance, campaign management, lead management, and list management are all part of the full set of features.

8. CallTools

Calltools- best preditive dialer tools

In addition to the built-in webphone, good customer support and CRM, CallTools also offers a predictive dialer and a preview dialer.

Within the FTC/FCC compliant software package you will find call disposition, scheduling, call recording, scripting, leads and list management.

9. DialIntelligenceSuite

A one-time payment of $ 1700 is required for this package, which allows both inbound and outbound call management. Windows platform is required and it cannot be hosted.

Call recordings, scheduling, managing and transferring calls, as well as campaigns and lead management, are all available.

10. Hodusoft

Hodusoft- best predictive dialer software

As a standalone or called in progressive dialer, Hodusoft progressive dialer software incorporates all the advantages of predictive dialing without any of the obvious drawbacks. As well as recording, managing, monitoring, and scheduling calls, you can also manage campaigns.

With AI/ML algorithms, it is smart according to each agent’s calling pattern based on the campaign at hand, thereby reducing wait times for the agents and creating a relaxed working environment.

One of the least known products, but one that gives you a surprising amount of bang for your buck and has many of the features you expect from big names. Often, it is better to base decisions on competence and results than on brand and name, and this is the case here.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers

Increases Productivity :

As much as 200% of your agents can increase their productivity with predictive dialers.
A customer service agent can manually dial 35 calls every hour (assuming some customers never pick that phone).

Predictive dialers allow you to make 110 calls an hour utilizing algorithms and automation.
By doing so, agents can spend more time talking to customers and less time calling them.

You’ll find that your agents are spending at least 45 minutes on the phone per working hour if you use a predictive dialer.

Reduction in Operational Costs:

You made things more cost-effective by automating the dialing process while making sure high agent productivity. With a smaller workforce, you can accomplish more.

The operator will be freed up to handle other tasks, such as maintaining call logs or routing calls to agents, thereby reducing further operational costs. In addition, the conversion rate will increase since you are calling as many numbers as possible (assuming you are calling qualified leads).

Ensures Compliance :

You have to follow several FTC rules when it comes to calling customers. In this way, unwanted callers and scams can be prevented.

However, many legitimate businesses still call their customers, but there are some occasions when you shouldn’t (e.g. when the business has set up a do not disturb setting).

The employee staff is unable to keep up with the growing list of prospects, unfortunately. You can exclude numbers from a predictive dialer, however.

Improves Customer Experience :

With predictive dialers, calls are automatically routed to the proper agents, so customers do not have to wait while agents are more productive.

It can also provide detailed information to your agents, such as past interactions, prospects’ names, interests, and many more. Personalized experiences can be offered based on these insights.


Thus, is our top list for Predictive Dialer Software for outbound call centers and sales team.

So, what’s your top choice for the best Predictive dialers? If you are looking out for the best options, you must weed out the wrong choices and consider the most significant features to find the best Predictive dialers.

Let us know if you have any others on your list, do write to us in the comment section below.

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