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With the technological advancements taking place, everything is just available at the tap. From radio to mobile and laptop to wearables, things have changed a lot. Still, one of the major concerns for the parents is knowing the whereabouts of their kids. 

Thankfully, technology has leveled up and there are various technologies to take care of your children. One such device is the GPS tracker for kids. As you know, GPS trackers are important for tracking the location of your kids. 

Personal GPS tracker for kids lets parents gets the exact pinpoint of their kids on a map using their smartphone or tablet. Also, various geo trackers offer geo-fencing which draws a digital barrier that alerts your kids when they cross that barrier. 

Not for the kids, this child tracker also used for various elderly parents and pets. So, are you looking for an amazing GPS tracking device for kids that makes it fun for your kids and parents as well? 

If you are looking for a GPS tracker for kids that you would want to purchase now? Let us find out the best GPS trackers for your kids. 

Why Should You Choose GPS Tracker?

GPS tracker devices are indeed the need of the hour for tracking down your kids. The best thing about using the child GPS tracker is that your kids are being tracked without even knowing it. 

Some of these devices are one-way systems whereas some are equipped with two-way systems. While you can track your kid’s location effectively, you will also be warned if your kids cross the boundary. 

There is an alert or SOS button that your kids might use in case of emergency so that you can reach them through call or message in real-time. Different models may give different specifications and features. 

That’s why you must always choose the devices that are best for your kid’s safety. This tracking device for kids come in various forms, designs, and shape. Moreover, some of them might be easy to use whereas some are too complicated. 

For the young lads, we would recommend a simple model in the form of wearable watches. You can also use some GPS tracker devices in non-wearable forms which can be kept in pockets or bags. 

In this guide, we have considered various factors before deciding on a GPS tracker for kids that come in various forms (wearable and non-wearable).

Best GPS Trackers To Track Your Kids

The first class of GPS tracking device for kids comes in the form of wearable watches. These are the best options when it comes to the GPS tracker for kids. Known for its sleek design and variants of straps, this tracking device for kids is certainly the best option to track your kids. 

1. Verizon Gizmo Watch 

Verizon Gizmo watch- child GPS tracker

When it comes to the best GPS tracking watches for kids, Verizon’s Gizmo watch is the best option for the kids. It comes with a myriad of features for tracking the kids. 

The best part; it has two color variants for both boys and girls. Verizon’s Gizmo watch comes in blue and pink colors. For the kids, it is a basic smartphone that enables 2-way communication via the voice and message system. 

Alerts to the parents will be sent automatically when the GPS tracker is set in the loop and enabled. Moreover, you can also set up 10 trusted contacts in the system through which your kids can reach anyone via call or message. 

For further features, you can get the GizmoHub App that tracks your little ones in real-time with a waterproof watch face. As an additional feature, these child GPS tracker watches also keeps track of your sports activities. 

Moreover, the device is completely waterproof so that it can be used in swimming pools. Parents can also set up the geofencing boundaries so that they receive alerts when the child crosses the boundary. 

Pricing: It costs $179.99, plus a $5 monthly subscription for existing Verizon customers


Xplora2 for kids. best tracking device for kids

Xplora2 is another cool wearable smartwatch for kids that comes with an in-built GPS tracker. It comes with a robust GPS tracking device for kids that helps you add up to 2 administrators for real-time geolocation tracking. 

You can set alerts when the kid leaves or enters an area. As compared to GizmoWatch, Xplora2 lets you add up to 12 contacts. Furthermore, it comes with a 2-way communication system. 

There is an SOS button on the side of the watch using which the kids can activate emergency and reach the contact that has been set up. In case the call is not answered, the SOS button reaches and tries the number until contact is reached. 

Xplora’s USP is its integration with the Amazon Echo. Using this, the parents can ask for the kid’s location from Alexa. Moreover, the step tracker and fitness tracker make it more worthy to buy for your kids. 

Lastly, there is a free app for Android and iOS. Certainly, Xplora is one of the best GPS trackers for kids in the form of wearables. 

Pricing: $169.99 with the free sim and free Android App.

3. Lil Tracker

Lil Tracker- child GPS tracker

Lil Trackers is considered a great child GPS tracker smartwatch for your little ones. It has a myriad of features that you can use to know the exact point of your kids in real-time. 

This GPS tracker comes in three funky colors; blue, purple, and black. One of the best features of Lil tracker that it comes with an SOS button that notifies up to three numbers when the watch is held down for more than three seconds. 

It has an IP67 waterproof technology which means that the watch is superb water-resistant as well as sand and dirt resistant. Lil Tracker lets you store up to 15 preset numbers at a time using a 2-way communication system. 

Moreover, it has a high sensitivity mic that clearly enables you to listen to the child’s surroundings. 

Pricing: $89.99 with Free App for Android and iOS

4. OjoyA1

OjoyA1- best GPS tracking device

OjoyA1 is considered a cheaper alternative to Verizon’s Gizmo Watch. This GPS tracking device for kids comes with the basic features of the smartphone.

It works with 4G, 3G, and GSM networks and gives a free Android and iOS app along with this. 

Like others, it has a 2-way communication system in the form of a voice and messaging system. However, there are not many games for the kids here. 

But, you can always get other functions along with the GPS tracker including activity trackers, school calendar app, and the camera. 

It comes with a strong 800 mAh battery that offers two-way communication as well as SOS functionalities. Lastly, this device is completely waterproof so that your child can take it to swim as well. 

The second class of GPS tracker for kids come in the form of non-wearable device. They can be kept in pocket or bags of your kid to help them track. 

5. AngelSense

Angelsense- GPs tracker for kids

AngelSense is much like a smartphone GPS tracking device for your kids. If your child doesn’t like wearing watches, AngelSense is the best thing to keep track of their location. 

For the kids suffering from Autism and Dementia, these tracking devices for kids works miraculously well. This tracker alerts the parents when a child visits an unfamiliar place and crosses a boundary as set by the parents. 

This tracker comes with a locking mechanism so that your child cannot remove it by themselves. Moreover, you can set and receive alerts every 30-seconds to get the exact location of your kid. 

It comes with a water-resistant silicone cover and an amazing lock. Lastly, it has a durable battery that makes sure the GPS tracker does not switch off in case of an emergency. 

To set up your device, you will need to download the AngelSense App and complete a questionnaire to make tracking easier. 

Pricing:  It costs $400-$500 along with a one-year subscription. It also includes a GPS device, a black sleeve, 3 fasteners, 1 magnetic key, charger, and a travel case.

6. Jiobit

Jiobit tracker- best GPS tracking device

Jiobit is a compact child GPS tracker that is small as the size of an Oreo. The company claims it to be light-weight and easy to carry for your kids. 

You can always track and check-in when needed along with the live tracking feature enabled in it. You can track the kids in real-time and add some trusted places on the map where your kid travels frequently. 

You can also form a care group including the contacts of your closest ones. The AlertMe feature is a great addition as it helps your kids establish a connection during an emergency. 

The battery is highly durable and waterproof. 

Pricing: Jiobit costs $129 with an extra 2-year contract of $8.99 per month.

7. Samsung SmartThings Tracker 

Samsung SMart things tracker- best GPS tracker for kids

Samsung’s SmartThings tracker is known for its light-weight and super accuracy. These devices are compact and can be attached to your kid’s pocket or collars. It is also preferred by most pet owners to track them. 

Moreover, this tracking device enables you to create some forbidden zones. When the kids cross these forbidden zones, you will get an alert with the exact location of your kid. 

Don’t worry about the device getting ruined by water. SmartThings Tracker is completely water-resistant with IP68 waterproof features. It can withstand dust, sand, and submersion underwater. 

The best part is that you don’t need to charge it for 6-10 days. To set up the GPS tracking device, you need to install the SmartThings App for a small fee. 

Pricing: $99

8. Weenect GPS tracker 

Weenect GPS tracker for kids

Weenect is an amazing GPS tracking device not just for the kids, but for the parents and pets as well. 

It has a 7-day long-life battery with large-range real-time connections. This means that your kids or pets can be tracked anywhere in real-time.

This device is much like a phone and does not need anything to set up or install. Once turned on, this GPS tracker is ready and up for use. Your kids can contact you by a press of a button in any unwanted situation.  

It has an Augmented Reality feature that keeps track of your kids, keeps the history of the route taken by your kids and you can also replay the journeys to make sure they have taken the right path. 

Weenect requires a Sim card that comes with a small monthly subscription. 

9. Sonew Pendent A9 Locator For Kids

Sonew GPS Pendant for kdis

Sonew’s Pendent geo-locator for kids is an amazing GPS tracking device for kids that is in the form of a necklace. This certainly makes it more compact to carry. 

The device offers a strong GPS connection between the parents and kids so that they can be tracked anywhere. Users can set up the SMS alerts, establish Wi-Fi connections and enable GPS for sending SMS to the contacts. 

Sonew also gives a mobile App using which parents can set up the geofencing and can get alerts. There is also a voice monitoring system that lets you add your number in case of an emergency SOS. 

Pricing: $62.59

10. Gator 

Gator tracker for kids

Gator is another top-notch GPS tracker alongside the phone functionalities. It has a feature-rich parental app for Android and iOS. The tracking device also comes with a pre-installed SIM. 

It supports calling from 13 different numbers and also connects with multiple networks. Gator works well when the kid is outdoor in the form of GPS tracking and in the form of Wi-Fi when someone is indoors. 

Gator offers a 4-day long battery life along with other functionalities. Gator is a water-proof device that also gives end-to-end encryption like a smartphone app. Parents can track the live location of their kids along with two-way communication. 

Pricing: £99.00 with an extra charge of app subscription. 

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Wrapping Up:

This was our detailed list of the best state-of-art GPS tracker for kids that the concerned parents must buy for their kids. 

Before purchasing a GPS tracker device, make sure to read some reviews on the Internet about it. 

Along with the elegant design, you must also consider GPS tracking and other features for connecting with your kids before purchasing the device. 

Let us know in the comments if you have more GPS tracking device for kids to recommend. 


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