alternatives to Vonage for small businesses

If you have used the business phone services at home for a long, you must be pretty familiar with Vonage. But, here we are going to share the Best Vonage Alternatives.

Since their founding in 2001, Vonage has focused heavily on residential VoIP.

Having been among the top residential VoIP providers for quite some time and taking the business market by storm recently, they have managed to dominate the market for quite some time now.

In addition to Vonage’s commitment to moving into the business and enterprise markets, the provider will continue its legacy as a dependable residential service provider.

Although Vonage does have a strong offering, this does not mean they are the best VoIP service for residential customers.

In terms of cost, features, and reliability, they hit the essential points, but not every provider fits every business or home perfectly.

You should shop around and do your homework before deciding to ditch your landline for a VoIP service provider.

Why Vonage Alternatives?

Vonage is an amazing business phone service without a doubt. But, there might be some additional features that you might need in your business phone service.

For example, the mobile version of the Vonage might cost you extra and is a bit pricey.

Further, the call tracking is available only in the advanced plan, so you might be missing a great feature in the basic plan.

Vonage also lacks video or text capabilities and thus might be good only for voice calls.

If Vonage does not meet all of your needs, we have provided a list of what we believe are the best Vonage alternatives for your home phone.

Best Vonage Alternatives for Small Businesses

1. VoIPo (#1 Vonage Alternative)

Voipo- best vonage alternatives

In addition to offering affordable 2-year contracts and even the ability to pay your annual contract in advance, VoIPo is an excellent value.

VOIPo’s plan matches Vonage’s North American plan with unlimited calling to the US and Canada, and VOIPo even provides the first 60 minutes of international calling free of charge.

You can keep the setup costs low if you switch, or adopt VoIP for the first time, with a free VoIP adapter, free shipping, and even free activation.

The company offers a number of features, including a free rollover line as well as an app that lets you make and receive calls, send and receive texts, three-way calling, do not disturb, call blocking, and VOIPo offers almost half the functionality of more expensive plans.

Porting your number is free, as is contacting them by email and phone from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Ooma (Recommended Vonage Alternative)

Best Vonage Alternatives- Ooma

Ooma’s homepage emphasizes its pride in remaining number one among phone services for five years in a row. No minutes or calls are charged by Ooma.

Instead, they charge you for Ooma Telo, their router/Phone integration device. Despite the high price tag, the Telo is a good option considering that everything is included. The United States and Canada are always free to call.

Payments or contracts are not required on a monthly or annual basis. With our international plans, you can speak with people all over the world for as little as 1.4 cents per minute, or add unlimited calling for $17.99 per month.

Those that make infrequent international calls may not find Ooma to be a great option, but with the low rates on the standard plan, those who make infrequent international calls won’t have difficulty paying their bills.

You can manage your Telo through the Internet, check your call logs, and set up advanced home-based servers since it’s a high-performance firewall router.

Ooma reviews are raving about the quality of service, and integrations like calling Amazon Echo continue to justify the higher costs. As well as personal solutions, Ooma Office offers business solutions.

3. PhonePower

Best vonage alternatives- PhonePower VOIP service

VOIPo’s monthly payments are $8.33, but PhonePower’s are less affordable at $8.33 per month. For people who don’t want to sign a two-year contract, PhonePower offers a shorter contract option.

It is possible to pay monthly without a contract, like with most providers, but the cost will increase to $19.95 a month. PhonePower’s 1-year contract is inexpensive, unlimited U.S. and Canada calls are free, and they offer a bunch of other features.

Initial costs continue to be kept low thanks to a free activation, number porting, and a free cloned second line. For those who frequently send and receive faxes, this company will stand out as an excellent choice because all VoIP lines include free internet faxing.

If you have a contract for one year, you get additional features like anonymous caller rejection, voicemail to email, and simultaneous ringing.

4. ViaTalk

Best Vonage Alternatives- ViaTalk

ViaTalk’s prices appear to be higher than other providers at first glance, but after closer examination, you realize that it makes sense.

In comparison, other providers typically charge in the $20 range or more. Vonage, for example, charges $24.99 for its monthly Unlimited plan. A yearly plan of $189 a year will equal your monthly cost, but if you are a first time customer or have not had ViaTalk service for the previous 60 days, ViaTalk will throw in an extra year for free.

It falls into the perfect spot on our list as its cost is $7.88.

Add to this no setup fees or number porting fees, unlimited domestic and international calling, free 60 minutes of international calling, and even premium features like call recording, and this is one package that’s hard to beat.

Whenever something goes wrong, ViaTalk provides 24/7 customer service to ensure you are always taken care of.

5. MagicJack

Best Vonage alternatives- Magicjack phone service

MagicJack offers a similar solution to Ooma, which is one of the original home VoIP solutions still available today.

As a result, the MagicJack Express and magicJack Go are MagicJack’s two primary offerings. The magicJack Go costs $59.95 one-time, which includes 12 months of service.

Once you’ve paid the $35 fee, you’re simply paying $3.00 a month, or $35 every year after that. As well as unlimited long distance and local calls to the U.S. and Canada, there are several other features like free conference calling for up to 10 participants, free caller identification, call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

As part of MagicJack’s free service, you also receive a mobile app with a softphone feature and simultaneous ringing. Rates vary by country but usually hover under 4 cents per minute for international calls.

As an alternative to Ooma, MagicJack offers an inexpensive annual fee but a lower up-front fee.



The ITPVoIP residential plan starts at $9.99, which matches Vonage’s price, and there’s no setup fee and no number porting fee, so the cost of switching is low. Unlike the unlimited inbound minutes, the outbound minutes are limited to 500 per month.

However, ITPVoIP does something a little bit different in terms of payment methods, allowing you to tailor the service to suit your needs.

You can customize your phone service to fit your home’s needs by purchasing only the add-ons or features you need. Additionally, you can integrate Outlook, record calls, and turn off Do-Not-Disturbs with ITPVoIP.

ITPVoIP offers a free first month of service and a free adapter to get your service going. You can earn more money by using additional features such as mobile apps, voicemail to email, and black/white lists to counteract the limited number of minutes.

7. 1-VoIP

Best Vonage Alternatives- 10VoIP

As per ITPVoIP’s policy, 1-VoIP only allows 500 minutes for $8.97 a month for outbound calling to North America. Nevertheless, you can expect unlimited incoming minutes, hardware included to generate service, no term commitment, as well as a selection of premium features.

You’ll have to pay $17.97 a month if you upgrade to 1-VoIP’s unlimited plan, but you’ll get free shipping on all hardware 1-VoIP sends you.

One of the things that make 1-VoIP stand out is the free Nomorobo service that comes bundled with your plans. It filters out the bad calls and lets through the good ones, like school or pharmacy automated calls, so you don’t have to deal with those annoying, unwanted robocalls at dinner time.

You can also get 100% the U.S. based 24/7 support, an SLA of 99.999% uptime, 4 fully redundant switching centers, digital call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, softphone apps, and online faxing.

8. netTALK

Best Vonage Alternatives- netTalk connect

The service provided by netTALK is like Ooma, but closer to that provided by magicJack. The service offers a DUO wireless adapter for $25 or a DUO adapter without Wi-Fi for $15, combined with a pay-as-you-go model.

After purchasing the device, you are still required to pay $39.95 annually, but that reduces the cost to about $3.33 per month, which is well under some of the other providers on this list.

The US & Canada have unlimited calling, including standard features such as caller ID blocking and there wall calling.

In addition to online faxing, voicemail to text, and conference calling up to 20 people, netTALK is one of the only companies on our list to offer electronic online faxing via its VoIP lines.

The service also includes a mobile app that will alert you when your homophone rings, so you can stay in touch on the go.

Changing your number is possible, but you will be charged $19.95 one time. Additionally, keeping track of your account online is easy with an online account manager.

9. Axvoice

Best Vonage alternatives- AXVoice

AXvoice offers annual subscriptions for only $99 per year, which is about $8.25 a month if broken down.

In addition to the higher price than some of the others on the list, this deal also includes unlimited inbound and outbound calls to the United States and Canada, an online account management portal, and free equipment to get started.

It works with a variety of voice codecs, including G.729, GSM, G.711u, and G.711a, so even if your home does not have the highest bandwidth limit, you can select the codec that will work best.

One unique feature alone can alleviate many of the problems with VoIP, including jitters and sudden silences. It provides you with additional options beyond just voicemail greetings, such as music on hold, which is considered a novelty.

In addition, Do Not Disturb capability, a blacklisting feature, anonymous call rejection, call filtering, and simultaneous ringing are also included, as is a Failover feature that can forward calls to any number in case of a power outage or internet failure.

10. BroadVoice

Broadvoice VOIP

There are a variety of payment options available with BroadVoice, such as paying upfront for a year, signing up for a 1-year contract, or paying monthly.

A yearly subscription for about $99 would cost around $8.33 if prepaid upfront.

For U.S. and Canadian calls, BroadVoice offers unlimited inbound and outbound calls, along with all different payment options. It even offers a free adapter and free second line. All international calls are free for the first 60 minutes.

You should be aware that there will be a recurring Regulatory Recovery Fee of $23.76 per year, which covers local number portability, CALEA compliance costs, and other regulations.

Your service, however, does include 7-day customer service, online faxing and voicemail to fax functionality, and a mobile phone app that gives you access to call recording, *69 callback, simultaneous ring, operator block, anonymous call rejection and FailSafe access.

You can also try out BroadVoice for free for 30 days and see if it works for you.


Residential VoIP providers vary widely, and not all firms manage to cover the bases for everyone, so choosing the best provider will come down to a case-by-case basis.

It’s important to take into account more than just cost when choosing a provider.

While Vonage has a great offering, on some fronts they still fall short, such as pricing, features, or international calling.

Hope our list of the Best Vonage Alternatives will certainly help you find a better phone service for you.

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