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10 Best Solo Classes in WoW: Shadowlands

Best Solo Classes in WoW

Shadowland has continuously introduced several new expansions- specific features to help players get the best game playing time. This involves playing both solo or with other game players.

you have decided to play WoW shadowland solo, or if you are just starting with the game and are a newbie, starting up with solo classes is perfectly fine. With solo classes, you can take your time, learn and explore the world of warcraft shadowland and how the game works.

Is Shadowland worth starting as a new solo player?

The above particular question is asked quite often. And the answer is very simple and a logical one. Even though Shadowland involves a large number of players/teammates, many players prefer to play and go on their own.

WOW shadowlands

When playing solo, you do not have to find a server having several people who compete or encounter mean teammates making it more difficult for you to learn and explore. Playing WoW shadowland is worth it and fine to play solo and levelling experience.

Below we are breaking down a list of WoW shadowland classes that you can play solo. These classes are excellent solo classes and they all get along on their own.

Best Solo Classes to play in World of Warcraft [Shadowland]

1. Vengeance Demon Hunters

Vengeance demo hunter- best solo class wow

Hunter class is a brilliant choice if you are a player who wants to play solo and prefers to move alone through the MMO.

A vengeance Demon Hunter is one of the most notoriously played solo classes.

It is dual-wielding. The core of vengeance revolves around generating and spending soul fragments which heals for six per cent of your damage taken in five seconds before they are absorbed.

Accompanied by-

Hunter class has unnatural malice. Vengeance Demon Hunters have a potency conduit that now increases the night fae ability and damage over time effect.

Soul rending Leech increased by five per cent baseline to ten per cent total. Reduced ten per cent during metamorphism.


  • Powerful; opening bursts.
  • Amazing and frequently usable cooldowns.
  • Well-rounded healing and damage reduction abilities.
  • Excellent solo capabilities.
  • Precise and frequent mobility.

2. Balance Druid

Balance druid wowo solo class

The Druid class has the vast powers to preserve balance and protect life. As you play Shadowland over time, with experience, a druid can unleash nature’s raw energy against their enemies to bring their defeat.

This involves fighting them off and capturing them with enchanted vines ensnaring them in unrelenting cyclones. Balance Druid class is known to be the best healer class. It is WoW best solo class.

A Balance Druid uses the sun and moon to perform the damage.

If you have gained a bonus, the ability to damage your enemy will automatically by being in Moonkin form.
Balance Druid can have two damage over time effects ie. Sun fire and moon fire. While also carrying the ability to cast eclipses.

Accompanied by-

  • New moon with a twenty-second recharge.
  • Half-moon and new moon with thirty-three per cent damage increase.
  • Seller drift damage increased by fifty per cent.
  • Celestial spirits making it difficult to find value in 1m cooldown reduction.


  • Balance druid’s target swapping is strongest when he’s able to pool resources.
  • Celestial Alignment gets incredibly strong on a single target.
  • Bear form + barkskin while when used independently maybe that effectively, combined and becomes the strongest in the game.
  • Druid as a class carries a large utility and control in form of innervating, entwining roots and typhoons. Etc.

3. Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw rogue- best solo class wow

Inside Rogue class, the only code the rogues carry is the contract, and their honour is purchased in gold.

They like to be free of constraints of a conscience, rogue mercenaries rely on brutal and efficient tactics. They are lethal assassins and masters of stealth.

Outlaw Rogue fears nobody. They like to combat and issue one-handed weapons to stand their ground.

They are well at battling in open combat and unleash a whirlwind of attacks against or multiple enemies.

Outlaw rogue utilises energy to attack its target and enemies. They are extremely fast paces. With blade fury mechanics, they leave damage by continued standard rotation then replying on specific abilities and rotations.

Accompanied by-

Serrated bone spike now improved for critical strike chance.
Feint lasts 6 seconds.
Shiv dispels enrage effects. Not tied to numbing poison. Now has powerful 5s poison for all lethal poisons.
Uses shield from ‘cloaked in shadow’ which is now 50 percent larger and lasts four seconds.


  • Strong AoE damages up to five targets.
  • Fun and fast-paced specifications. Numerous abilities to press.
  • Good kit of mobility and utility.

4. Assassination Rogue

Assasination rogue wow

Assassination Rogue targets using deadly dagger strikes that makes their enemies bleed and injects poison into their wounds. They are efficient with strong and quick strikes.

Assassinations Rogue know how to hurt and disable their enemies. Unlike other Rogues classes, assassination Rogue is more of ‘bleed and poison’ centric spec relies on damaging their enemies over and over.

Asssasination Rogues carry the skills of Mutilate, Garrote, Rupture, Envenom and vendetta. In short, they are damn well prepared to weaken and deliver the most damage to their enemies.

Accompanied by-

  • Serrated Bone Spike- which bleeds the enemy after you’ve struck.
  • Feint lasts six seconds.
  • Shiv now has enraged effects, making the strikes fall harder for having the numbing
  • poison work more powerfully.
  • Cloaked in shadows is now fifty percent larger and lasts four seconds.Strengths-
  • Focused good single target and melee cleave damage function.
  • Damage through bleed and poison.
  • Slow-paced, easy to play.
  • More concentrated capacity on boss mechanism.
  • Good progression spec

5. Blood Death Knight

Blood death night

Blood Death Knights are primarily reactive tanks. They reverse the damage done to them rather than preventing it proactively.

Hence, given the name, blood death knight, they are at their peak at the brink of death and usually reckoned as they heal from any damage that they take on.

Their toolkit is fuelled up by two main resources-

1- Runes- six runes that regenerate at a constant rate.
2- Runic Power- a by-product of spending runes.

Accompanied by-

Blood death knights receive a six per cent damage buff to all activities they do. Which in simpler terms means, minus four per cent damage increase.
Anti-magic zone redesigned to absorb and capped one fifty per cent of casters maximum health.


  • Improved and excellent self-sustain when played optimally.
  • Comes with a very unique group utility, ie. Anti-magic zone, death Grip, Gore Fiend’s Grasp.
  • Immunity charm for a short time, along with fear and sleep effects.
  • Have the ability to survive most magic debuffs and curses with an Anti-magic shell.
  • Undead crown control through control undead.
  • Have access to uncapped cheat death through purgatory.

6. Discipline Priest

Discipline priest

Priests had left their shrines and temples and now support their allies in war-torn lands.
A disciplined Priest uses magic to shield allies.

They are the most unique healers and heal their allies as they incurred any damage.

Discipline Priest focuses heavily on preparing for incoming raids and attacks. They are equipped with ‘Atonement’ which they apply before the raid has even occurred. And then follow through healing the damaged allies while also using their damaging abilities on the enemy to heal allies.

The priest is the longstanding class in Warcraft, presenting excellent buffs to their allies through Power word, Fortitude and incurring the health of their allies and many more.

Accompanied by-

Discipline Priest recently received a major cooldown increase to spirit shell.
With shell, they balance their covenant ability, Mindbender and Spirit Shell, cooldown increased to ninety seconds.


  • Brilliant mass absorbs that can soak up incoming damage.
  • Heald by dealing significant damage to enemies.
  • Gives strong utility to raid heavy reduction cooldowns.
  • Power word- barrier and pain suppression.

7. Windwalker Monk

Windwalker monk- best wow solo class

Monks in warcraft are restricted from using weapons, instead, they harness their chi and learn weaponless combat.

Monk class specialises in brewmaster (a tank) who uses liquid fortification and unpredictable movements to avoid damage and protect allies.

Windwalker a Melee DPS, is a martial artist who pummels foes with hands and fists. They are the masters of Zen. Windwalker’s attack Is as fast as lightning and as swift as the wind. They get their powers out of two resources, Chi and Energy.

Energy, when built over time can be spent as a tiger palm, to strike with the use of palm and leave maximum damage. It can also be channelled into Fist of Fury, to leave maximum and instant physical damage to all enemies in front of the caster.

They also carry several abilities with cooldowns like rising sun kick, which reduces the effectiveness of the enemies for ten seconds.

Accompanied by-

Windwalker monks carry a fantastic use of spells like-

Roll- rolls for a short distance.
Flying Serpent- soar forward through the air for one and a half-second, and
Tiger’s Lust- Increases a Target’s movement speed by seventy percent for six seconds.
Fallen Oder’s cooldown resets.
Fortifying Brews resets.
Now prevents damage caused by Bonedust Brew, and more.


  • Strong burst and sustained AeO and cleave.
  • Unparalleled mobility potential.
  • Close to no damage loss from target switching.

8. Frost Mage

Frost mage- best wow class

Mages are students gifted with keen intelligence and unwavering discipline. They carry arcane magic available to a Magi which is both great and dangerous. They have spellcasting abilities. They wear cloth armour.

Frost Mage, to prevent enemy damage, summons a burst of fire to incinerate targets.

A Frost mage freezes enemies in their tracks and shatters them with Frost magic.

Frost Mage carries the abilities of Frost bolt, Ice Lane, Frozen Ord, Icy Veins and Blizzard.
Front mages are the master of battlefield control. They force blizzards into their enemies faces. They freeze them into their tracks.

They swiftly teleport away to land another part of the combat. They are the most defensive spell-casting classes in the game. And for playing solo with these cool capabilities and power of freezing, unleashing blizzards and casting freeing veins can be more than fun.


  • High AeO damage.
  • Priority cleaves.
  • Built-in cooldown reduction.
  • Extreme survivability with numerous defensive capabilities.
  • Amazing mobility. (Shimmer and later time) and more.

9. Subtlety Rogue

Wow Classic Subtetly rogue

If you love gameplays that have the fantasy of quick and powerful strikes from stealth? Subtlety Rogue could be just what you’d want to play solo as.

Subtlety Rogues are like ninjas that spray shurikens at multiple targets, Shadowstep ( stepping through shadows to appear behind your enemies) from enemy to enemy faster and even sprint on water.

Subtlety Rogues are packed with such energy that helps them target and damage their enemies like nothing.

They are usually classified as builders that generate combo points or the finishers that come as combo points for striking powerfully.

Accompanied by-

Shuriken Storm is seeing an increase to critically striking by fifteen per cent.
Black Powder age increased by thirty-three per cent.
Backstab damage increased by twenty per cent.
Feint lasts six seconds and more.


  • Awesome single target with maximum damage.
  • Fair Sustained AeO.
  • Amazingly fast-paced spec.
  • All-time Cooldown ready.
  • Mobile and utility kit.

10. Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast margery- best wow class

Hunters are the matter of their environment, they are pro at spilling through trees and laying traps into the oath of their enemies.

Beast Mastery Hunter is the master of the wild who tames a wide variety of beasts to assist them in combat.

A Beast Mastery Hunters are core focused on their resources and are specialised with the skills and used for the powers of kill command, cobra shot, Dire Beast Aspect of the wild, Bestial wrath do deal the damage.

Accompanied by-

Raeshhalare, Death’s Whisper- ability to fire an enchanted arrow to damage your targeted enemy.
Dark Ranger’s Quiver- after every five shots Withering fire is triggered which struggles up to five enemies in front of you and shadows manage them.


  • Unlimited mobility.
  • Has a solid amount of utility to fight off the enemy.
  • Great class for playing solo.
  • Competitive single target damage.


Question 1 – What is the best class in WoW presently?

Answer- Warrior, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Druid, Paladin or Shaman, hunter are some of the most powerful classes in WoW.

Warrior is the best class in classic. Warrior is one of the most important classes when it comes to PvE and PvP. Mage is literally good at everything. They are the absolute best. The priest class is the absolute best at healing. They are the best healers. Hunter is the premiere solo level. They use pet mechanics and Feign Death and other potent utility skills. Druids can heal, can tak and can do several things. They are jack of all things and masters of carrying flags.

Question 2 – Which WoW classes are easiest to play solo?

Answer- Balance Druid (DPS), Subtlety Rogue (DPS), Vengeance Demon Hunter (Tank), Frost Mage (DPS), WindWalker Monk (DPS), Discipline Monk (Healer) are the best classes to play solo. Also, Hunter class is another mention that is probably the easiest to level and play solo. These are also the most played WoW solo classes ever played, doesn’t mean there are no other classes that are equally easy to play.

Question 3 – Why selecting a WoW best solo class [Shadowland] is difficult?

Answer- Deciding on the best solo class to play can be difficult. Initially, you may find best opted or recommended the class to play solo. But once you finish playing, you might not figure out which one you should play next. Choosing the next best can be tough. Above we have left you a generous list of solo classes that are best to play in WoW.

Question 4 – What are the best survivability classes WoW shadowland?

Answer- The best survivability class to play solo are Druid(king of healing), Monk, Priest, shaman and Paladin. Any class that can tank can give you a huge advantage in playing solo.

Question 5 – Can I still be a part of the WoW community if I am playing solo?

Answer- Yes. Irreverent how you are 0laying, solo or with teammates, you are still a part of the wow community.

Question 6 – Can I solo TimeWalking?

Answer- TimeWalking cannot be done solo. Being able to solo is a privilege that can be taken away while TimeWalking. Obviously, it needs to get better.

Final Words

Above we have made a recommendation to those solo players who are having a little tough time picking up the perfect solo class to play. Our guide and prices of advice will be useful to you if you are looking up for the best solo wow classes to play. The above list of recommendations is meant for both newcomers and veterans.

We hope you liked our guide on WoW best solo classes.

Leave a comment on your recommendation of wow best solo classes.
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