YesBackpage Alternatives and Similar Websites

Here, we have shared the best YesBackpage alternatives for 2022.

Classified ads are used to advertise everything from electronics to real estate to used goods – to promote services and to sell used goods. Having said that, we should keep in mind that Backpage wasn’t your typical website.

As well as facilitating the sale and purchase of all kinds of goods, diving into real estate, and even finding employment, Backpage also specialized in personal ads (dating).

Therefore, we have searched for alternatives that are as close to the original platform’s functionality as possible.

Listed below are the top Backpage alternatives for people who miss the simplicity of the old platform.

This is a list of trustworthy recommendations that promise to help you buy or sell stuff in a reliable way.

Having said that, here is a list of the 10 best Backpage alternatives in 2022.

1. Craigslist

Craiglist best yesbackpage alternatives

Pros: Listings are quick and easy in a centralized community.
Cons: Ad customization is lacking.
Price: All services are free, with some exceptions in some markets.
Visit: Web (online); Android; iOS.

As far as digital classifieds are concerned, Craigslist is without a doubt the most popular channel for local sales.

You’ll find many online communities devoted to different topics such as housing, jobs, personals, and services. There is a free listing renewal feature every 48 hours. Renewals, however, do not extend the life of a post beyond 30 days.

In addition to being used by individuals, the platform is a good option for local businesses with one location. A multi-location company may not be able to afford it due to complicated inventory management.

Additionally, in March 2018, Craigslist eliminated personal ads so prostitution would not be advertised (and to prevent Backpage from becoming what it is today). Nowadays, it is much safer for people to buy and sell items. The website is still being complained about by users from time to time, so use common sense when interacting with it.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace- Yesbcakpage alternatives

Pros: Dedicated dating section; Large user base; Very easy to use.
Cons: Unstructured communication; No buyer protection.
Price: It is free of charge.
Visit: Web (online); Android; iOS.

The Facebook Marketplace enables you to discover, buy, and sell items in 2020 with its vast user base. You can create classified ads on Facebook simply by visiting the group’s ‘Buy and Sell Groups’ under the Explore menu.

Due to this, you will need to login with your ‘real’ Facebook profile in order to use this service, which shouldn’t be an issue for most of you.

Considering the popularity of Facebook, it is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet.
Groups and communities are available for users to use to offer their products and services.

Interested buyers can post comments or directly message sellers. Sellers and buyers communicate using the platform’s messenger service.

In 2018, Facebook launched a dating platform exclusively for its users, so if you’re looking for a Backpage alternative, know that they also offer dating ads in 2018.


Free Ads Time

Pros: Barter exchanges are supported; categories are clearly defined.
Cons: Only available in specific regions.
Price: The service is free.
Visit: Web (online).

Using FreeAdsTime is easy, free, and locally based. Its main operations have been in the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada up until now.

Local ads can now be posted for free on this Backpage substitute. In addition, import and export services are available through the platform. In addition, barter services are also available.

If you’re not willing to adjust to a new visual style or a completely different way of posting ads, then this is one of the best alternatives to Backpage. This site has separate categories for items, jobs, rentals, and more, which is quite similar to Backpage.

Adult content is strictly forbidden on this site. It’s also quite a versatile classified platform that allows you to browse listings and post free ads.

4. WallClassifieds

WallClassffieds- best Yesbackpage alternatives

Pros: High traffic websites for classfieds
Cons: Only available in certain regions.
Price: There is no charge for this.
Visit: Web (online).

There are a variety of different classified platforms in one place with YesBackpage. It allows users to explore their options through just one platform rather than jumping between platforms.

Users are able to save time by doing so. Furthermore, you can post ads on the platform for free.

As its interface is minimalist, YesBackpage has similar design rules to popular classified sites. YesBackpage offers individual sections for adult and dating services in addition to its regular listings.

Users can also choose a different city to obtain more relevant results. At present, the site offers its services only to Americans, Canadians, Australians, and UK citizens.

5. Locanto

Locanto- Yesbackpage alternatives

Pros: The dating app has a polished interface, includes personals, and is separate from the dating website.

Cons: The first time user may find it a little confusing.
Price: A free listing; $2.95 per month for a subscription.
Visit: Web (online).

Yalwa is the manufacturer of Locanto, a product that has been available since 2006. Locanto started out as a local classified site for metropolitan areas in the US, but it soon grew into a global platform for classified ads.

This website can be found in sixty countries today (and five languages), and you can post a free ad.

A monthly fee of $2.95 is required for additional features. Premium ads are available for $3.95 per week as well, as you might expect.

In addition, Locanto specializes in personal ads. In order to avoid falling into the same trap as Backpage, Locanto offers a dating app that promises to help you reach a wide range of potential partners, with 75,000 members signing up every day.

6. Geebo

Geebo classified ads

Pros: Protective measures; Ads are sourced from other websites.
Cons: There are not many categories available.
Price: Job postings are free, but you’ll have to pay $75 per listing.
Visit: Web (online).

Most of you are probably aware that many alternative Backpages can be quite risky to navigate. When posting ads or looking for something to buy, be extra cautious due to the presence of too many sketchy classified websites.

Thus, Geebo stands out for its advocacy in the online marketplace for safety.

Geebo monitors the responses to ads in order to prevent users from being scammed, and they also have various other measures to prevent “problematic” behavior.

At Geebo, you can purchase merchandise, vehicles, services, rentals, and real estate.

Additionally, you can find employment on the website. So you don’t have to worry about getting redirected to a third-party site when browsing advertisements, since it has partnerships with numerous speciality advertising sites.

7. Bedpage

Bedpage- free Yesbackpage aletrnatives

Pros: Features of the premium version: Sponsored ads; Automatic renewal of ads.
Cons: It is not possible to list for free.
Price: A single listing can be had for $2.00; premium features available.
Visit: Web (online).

Bedpage offers classified services in one place. Despite this, it operates around the world, and it’s particularly popular in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

As for looks and functionalities, the site is similar to Backpage – users can post under multiple categories and there are defined sections.

There is a $2.00 minimum charge for a single ad on Bedpage, and users can purchase premium options that will allow them to show their ads at the top of the listings.

The premium features, such as “Auto Repost Ad” and “Sponsor Ad,” however, have different pricing structures. The site offers a number of premium services, which makes it a safe choice from scammers since the posters are genuine and offer real offers.

8. ClassifiedAds

ClassifiedAds- free Yesbcakpage alternatives and websites

Pros: Automating workflows; Separating dating from other categories.
Cons: There is only a US-based user base.
Price: The service is free.
Visit: Web (online).

Advertisements and sales can be posted on ClassifiedAds for free. You can browse and post in hundreds of categories. Despite its availability around the world, it is mainly used by Americans.

Featured states and popular cities can be switched between to discover relevant options.

There is workflow automation throughout the site, and a structured set of rules are used to post and sell services and items in order to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers.

An online dating portal serves as the classified ad’s Personals category. Casual dating is the main focus of this section. Adult services are also advertised under this category.

9. Channel

Pros: Geo-tags are used as filters for anonymous access.
Cons: The website is not accompanied by anything.
Price: The service is free.
Visit: Android; iOS.

A community-driven platform, Channels uses real people to create categorized channels. It lets you discover new restaurants and bars, plan date nights, and even find employment.

Furthermore, it incorporates a simple tag-based search engine that simplifies navigation across the platform.

A user can use the tool to learn more about the city they are in or to discover more about the destination of their next adventure.

Furthermore, this platform protects the privacy of its users. Contributions are anonymous, and usernames, passwords, or email addresses aren’t required.

Bot posts or sponsored data are not allowed. You need a username, however, in order to engage in a conversation. Although, a privacy-first policy is always a good choice.

10. FinderMaster

FindMaster- Yesbcakpage alternatives

Pros: Worldwide availability; Anti-scam systems; Numerous categories.
Cons: A cluttered interface (overly aggressive ads).
Price: The service is free.
Visit: Online (web).

As a trusted source for local postings, FinderMaster has gained a reputation for accuracy. You can easily post ads and find used goods using this free classified platform.

On the platform, users can browse their options either by typing a keyword into the search box or selecting a category on the homepage.

It is a user-friendly website that is accessible globally. The deals and listings are categorized in a way that makes finding them easy. Scam warnings are also provided to keep users safe.

11. GiganticList

GiganticList- best Yesbackpage alternatives

Pros: Various large and small areas are covered.
Cons: Ads may be irritating.
Price: Free to list.

GiganticList is a website where you can find alternatives to Yesbackpage. The design and navigation are modern, making it easy for users of all levels to experience web browsing software such as Chrome or Firefox.

You have access not only to ads from different categories but also ones specific regionally or by city – so chances are good your desired site will be listed here soon enough (and with plenty of opportunities available).


That’s it for our list of the best Backpage alternatives. Please feel free to provide us with any suggestions below in the comments section.

Don’t forget to stay safe when selling or buying stuff online.

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