Without a doubt, electronic signatures are much faster and safer than conventional, handwritten signatures. However, these digital signatures often lack the personal touch you experience when signing a real piece of paper. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to create a personalized signature for electronic use in just a few seconds. 

If you are wondering how to make your own signature, we’ve got you covered. You can use your electronic signature to sign everyday documents, emails, and other important contracts, saving time, effort, and money.


How Do Personalized Electronic Signatures Help Businesses?

Handwritten e-signatures offer numerous advantages, such as document confidentiality, enhanced business reputation, time management, fraud prevention, and money savings. Any department, business, and industry can bring efficiency to their operations with a handwritten electronic signature, including:

  • Sales: Keeps sales teams focused by freeing them  from manual, monotonous, administrative tasks
  • Financial services: Enables staff to collect and share confidential information safely with seamless and paperless experiences that customers expect today
  • Human Resource: Increases staff productivity and allows job applicants to easily access and sign electronic documents from anywhere in the world
  • Information Technology: Automates e-signing workflows for increased efficiency while protecting client privacy

How to Create a Personalized Handwritten Signature for Emails?

  1. Determine your signature style by creating a handwritten signature on a notebook. Make sure your writing style is understandable and captures your personality well. Take your time and choose the letter you wish to use as your signature. You can get inspired by numerous designs on the sites such as Pinterest. 
  2. Practice writing your name, and then slowly build your unique signature style. Play around with different font styles, shapes, and font sizes. Keep practicing until you are fully satisfied with the result and the design flows naturally. 
  3. Make your signature distinct so it stands out from the crowd. Ensuring document legitimacy lies in a unique signature that is difficult to imitate. This can be done by adding a particular flair to the letter or giving your signature to an exclusive form. 
  4. Add any affiliation info beneath the signature, such as job title and department, in simple and consistent colors. 
  5. When targeting potential clients or investors, add additional information such as business website, company social media links, survey links, etc. Avoid stuffing too much information simultaneously to prevent your digital signature from cluttering.

What are the Benefits of Using Personalized Digital Signatures for Email Marketing?

Adding a signature to your emails has numerous benefits, some more obvious than others. 

Makes a Professional First Impression 

This is a no-brainer, but first impressions are everything. A handwritten email signature shows that you and your business should be taken seriously. So, whether you plan to add a lot of information about your company or keep it simple, adding an email signature will always give a more professional look than not adding one. 

Increases Brand Awareness 

If you are currently not using a signature with your emails, every time you send an email, you miss out on a chance to promote your business and share your organization with a wider audience. Those missed opportunities can quickly add up. 

Adding your company’s logo with your handwritten e-signature and a link to your website can introduce your brand to new people. This means that even if the reader is currently uninterested in your business, they will still remember your brand and may become a paying customer in the future. 

Builds Trust 

Gaining people to trust your brand can be difficult, but luckily, using signatures with emails can help you achieve that quickly. To make the most out of your handwritten e-signature, it is best to add any trade association accreditations that your company has or was recently awarded.

Shows Consistency 

One of the biggest issues companies face today is ensuring brand alignment and consistency throughout their marketing platform. A handwritten email signature provides consistency throughout all your company emails and enables you to efficiently demonstrate what your business stands for and what your brand is about. 

Promotes Products, Services, or Promotional Offers

A promotional banner in a signature can be added to drive publicity to the brand, its products or services, and other activities. People with whom you have already built business connections are more likely to click on promotional links or share them with their contacts. This can subsequently help drive sales and help form a loyal clientele. 

Helps Send More Targeted Emails 

You can always customize your electronic email signature to suit the different target groups and audiences. For instance, when attracting a potential investor or partner, you can include a link to the latest case study alongside your handwritten signature in the email. You can tweak the secondary information depending on the situation and client you are dealing with.


Personalized digital signatures offer an array of advantages. Moreover, they are the perfect addition to your email campaigns since they can be used alongside other important information, such as your affiliate details, business website, links to different social media, and links to business accreditations, etc.

Adding a digital email signature looks more professional and helps drive traffic to your business, thereby increasing sales and strengthening customer loyalty. 


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