Best Brands on Instagram
Instagram has gained more popularity than any other social media platform out there. Brands across the world are stepping up their game to delight their audience with new age content strategy.

In the last 4-5 years, we have seen massive growth for Instagram. Not only it has become the most used social media platform, but we have seen a content revolution on digital because of Instagram.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that was founded in 2009. A few years back, Facebook bought the platform, and since then, it has been the most used social media platform.

For brands, it has been an opportunity to reach out to the younger audience that is present on the platform. Everyone is fighting for the share of voice on Instagram.

As the platform is primarily image-based, the content game has been amazing by the brands. Also, Instagram keeps on adding new features to keep the platform relevant and exciting.

Today, we will cover 10 best brand to follow that has a fantastic feed.

Best Brands on Instagram for Inspiration

#1. OREO

The first brand that is killing it on Instagram is Oreo. The world-famous cookie/biscuit brand from Mondalez is one of the best brands to follow on Instagram. Their drool worthy feed always makes us want OREO all the time.

Their content strategy is simple; every content piece is around the product. Be it reposting OREO recipes from the fans or creating a short film. They always use their product to create content.

Another highlight of their feed is their story game. OREO always comes out with interactive stories using the TAP feature at its best.

Best Brands on Instagram

#2. VANS

Next on our list is VANS, the global footwear and lifestyle brand. Everyone would know VANS as a fantastic and stylish shoe brand. However, they are also relaxed on Instagram. VANS has a lot of product-related content but with perfect messaging and topics.

A lot of motion content, micro-videos and vibrant media is the secret of such a stylish Instagram feed. They follow a lifestyle approach to showcase their products.

Best Brands on Instagram

#3. WeWork

Third on the list is WeWork. Yes, the global brand that provides co-working spaces across the globe. They are always trying to prove that your current office is shitty.

They post beautiful pictures of some of the best working spaces in the world. Another cool thing about them is their use of hashtags. They use it properly. They have created content properties around various themes that make their feed super-strategic when it comes to content. For example, they have this beautiful hashtag #DogsOfWeWork, which showcase their office spaces.

Best Brands on Instagram

#4. Sephora

Next on our list is the French beauty and personal care global brand Sephora. As their target audience is young women, their feed is all about millennials and their culture. Vibrant colours, friendly tone and outstanding visuals make Sephora one of the brands to follow on Instagram.

Majority of their posts are product related. However, creativity is commendable. Uniquely making product posts is always challenging, but Sephora takes pride in making some of the fantastic designs.

#5. National Geographic

One of my personal favourites of the lot is National Geographic. When it comes to pictures, they are the best in the world. Nature and Wildlife, these are the two themes that they take. They also repost some fans images.

Their strategy is brilliant; they have tied up with some of the best photographers who click professional pictures. It is always a delight to see NatGeo’s feed.

Best Brands on Instagram

#6. Disney

Well, they don’t need an introduction. The global content creators have to have the best Instagram feed. Disney not only amuse us with their movies but also their Instagram game. There is a lot of fun and witty content that they publish.

Hight quality content with perfect topics makes them a top brand to follow on Instagram.

Best Brands on Instagram

#7. Airbnb

Another global brand that creates amazing content. Their hyperlocal content is outstanding. Everyone is familiar with the tone of Airbnb; they are warm and friendly. Their content supports that. You feel a certain level of freedom and comfort with the brand.

They try to focus a similar type of personality with their content on Instagram as well.

Best Brands on Instagram

#8. GoPro

A brand that revolutionised video making for ordinary people. GoPro has the best user-generated content. A perfect example of UGC led content strategy. All they have to do is find fantastic content posted by their customers and re-post it.

The result of that is you get a variety of amazing content with your product features showcased organically.

Best Brands on Instagram

#9. BMW

The German car makers shout luxury through their Instagram feed. BMW has a certain class and appeals to maximum people. With some breathtaking shoot pictures to the social media banter with their competition Audi, they never fail to entertain their audience.

A brand to follow on Instagram that can give you serious car goals and help to dream big.

Best Brands on Instagram

#10. Adidas

Well, we thing Adidas has the best Instagram feed when it comes to shoes. I know you might be thinking why not Nike. Adidas is more about the character, the personality of an athlete. Their content brings out raw and modern emotions.

With brilliant pictures, new product launches and perfect usage of the platform puts them on our top 10 brands to follow on Instagram.

Best Brands on Instagram

So, here are our top picks.

We understand, there are various other brands that can be featured but we wanted to showcase our top 10. We have considered a few factors while collating this list. COntent strategy, engagement, visual appeal and product showcase.

If you feel, there is a brand that has to be part of this list then do share with us in the comment section and we will update the list.

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