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2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for everyone across the world. If you look at the current situation, Coronavirus has made us realise how timid we are as humans, and no matter how advanced we get, there will be something throwing us apart every day.

With the fall of the global economy, everyone is working from home. The world is temporarily shut-down and made us stay at home. A lot of small business have shattered, there is a threat to a lot of jobs, and we don’t know when will we recover.

The only positive thing about this entire situation is the self-realisation that we can operate remotely. Yes, every one of us realised that our jobs could be done by just working from home as well.

It is tough to manage your productivity as we are conditioned to work in a specific environment and with a particular time-frame. I am sure a lot of people are struggling with their sleep cycle.

Just like me!

Now, after at least a month and a half of working from home, I have a few tips for you.

5 Essential Things You Should Do to Stay Productive

1 – Procrastination is your biggest enemy.

working from home - cat

Yes, home is our comfort zone. We don’t feel like working when we are at home as our brain triggers an emotion of relaxation after working for 7-8 hours in a day. So, when you get up in the morning to work, you will feel lazy and try to avoid getting into that zone.

Best way to defeat procrastination?


Set up alarms and reminders for all your tasks, try to give yourself a deadline and try to meet them.

This might sound easy, but it’s not. Another way is to ask your teammates to follow-up always on the deadline. This will create an urgency to finish the task, and you will do it.

2 – Manage your screen time.

netflix - working from home

As we are lured into the next amazing Netflix series, you can observe that your screen time must have been higher than your usual pattern. We can resist the comfort of our home and bed. It results in distraction, and you won’t even know, you just spent an entire night binging on Netflix.

A quick hack is to restrict app access for a limited time.

If you have an iPhone, you will know what I mean. You can manually set a custom time limit on every app that you use. It stops working after the threshold.

3- Literally Work from Home

work from home

I hope everyone has set their work stations at their home. How many hours do you spend there? If you have your workstation near your bed, then you might probably not be able to sit on the chair for too long.

That’s basic human behaviour. You see a bed, and you want to lay down.

Avoid that!

4- Communication

video call

Usually, when we are in the office, we talk to our teammates. Check on work status and communicate. That helps our flow of energy rolling for the entire day. As we are working remotely, we tend to avoid calls and meetings. This result in laziness and low energy. You should talk more often! Your team should be able to keep that productivity on track and vice-versa.

5- Stay Calm

meditate while working from home

The last piece of advice I would like to give you as a professional is to stay calm. Everyone is going through tough times, and we need to be there for each one of us. Stay at home, eat healthy, workout and spread positivity.

Here you go, do these 5 things and it will help you while working from home.


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