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What Can Corona Virus Teach Us About Productivity and Team Management 

Corona - Team Management

Conspiracy theories about China? Earth healing itself? 2020 Global destruction? It sounds like a plot of a Hollywood’s next Oscar-worthy movie. 

The sad part is, it is a reality. The whole world is fighting an invisible enemy, and we don’t have a solution. The US just crossed the highest number of Corona Virus cases, and it is getting worse every day. The best thing that you can do today is to stay at home. 

The global economy is on its knees, and SMEs have been impacted the most. However, this entire situation has made adapt the most recent working trend of Work from Home. 

Sounds too millennial, no?

Every company today is operating from a study-room of their employee. It’s usually said, an employee is the face of the company, and their efforts are directly proportionate to the output. 

How efficient is the work from home culture? 

Team Management

Is it difficult? Yes

Is it less productive? Maybe

Is it a mess? Maybe

All these questions will be answered when we will look back once the corona is controlled. 

However, here are 5 things that corona can teach us about productivity and team management. 

5 Things That Corona Virus Teach Us About Productivity and Team Management

work from home

1 – Trust your employees

When you are paying salaries, you want to make sure your employees are giving 150% during this Work from the Home phenomenon. This is a time; either you show trust in your employees or micro-manage their activities. 

A lot of teams are using tools like Microsoft Teams, Asana, etc. Working professionals and not conditioned to work in a homely environment. No matter how much we hate a 9-5 routine inside four walls of our offices, it has become a method to deliver work. Companies should try to support their employees and learn to trust them. 

2 – Simplicity is the key

People think, managing teams on software can help them monitor and keep the work on track. However, we should understand the mental aspect of people. No matter how efficient your approach is, you can’t forget the fact that people are facing distress due to the global epidemic.

3 – Working remotely can be more productive

In a lot of countries, people spend hours just travelling to work. During this time, they face traffic, which leads to frustration and eventually reflects in their work. Working from home saves you that time, and you can start your work early and be more productive. 

Buckle down and get things done with the best productivity apps for getting work done, organizing your personal life, collaborating with others, and much more.

4 – Maintain momentum

As well all know the importance of team-work in our daily jobs, we should also understand a team working together will always give more output/results than people working individually. A great lesson here is how do we keep the momentum on a similar energy level across. 

This can only happen with effective communication. The more you communicate, the easier it gets. 

5 – Ownership is the actual value

Last but not least is the characteristics that every organization dreams of in their employees. However, ownership is not a skill but a trait that comes from the culture you drive. If you have been a bossy company, then please don’t expect your employees to own things. 

Well, this is it. I hope everyone is safe and sound. Please stay at home and help everyone else defeat this invisible enemy. 



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